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The Master Cleanse? (lemonade diet)

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Does anyone here have any experience with this, or do you have any opinions about it? I'm not nursing dd anymore and I'm not pregnant with the next yet so I thought this might be the perfect time to do some sort of whole body cleanse. I'm worried that it might be extreme though, what do you think?

Basically, you drink a lemonade mixture that you make with fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper. You can between 6-12 glasses a day and as much water as you would like. In the mornings and evenings you drink a laxative herbal tea, and you also do a saltwater cleanse. Once a day you drink a quart of saltwater that is supposed to pass quickly through your bowels and cleanse them. There's lots more to it than just this, but this are the basic steps.

So, any opinions? Or does anyone have any other cleansing suggestions.

(And just to introduce myself a bit, I'm Megan and I live in Southern Alberta. I lurk here mostly, and I've posted a couple of times. I'm continually trying to improve my eating habits and to learn new ideas. I just recently got Nourishing Traditions from the library and I'm fascinated. I feel like I'm at a turning point in my nutrition right now and I'd love to start fresh with some sort of complete cleanse.)

Thanks for any ideas!!!
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By that description, I think I'd rather have dirty insides!!!

I'm so much help, aren't I?????
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My MIL did the Master Cleanse after she was diagnosed with cancer. (She passed away about six months later. ) She did say that she felt very good for the first week or so. Shortly after my MIL did the cleanse I tried it. It was really hard! I gave up after 24 hours. I talked to my SIL about it after I quit. (She is a wholistic pharmacist and nutritionist.) She said that the Master Cleanse is often "prescribed" for people with extreme, life-threatening illnesses. She also told me that if I wanted to do a cleanse I should try a less restrictive one. She didn't really see any benefit for doing something so extreme. Some things to try: no dairy, wheat or sugar. I still have trouble with giving up those three things :
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Yes I Have Done It!

Yes, I've done this cleanse 5 times in the last 1 1/2 years. Two times were 10 days and the others were 7 or 3 days. You should do it. You will feel good. I highly recommend this for anyone who has nasal allergies or asthma. I was able to get off my prescription medications for asthma! yah. As well as getting rid of headaches and tiredness that I was having often before cleansing. People tell me that I looked radiant after cleansing. Along with losing 13-15 lbs. It's tough not eating but you do lose your appetite and get used to it after about 3 days. Reading the book will tell you more about the benefits..
You can download the book here in PDF format

good yahoo groups to join and ask questions are:

another good forum is at http://www.curezone.com
feel free to ask me questions if you have any too.
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I've got that book and have been wanting to try the cleanse for a couple years, but have been bfing, preggers, or both. I'm currently bfing 1 year old and the occasional 'fly by' 3 year old.

Have you talked to or ever heard of it being done while bfing? I know the 'canned' response is that you will detox and it'll be in the bm, so don't do it...but I was thinking if I added in a high chlorella suppliment (like Sun Chlorella) it would bind up and neutralize any and all the 'freed' toxins and pass out of my system before it had a chance to 'exude' via bm. Just a thought....and wanted another opinion.

My younger sister and brother-in-law did this cleanse for a weekend and it helped them both immensely with some sinus and intestional problems. They also did a 'parasite cleanse' and the hardest part was drinking bentonite 'clay' drinks.... She did tell me drinking the salt water was gross, but way better than the 'clay' drinks...
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My DH has done it many times. One time he did for 40 days, yes 40 days!

He has moved on from cleanses these days though and follows a different kind of philosphy, the Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, who doesn't recommend fasts. He used to swear by the cleanse, however, and I am sure he would still highly recommend it for people that have a mostly cooked food diet.
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Thanks for all the replies!

Natmother, I'm so impressed that you were able to do this cleanse so often! It seems like it would take a lot of willpower. I'm still a little bit undecided. I want to concieve sometime fairly soon and I'm worried that this will deplete my body of important nutrients. I don't have asthma, just occasional seasonal allergies. I mainly want to cleanse out my digestive system, I have a lot of painful cramping and bloating when I eat and I know there must be something that is irritating my system. I'd love to figure out what it is!

