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3 weeks early!!

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in here to say that our baby was born peaceful and healthy at home on Wednesday, March 16. I had a fairly easy 4.5 hour labor (2nd baby...) and delivered a 6lb, 20 inch healthy baby girl! We didn't have time to get the tub set up and my dh barely made it home in time for the birth. phew! Our 23mo ds did very well through the labor and came into the room just seconds after the actual birth (my dh missed it too!). He and his baby sister tandem nursed together right away - made for some awesome pics and wonderful memories. So far, she's been the world's sweetest, easiest baby. She's taken to nursing with no difficulty, is content with being "here", and sleeps very well throughout the day and evening.

I thought this would be useful information for you ladies in your upcoming labors: I had a hard time determining that this was actual labor, rather than my usual bh ctx. I was nursing my ds and experienced some of the usual ctx, except that they were sharper and a little painful, located low on my abdomen. No bloody show right away like with my ds, which made it hard for me to decide that this was real labor. I climbed into the bathtub with my ds (who can't stay out of the bathtub if there's water in it!) to see if it would relax me and stop the ctx, but it didn't. I finally called my dh at work to put him "on call" that I might be going into labor. 20 minutes later I called him to tell him to come home. I got out of the tub and started doing some of the birth prep stuff since dh wasn't there to do it for me. I called the midwives and my mil, who came over to attend to ds. Finally had a bloody show about 3.5 hrs into the labor. My water never broke, until the actual birth which resulted in a very quick, torpedo-like delivery out in one push (total of 45 minutes of pushing). The mws said that because my waters were still intact, she had a very gentle delivery and I had to work a little harder to get her out (ok by me...). I remember feeling a little anxious that I wasn't progressing because of the later arrival of the show and not having my water break. That will teach me not to doubt my body!!

I hope that you all experience the type of birth you desire. I sure couldn't have asked for anything more, other than maybe the tub to help ease the intensity of the ctx. We're all doing very well and enjoying our babymoon, sharing it with our friends and family, and savoring our sweet, beautiful daughter!
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OMG! Sounds like a wonderful birth and congratulations on the birth of your baby. Thanks for the info on the ctx, I've been having wierd BH-like ctx this whole weekend and have started to think maybe I also have a UTI. Not fun. My labor with ds was hard to recognize and went super fast once I realized it was real labor so I defininetly have a heads up with this one and am anxious about when I know that I'm really labor. Anyway enjoy your babymoon!
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Oh how I absolutly love reading these stories of births being the way the mother/father/family had invisioned!!
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Oh, wow-- congratulations!! It sounds like you had a beautiful (fast! how long was your labor with ds?) birth. I'm so glad you're enjoying your new little girl. She sounds wonderful!

But I have to say... eek! You mean I could have a baby tomorrow (37 weeks)? I mean, we're saying "any day now," but I haven't really thought that. Yikes! Deep breaths...
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sounds like a wonderful experience.

I'm due the same day you were. Maybe it's an omen & I'll get some of those quick labor vibes!!!!!
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wonderful.. what a gift for us to share in thei sacred event!!!i personally find it very helpful while waiting for my wee one to hear about healthy happy births!!
many blessings to you and yours and have a wonderful baby moon!
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Congratulations on the wonderful birth!
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Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Maybe I missed it but what did you name the baby?

Enjoy your new little one!
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Wow, what a peaceful birth! Have a great babymoon
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Congratulations on the arrival of the little one! I'm glad you had such a quick and wonderful birth. Enjoy that babymoon!
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Thanks for the well wishes, ladies! We named her Adriana Diane. Adriana being a name we both liked and Diane being my mom's name (she passed away when I was 7yo). I had an almost 10 hr labor with my ds (with 3 hrs stuck at 9.5 cm and having to breathe through the urges to push. ugh!) So this labor was half that of my first labor. In addition to it being my second labor, being at home also may have helped shorten the time for me, as I felt comfortable there.

