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anyone else surprised at their feelings of loss after weaning?

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I used to be very active on these boards, but my near 3 DD keeps me pretty busy these days!

I am so saddened and awed and amazed and proud all at the same time of her changes!

First she moved out of our bed to her own big girl bed in our room a few months ago (this was a slow process to get her to sleep on her own without nursing - I would say at least 2 months), and then 2 days ago announced to me she wanted to be in her own room, and went there with no tears. I woke up every hour on the hour to check on her, and believe it or not, actually cried and felt lonely...LOL - a moment that so many times I longed for...and I feel sad!

And she weaned herself - well, for the most part. She loves to nurse right when she wakes up but stopped doing that about a week ago. She asked this morning and I let her but it annoyed me - she said there was still milkies...I don't think I will let her again just because the sensation was very irritating for some reason...and to think I was one of those mainstream moms who only planned on nursing for 6 months!!! LMAO. I said I would NEVER nurse my child pass one - then two...and we almost made it to three. Wow.

I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. The nights that I thought would NEVER end when I was the human pacifier. The nights I thought would NEVEr end when she was tossing and turning and kicking me and HAD to touch me all night long. My baby is gone. She has blossomed into this funny, strikingly independent, strong brave little girl with a mind of her own.

Having a child makes you realize how fast the time goes...

I find myself surprised at my emotions!!! Maybe it's hormones (isn't everything hormones when you are a woman!?!LOL)...

She was SUCH a difficult baby - and now she is a joy of a preschooler!

As someone I admire once said, I woke up today and felt like it was the morning after she grew up overnight...
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luckylady, , thank you for writing such a beautiful post. I can't give advice b/c DS here is 21 months and still nursing but your thoughts and feelings do not surprise me at all. I read your post and thought it a lovely story to share and it made me sad too - our babies grow so quickly, don't they? Actually, it's thoughts like the ones you shared that make me realize I shouldn't worry about the sleepless nights. I started training to become a volunteer breastfeeding support counsellor and the trainer was reviewing the basics of newborn nursing and I just couldn't believe how far I'd come and how fast DS had grown. Your story about your DD reminds me too of how precious is our time with our babies and toddlers.

I think your feelings are perfectly natural!
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I really was. It was earlier in my pregnancy and I wanted dd to cut down since it hurt so badly. So I would suggest snacks that she liked or a drink and cuddle. After 3 days she was fine, then she nursed once, and that was it for weeks. A while later she got sick, really sick (of course I felt horrible) and she nursed once each day for two days. And she's not since.

I didn't expect to feel so sad about it. To feel the incredible sense of loss. I felt like our relationship was changing dramatically and so quickly. But I was thankful that the pain of nursing at that time was gone.
I still get the urge to scoop her up and nurse. She still is fascinated with them, like when I take a bath she giggles and laughs as she sees them.
For a long time she would come up and hug my breasts and tell them she loved them.

Now its been a while (almost two months) and things have moved into a new routine. I'm glad I have another baby coming soon. Nursing a child is a really special bond.
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