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any mama who are jonesing to have another baby, but need to wait? - Page 11

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STILL jonesing, STILL need to wait

planning to TTC when DS is around 2.5 (thinking march)
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I was pretty sure we were done but then I saw my husband playing with my two nephews and all of a sudden I really wanted to have another baby so he could have a boy of his own (we have 2 DD's). :
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I really want a third child and am not sure yet whether DH is willing to consider it. We're sort of dancing around the subject right now as is our way with sensitive topics.

I would have 5 or 6 kids if he were on board but I'm sure 3 would be his max. He's a practical sort who worries about finances. Luckily for me he's not of a mind that all kids need cars, ipods and fancy vacations, etc. He just wants to help a lot with college and retire reasonably comfortably at a decent age. I can't totally fault him for that.
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Count me in- I think... This seems like a dangerous post! It looks like an omen to ensure NOT WAITING ANY LONGER!!! I have one 3 1/2 year old and a fabulous partner of about a year and a half who is jonesing to be a father as well as a step-parent...finances not ready, nothing in place but I'm considering going for it anyway! You ladies are contagious: !!!
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LOL!! I came searching for a thread like this. I have MAJOR baby fever lately! I haven't had a PPAF yet. I started getting baby fever really bad when DS was around a year (and then I got my first PPAF) so we started TTC then (but it took several months to conceive DD).

DH wants at least one more (possibly two but we would both want to stop at 4 kids) but he isn't ready yet. Financially it's not the best time and I know we would get a LOT of criticism from people. I hate that I let the criticism bother me but it really hurts (step) FIL has already made comments about how we shouldn't have any more kids or we won't be welcome at his house.

SO, I guess I'm just impatiently waiting but wanting.

I'm already thinking about maybe we could start TTC next spring or summer...hopefully we will be able to!
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I've got it, too! We need to wait because I want to have aloooong time to heal so that I can have my HBAC and also just being realistic. I have a hard enough time handling three 6 month olds now. Could I add another one and survive? Yes! But it will be so much more difficult. I'd like to get back to my ppw and we need to finish paying the bills from the triplets' birth and all our hospital stays.

We actually have a tri-fold goal. When I lose 50 pound (roughly 10-12 months), when I get 18 months past the c/s (1 year) and when the girls turn 2 (18 months).
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Originally Posted by northwoods1995 View Post

I'm already thinking about maybe we could start TTC next spring or summer...hopefully we will be able to!
Me too! I really need to get the van paid off so we can get a different vehicle. So that puts us TTC around the spring or summer. It seems so far and yet so close. June is only 7 months away.
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i am ridiculous. my dd is 7 months old and I am already getting the urge to get pregnant. I know it's better to wait, but at the rate I am going it could happen. Ir eally should wait. we have travel plans and have to recover from my 6 months off! buy a house? all the stuff we really should do....but like someone said to me yesterday, "ya do the dance, ya take the chance!" i love that!
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I didn't realize that there was a post like this on here... was considering starting another one.

I totally am ready to start trying for another, but ideally I have to wait until late next summer as I really want a late spring/early summer baby! I want to be off of work for my maternity leave while my kids are out of school for the summer (I have two other children, ages 6 & 14).

PLUS, we are in the process of starting to build a new house, etc. My husband has been saying NO more babies for a while, but told me maybe the other day (TOTALLY shocking news to me) and said maybe after we build the house and get settled and ensure we are not totally in debt. Of course he added in that he knew we would be in debt, just wanted to ensure that we were sinking if you know what I mean. I am sure we will be fine. He worries alot!! I guess part of me is just worried that he will change his mind and his maybe will turn to a No. That would totally break my heart!! BUT, I think he knows that opening his mouth to a maybe pretty much sets the stage with me. I even told him not to say maybe if he thought he might change his mind to no or if he wasn't really really considering it.

Right now he's super stressed again as we have a lot of tax bills due (we own commercial property, plus a business) by December 31st. Plus he is sick... so that could be part of it.

So, I would love to wait with everyone - especially since all I do is daydream about babies and getting pregnant!!
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So how many of us does that make waiting until spring/summer 2007? We should start a TTC 2007 thread. Where would that go? Here or on the TTC? Maybe here because it's future family planning and not active TTC yet?
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I will start one now in this forum... I don't know where else it would go??
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Well now I definetely don't feel so alone! LOL.. I have been crazily wanting the cuddly little newborn stage back so bad! I've been immersed in childbirth movies, books, talks, dreams etc.. because I have been finishing my training and teaching Childbirth Education classes. Man... nothing makes you want to try more, but at the same time makes you relive the pain! I am on board to start trying in 2007... spring or summer. It'd be fun to keep in touch and see how everyone decides..
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I would desperately love to have baby#4 in a couple of years but I'm another one who's dp is not on board with the idea : He hasn't had the vasectomy he was adamant about having after our last baby and I try to fool myself that this is a good sign to him changing his mind- but I think I'm just kidding myself to stop feeling so sad about it all :

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I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one on here jonesing for another but have to wait....I LOVED being pregnant and LOVE babies and if it was up to me, I'd be having baby after baby...LOL! But unfortunetely, our finances couldn't support it. I have 2 boys, youngest is 9 months and I would love 1 or 2 more but dh says he is done. I'm hoping once the boys are older...say in like 4-5 years...dh will miss the baby stage and agree to at least ONE more...we'll see! But the wait is already killing me
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Waiting to TTC is the hardest! I've been trying to make a list of things to do in the mean time (besides finish school and my doula training) but it all just makes me wish the time was at hand! Good to know I am not alone!
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