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how do I...

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measure my fundus? can someone guide me please? I think I can feel the top of my uterus but not sure.
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start at the crease between your thigh and belly and follow up the side of the firm uterus and you will find the top. How many weeks are you? 20 weeks should be about the belly button hight
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thanks for the tip mwherbs! so I don't measure from the pubic bone at all? for some reason I had that in my head! (btw I am 20 weeks monday! )
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so you measure from the pubic bone but in order to find the fundus you do what I instructed then when you are sure you have found the fundus you measure from the pubic bone to that top area you found-- sorry I just focused in on telling you how to feel/find the fundus
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off to measure!
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in case anyone is wondering I am at 22cm (2 weeks ahead!) I ALWAYS measured big with ds..and he was a pretty good sized baby at 9lb5oz

:LOL and I was actually thinking I might be measuring small (I feel so much smaller this time around for some weird reason!)
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yeah, and keep in mind that measuring the uterus isn't about really correlating weeks with centimeters - it's a way to watch baseline growth. you don't have to measure your uterus - you know that it's growing, right?
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pamamidwife- good point, thank you for reminding me of that.. I know my uterus is growing, everything feels like it's progressing well.
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