Yeah, we were almost ready for it. Well, I should say I was ready for it, but my dh wasn't. He was thinking he had a few more weeks. We've been working on some projects around the house and he was hoping he'd get them all completed by the time she arrived. I thought she'd come as soon as the kitchen was put back in working order. I was right. :LOL Plus, ds came almost 2 weeks early and I was expecting (or wouldn't be surprised) if she came earlier, which she did. We're so excited and totally in love with her.

I can tell you that we weren't prepared for how difficult it would be on ds. He's such a mild mannered, good tempered little boy but emotionally, it's been a big change for him. I think we've been doing all the right things to help support him through the changes, but we've been surprised at how hard it's been on us emotionally to see him hurt and have a hard time with it. It makes both of us cry just thinking about it. Dh has been absolutely wonderful and very sensitive to ds's emotional needs. It's been so touching to see.

The biggest challenge for us has been balancing the consistency of parenting/discipline with respecting and understanding his emotions during this time. Our midwife recommended giving him Pulsatilla to help ds with the emotions. She also recommended ignatia for withdrawals, if he has them, like sighing and obvious sadness. Rescue Remedy has helped all of us.

Oh, I thought of a couple more tips that worked really well for me. Take Arnica right after the delivery, and religiously over the following couple days. If medically and physically ok, get up and move around carefully throughout the day(s) following the birth (but please listen to ur body and care provider to determine if this is right for you!). Freeze some gauze pads soaked in witch hazel for after the birth comfort for your area. I individually wrapped them in cellophane to make it easy to get one when I needed it. It helps during the few days following the birth to keep things from getting infected and helps with swelling and discomfort. Use the peri bottle religiously and take sitz baths. Eat your apricots or prunes and keep well hydrated after the birth to help soften the first bm (which could hurt almost as bad as giving birth!), and be sure to raise your feet on a little stool or stack of books to help ease the actual movement. Ok, that's all I can remember right now of the little things that worked well for me and some of the things that no one told me about (like the bm!).

Good luck with your upcoming births! I can't wait to here about them!
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So happy for you! What a great story and sounds like things turned out just right. Good vibes for all of us!!!!

What did you name her?
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Congratulations on the gentle birth of your sweet baby girl!!! . Your birth is making the process a lot more real for me. I've been on bedrest at 2cm dialated and 75% effaced since 33 weeks, so I thought I would be one of the first to go. I'm glad I'm not because we're definitely not ready. My baby will be 37 weeks this Wednesday, I think I can finally say "any time now" and feel okay with it.

Thanks for all your tips!!! Have a great babymoon.
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That is such a great story and makes me feel more reassured about having dd (now 19 mon) there for our HB waterbirth experience.

Thanks also for all those tips! I'll be sure to check out homeopathic kit to see if we're stocked up on remedies you listed.

I visited my lactation consultant today (a free perk through work! ) and she suggested that to help with the transitioning of a new baby to have a special gift from the baby for dd. I had thought of doing something similar to this, but not necessarily having it be from the baby. She phrased it something as "a gift from the baby who is excited that you're their big sister."

Has your ds been willing to help you out with little things, like maybe getting the diaper at changing time or reading stories to the baby? I can see dd doing some small activities like that.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome to the world Adriana Diane!!!

So happy for all of you!!!

for your little son... it sounds like you are doing wonderful things to get him through this transition. We just had friends visit tonight who have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and it is all going well now for them...he is very loving with his little sister (and has been for a few months now)...

What a wonderful birth story!! And great homeopathic tips too...I'm supposed to go to a workshop on homeopathy for labour on March 31st, assuming I'm still pg then
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congratulations!!! it sounds like everything went beautifully. we had a interesting time figuring out how to help our oldest dd deal with the transition of a new baby into the house hold. she was 20 months and i think she did remarkably well. no regression or acting out. this time we will have an almost 4 yo and an almost 2yo and i have no clue what to expect. i will keep your suggestions in mind .

i went early with my girls, but i'm thinking since the rest of this pregnancy has been polar opposite of those two pregnancies i will more than likely NOT go early LOL. we'll see though

congrats again, have a wonderful babymoon!!!!!
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