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Francesca Rose birth story- long

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I am leaving my midiwifes name out of this for her protection. She is so much more important than just being called the midwife!!

I can easily still give details about Giannas birth, but can barely get my mind around this one. I woke up wed with different contractions & I started finally losing the mucous plug. The contractions became continuous (like strong menstrual cramps that wouldn't let up). When they separated & became stronger & timeable it was 9:46pm. They were 5 minutes apart. They got stronger, then 4 minutes apart lasting about 45 seconds. So we called the midwife around 11:45 just to let her know what was happening. She asked if we felt like we wanted someone there & we told her to get some sleep, we would call her if we needed to. We called her around 3am I think. The contractions were stronger & lasting about a minute.

When she got to our house I was only dialated 4.5cm & the baby was very high (-2station). So I got up & walked around for a few hours waiting for the contractions to make me want to push. Some contractions were lasting about 2 minutes... Then I got into the pool. After a few hours there (I have no idea how long really, just that the sun was coming up & it was 7 am-ish...) I decided to get out because I needed to pee & I was not feeling "pushy". They left it up to me to be out or in the pool, but I wanted to move the labor along. I tried sitting on the toilet for quite some time through many contractions (at least an hour). Tried walking around the house again, then to the toilet for contractions. Then the midwife checked me again. I was dialated to 5 cm. The baby was still very high & had not dropped. Very discouraging. I think it was around now that my midwife broke my water. Contractions got much stronger. Apparently the baby still didn't drop. I wasn't feeling a need to push. I tried, but never really got the hang of it. I just wasn't dialated & my body didn't take over. I was making deep loud gutteral sounds the entire time, but something about pushing wasn't happening. My midwife asked me if I was ready for the birth stool (I had warned them not to even bring it with them. Thank God they didn't listen!) After so many hours of trying to push, I was getting concerned. The midwife checked me on the stool & I could tell the baby had not dropped at all. I looked at her & told her I was sure now that this wasn't happening & I needed help. I could not do it. She looked me in the eye, told me that she wouldn't lie to me, that this was a rough one, but she thought I could still have my homebirth & I could do it. So I kept on. After quite some time, I told her I needed a break. Since the labor wasn't making me push, I got to get into the pool. my midwife told me not to push or to work, just rest. If my body forced me to push, go ahead, otherwise rest. After about 30 minutes my body started to take over. The midwife was going to check me in 30 more minutes. A few minutes after she said that (I don't know how long, I think this is when I finally fell asleep a little.) I felt the baby drop. My body took over & I couldn't stop pushing. The baby's head was halfway out for a very long time. Someone told me to feel the head. I said no. The midwife looked me in the eye again, took my hand & made me feel the head. She is so smart!!! This is exactly what I needed to feel to be ok finishing the labor. I asked if the baby was ok, if this was hurting him/her. The midwife told me everything was fine, the baby was safe. Then the head was finally born. The body didn't follow as closely as Gianna's had, (I think it was 3-4 minutes behind) so I wondered why. It turned out there was a slight case of shoulder dystocia. I did not know until later though.

If my midwife had not been so calm and reassuring that I could have this baby at home, I would have been in the nearest hospital for a c-section. I was ready for that. I had given up hope. I prayed the entire time for strength, and I was given it by our amazing and calm midwives.

Francesca was born at 1:03pm, St. Patrick's Day. 9lb 5oz. 20.5 inches. At home in the pool. Perfect.

There are two things I am failing to mention. My husband was amazing. He made breakfast for everyone and was perfect for every contraction. He came to me every time I had a contraction just to let me hang on him or almost drag him into the pool. He was so wonderful!

The other thing is that I am so grateful my mom was here for this birth. She stayed with Gianna upstairs and never came down. I am amazed that she was able to distract Gianna for this birth! There is no way Gianna could have been there for this birth. It was not..... well... Just thank God for my mother.
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Congratulations! : Francesca!
Beautiful name!

Sounds like that was a really rough labor! Aren't you proud of yourself for doing such a great job getting through it??
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Beautiful story! You did such a good job and handled all of the uncertainty so well.
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Molly, Thank you. I have been thinking about you. Your package should be there. If not, please forgive my husband. He has had it for a while & tried to send it, but the pak mail place tried to charge him $25 to mail a 5 lb package. So he mailed it regular mail recently. He has been distracted & I am so sorry!! I hope it is worth the wait! I had a small natural store until recently & I put some things I thought might come in handy in it. I have had it ready for well over a month!!!! I am truly sorry!!!

Thanks Aquarianmom. It was the midwife who made it possible. imagine the position she was in. I am in awe of them!
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our midwives are truly AMAZING women - I would never want to have babies with anyone else!
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