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OUCH! I've had'em since dd was born 2 years ago, but they never hurt...until today. So miserable. I don't want to feel like this for the next month!!!!

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not sure if your looking for help in coping with em or not.. if you had them 2 years ago maybe your the super hemmoroid info centre...
i know with me i had one with my last appear in the end there (no pun intended) and the only thing that helped me was phsyically pushing them back in.. in a warm bath..worked best for me..or a touch of wicth hazel on them... maybe some mommas have some tips too???
anyways huggs.. i hope they let you be soon!
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Ouch! Hope you get some relief soon.
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I've been trying to manage mine with a grated potato poultice. It takes until the next day to notice the difference, but it seems to help a lot. Got the idea from the Susun Weed book

Good luck
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Mine have come and gone this pg. I had painful ones way back at like 22 weeks or something and I thought they were here to stay. Usually mine only tend to flare up like that if I've been a bit constipated and need to get everything out of my bowels and that's putting pressure on everything. I'd try to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber and see if that helps at all.

good luck
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We went on a looong car trip last weekend and that was the first time I've had them...been trying to walk a lot and drink more fluids and they seem to be getting much better.
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Wouldn't you know it today mine are killing me!
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