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Clomid-the lowdown?

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Hi ladies,
I am new to this fertility (or infertility) scene. I am 36 years old and have a 5 yr. dd. We tried to conceive for about 14 months and stopped last August. We have decided to give it another shot though with some assistance of a fertility dr. Though the tests have not all been completed, it sounds as if Clomid will probably be the solution, due to possible lack of ovulation. A friend of of mine was telling me about the side effects she had on fertility drugs. The major being serious mood swings. Others being weight gain and she said the sex wasn't so great due to dryness.
Is there anyone who didn't have horrible side effects from this drug. I thought the only concern I would have on Clomid would be the risk of multiples (Accck!) But the mood swings scare me as well. I am already a tad tempermental at times (I blame it on my Irish temper) and I would hate to take out hormone induced moods on my dd.
Please, if anyone had good or bad into on Clomid, please share.
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I had no noticeable side effects at all, but what I have read and observed says long term Clomid use is not all that helpful. I would try acupuncture to help with the cycles, then maybe a couple months of clomid after. And yup, the twin thing with clomid seems very common. The injectables are a whole other side effect story....
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I"m on clomid right now. This is my second time around--I was on it for 5 months about 5 years ago. The symptoms I"ve had/am having include dryness (right now my hands and tongue are so extremely dry all the time that I can hardly tolerate it), drying/lessening of cervical fluid, night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, and mood swings. So far the mood swings have been tolerable, but I suspect they'll be worse this month because I just upped my dose from 50 mg to 100 mg.
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I just stopped taking clomid because it wasn't doing all that much for me, and I am moving onto injectible meds (in particular, follicle stimulating hormone). I had previously tried accupuncture without success (though my accupuncturist was mainly treating me for something else, she did do fertility treatments as needed at the same time). Anyway, I didn't notice much in the way of side effects. My significant other did say that I was a little more moody, but it wasn't a huge difference. Other than that, nothing too big. However, other things I worried about on clomid were the risks of cysts (which I'll have with the injectibles too), which may stop you from trying some months, as well as an increased risk of ovarian cancer with long-term use. My most trusted resource (a book on lesbian conception written by well-known midwives) recommends using clomid for no more than 6 months. We quit after four because it was clear from my ultrasounds that it hadn't increased the number of follicles I was producing (though with the help of an hcg injection, which I will keep taking, I was at least ovulating every month). Since it wasn't doing much for us, we didn't want to waste our time, and we didn't want me to have an increased risk of cancer. We can always go back to clomid, and we might if we run out of money (injectibles are much more expensive). I'm glad I tried it, though. Had it worked, it would have saved me the expense of the injectibles. Good luck in your decision.
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Originally Posted by Sierra
and we didn't want me to have an increased risk of cancer.
My dr. said no increased risk of cancer - can I ask where you heard this? Also as far as the no more than 6 months rule - is that total? Or in a row? I did 3 cycles 2 years ago and still ttc. I just started 50 mg again this month along with IUI. So do the 3 cycles 2 yrs ago "count" in the 6 or do I start over now since it's been 2 years?
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The verdict is still out on the cancer thing....I have seen equal amounts of thigns that say no increased risk and others that say there is.

If you had side effects on the pill, weight gain, moodiness etc - then you will likely have some on clomid too.

As for me, PSYCHO mood swings. Didn't notice weight gain. Didn't have a problem with dryness. HOT FLASHES!!!!
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Originally Posted by JDsMommy
Also as far as the no more than 6 months rule - is that total? Or in a row? I did 3 cycles 2 years ago and still ttc.
I've heard different things. I've also heard that if you haven't gotten pg within 3 cycles of clomid, it's not likely that you will. I took it for 5 cycles about 5 years ago without success. The reason I"m giving it another go is that I am now on metformin too, and the metformin/clomid combo is supposed to really help some women. This will probably be my last month for awhile though.

I think if it's been a few years since you tried the clomid, you could give it another shot. But with your prior history of not being successful on it, I probably wouldn't spend much time with clomid unless other things related to your ttc have changed that you think might have a more positive impact this time around. Maybe give it a few months and then move on to something else.
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My former RE would advise not to use clomid for more than 6 months per each ttc child (this is assuming it's worked in the past). He would have been okay with 12 cycles, if I had really pushed it and I wasn't having side-effects. I did 6 cycles a few years back. The first 2 I still didn't ovulate. The 5th, I got pg and miscarried. We gave a 6th cycle a try, and then moved on to other drugs. The higher dose you use and the longer you stay on it, the more likely you are to have side-effects. I started to have vision problems from it after a few months. It took a few months after I had stopped taking the drug for my sight to return to normal. Clomid has a long half-life and stays in your system for quite a while, which is why you're more likely to see effects the longer you're on it, because residual amount will build up in your body. (BTW- the RE is only my former Dr because we moved away. I thought he was great!)
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Oh yes...the vision stuff...I always forget about that.