So, did you also do the laxative herbal tea and the salt water cleanse? And uccomama, did your husband do that as well? I'm just wondering if those are an absolute necessary part of the cleanse. I read most of the book on the PDF file, it's very interesting. I just don't agree with his thoughts on breastfeeding, and it always worries me when I disagree so heavily with part of his philosophy.
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Originally Posted by akmeg

So, did you also do the laxative herbal tea and the salt water cleanse? And uccomama, did your husband do that as well? I'm just wondering if those are an absolute necessary part of the cleanse.
It isn't necessary and my DH didn't, but he recommends it if you think need it.
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I am bfing but will do this cleanse asap!!! I did my last one before kid #3 , after bfing #2...
imo- the cleane is enough- no need for extra bowel stuff or special baths...
i love nursing but feel i need to cleanse...
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i just finished doing this cleanse for 12 days and i loved it.....i just finished bf a 2.5 yo and i was ready for this....i would highly reccommend a prefast.....

i started the first of march with no sugar,coffee,beer, or flour products and it really helped to adjust to the cleanse....i also started one lemon in water every morning.....i started the cleanse on the equinox and just finished....there are alot of forums for support on the MC......

i really see the advantages to a raw diet and i am trying to go as raw as we can right now.....even if it means NOT sauteing all the veggies for a stir fry...

i did the lax tea and i liked it better than the salt water flush (it was hard to run to the bathroom looking after a toodler).....the tea makes you "regular" ....i eliminated everyday with no solid food intake....scary..
....the tea does make you cramp so that can be uncomfortable but it passes quickly.....i was not as toxic as someone coming from a std american diet so my detox symptoms were not as bad.....i would get tired sometimes maybe a headache once but i just added more syrup and it went right away....

i really wanted to decrease the mucous factor in my body and i know this helped (i can really breath now)......

i did milk thistle everyday but that's all for herbs, oh yeah i did have rooibos tea with the peppermint tea a couple of times.....i know this cleanse is not for everyone but the recipe is so easy it really fit into my day and i asked dh to eat and feed dd before i got home (he just ate out alot).....

the only thing i missed was cooking something so i delved into my slow cooker and made a bunch of soups and froze them for later.

i didn't weigh but i think i lost 12-15 lbs....so that was nice!

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A note on cleansing from herbalists who sell cleansing regimens, here:

Note: The evidence supporting colon cleansing is mostly observational evidence. We do not know of any scientific evidence (double blind, randomized, placebo controlled studies) to support colon cleansing or to give an explanation of what comes out during our cleanse. That said, there has been much written on colon cleansing and there is a large amount of observational evidence based on personal experiences. Please read through all our colon cleansing information and make a decision as an informed consumer. On this site we have attempted to present a full view of what is known and unknown about colon cleansing.
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I am on day 3 of the master cleanse right now. Today has been the hardest day so far, but it really hasn't been that bad. I can give you a better picture of what it has done for me after I have finished. so far, the benefit is that I have lost 7lbs (although I fully expect to gain back part of the weight that I lose). I am hoping it will clear up the on-going sinus infection that I have had for months and I am hoping for more energy and focus. I'll let you know if that happens.
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Originally Posted by captain optimism
Continuing to read on the web about cleansing:


This is a short essay arguing against the whole concept:
Ummm, Quackwatch and Stephen Barrett doesn't have much credibility. See here.

If you are researching this subject, I would try and find some other sources than a delicenced MD working out of his garage with a major axe to grind.

From the above article, Quackbusters Horse-Whipped in Missouri Supreme Court:

Not only did they fail, but the resulting Supreme Court Decision has become a landmark, and will be used across the land, as "case law" whenever any State agency is dumb enough, or sleazy enough, to use the "quackbusters" or "quackbuster" *dogma, as a resource.* The case decision had a lot to say about a lot of issues.
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Originally Posted by captain optimism
Thank you! I didn't know how to evaluate any of the stuff I was finding. I still don't. Do you have more, I don't know, credible stuff than the pro and con things I'm seeing on the web? I'm not finding anyone to explain the science of the cleanse, and the anti-cleanse stuff is mainly the argument I quoted above.
No problem!

My DH is the master-cleanse expert in our house. I know he has a book somewhere on the subject of fasts and cleanses, but I don't know where it is. Unfortunately he is asleep. But I will ask him tomorrow if he could give me some names to google for you.
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Okay, please talk to me about this. I have a friend who did cleanses and they really looked like crash diets to me. They made her ill-tempered but she claimed this was a "healing reaction." I also didn't get why you had to stop eating completely to get the old (and presumably "bad") food out of your system before you could change your diet. Why not just skip the painful initiation and cut to the chase?

But I want to be open if this is something that could help me, since I have allergies. Also I do see that "there's no study to back this up" is a weak argument against an alternative treatment. There is no study to prove that doing chi gung will help your asthma symptoms, but when I did, it helped mine.

So whatever information you can supply or guidance in my reading, that would be great.
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I'm planning on doing something next weekend, but I'm not sure what. I recently weened my almost 3 yo and I'm in an eating rut. I've read a little about the master cleanse. Does anyone know how a juice fast compares to that? Or if there is something that's a little "easier". I don't want to do anything too extreme because we want to TTC in a few months, but I feel like I need something to break my mediocre eating cycle.
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