That was fun.

It was like trails - if I looked from a light area to a dark area it was like it took a while for my vision to catch up. Given that i work in theatre - which means I spend a lot of time in the dark looking at a brightly lit stage....that was annoying as hell.
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Originally Posted by AdinaL
Oh yes...the vision stuff...I always forget about that.

That was fun.

It was like trails - if I looked from a light area to a dark area it was like it took a while for my vision to catch up. Given that i work in theatre - which means I spend a lot of time in the dark looking at a brightly lit stage....that was annoying as hell.

Exactly! So frustrating! I quit driving at night, because the headlights and dashboard lights were making me crazy!
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Wow, thanks for all the good info on clomid. It sounds even more pleasant than I thought! LOL. I have said for years that the one thing I would never do if I couldn't get pg on my own was to take fertility drugs. Well here I am at age 36 ready to take them!Though we definitly have our limits. I don't think we will go as far as injectibles. My friend said she looked like a herion addict with all the bruises from hers.
So has anyone actually gotten pregnant from Clomid anyway?? A statistic I read was that 80% of women do ovulate and 40% get pregnant. Not the greatest statistic. I guess I will find out soon enough.
Good luck to all!
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I know people who have gotten pg on it. I know one woman who conceived the first month she took it. I know a woman at my church who has twins from clomid. My friend's mom went through 15+ years of infertility and had two children through adoption. Then she heard about clomid (it was brand new at the time, early 70's). She told her doctor she'd like to try it, but she was giving it 3 months and that was it, since she'd already been through the ringer with inf. Lo and behold, she got pg right away! That baby was my friend. She went on to have two more pregnancies after that (one from clomid, one on her own).
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I don't know about the 80%/40% statistic you heard, but do know that depending on the source, clomid stats could be greatly skewed.

Many docs seem to like giving out clomid like it's candy. No testing, no reason, just "Here's some clomid if you've been trying for a while and aren't pregnant."

So, if you look at statistics with no treatment and you just look at the group of couples who did not conceive in their first year of trying, half of them would conceive on their own in the second year of trying, with no help at all. It makes sense, then, that many of the women who are given clomid for no reason at all will conceive on it, but very well might have anyway.

Clomid is a great drug! I'm definitely not trying to say otherwise. It's just overused and that makes statistics difficult.

One thing I do know - the risk of multiples on clomid is much less than many people believe. The occurrence of twins is less than 10% and triplets I think is considerably less than 1%.

What tests have you done that indicate lack of ovulation?

Oh - and I had minimal symptoms on clomid. Some dryness and hot flashes, but nothing more. And most women do not bruise considerably on injectibles. And you can use lubricants to combat dryness during sex on clomid if that is an issue.

Clomid is definitely a good place to start if you have ovulation issues.
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It is a relief to hear some success stories!
I have not had all of my tests done yet. I have actually only had my first appt. with consult, ultrasound and blood taken. I know I have several other to go before anything is determined but the dr. said that based on what I have told him (history etc.) it is a good chance that I am not ovulating normally. So nothing is definite yet.
As for using lubricants to combat dryness, that seems to be one thing I have read most everywhere is that you shouldn't be using any kind of lubricants at all when trying to conceive.
I can definitely see how the statistics on clomid could be skewed. Especially when there are drs giving it to anyone ttc w/o proper testing.
Luckily my dr. seems to have an outstanding reputation and is highly recommended so I am going to trust what he says and base my decisions on that.
I guess all we can all just hope for the best when it comes to fertility issues.
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Using lubricants while TTC is better than not being able to have sex because of dryness.

There are sperm-friendly lubricants available. Pre-Seed is marketed as one (but pricey) and many women use raw eggwhites. I know you can find more about that with a web search.

That said, even lubricants like Astroglide, etc. are not spermicides. Many couples do conceive while using them. So, if it's that or extremely painful sex, I'll take my chances with the lube. TTC should still be as fun as possible.

But hopefully you won't have too much dryness. Not everyone experiences it, and in many cases it's not severe. Good luck.
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egg whites

I was reading a lot about using egg whites as lub. Seems a lot of people swear by it and have gotten pg with it! Though with risk of infection. My dh is totally grossed out by the idea. Not sure if he will go for it.
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I had no noticeable side effects from clomid except, of course, the baby. Good luck!
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DUDE!! I want that side effect!
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Me too!
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I had really bad moodiness, just plain crappy feeling side effects with Clomid, including CM that was so dry and thick no sperm could ever swim through it. But, when I went on injectibles I felt much better. The moodiness was minimal and the hot flashes were gone. CM, no problem. Still didn't get preg., but felt tons better. I did get preg. on IVF, though.

So, I guess what I'm saying is the side effects aren't neccesarily worse the farther you go, it just depends.
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