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Weekly Chat - 3/21

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Post all your pregnancy (or not :LOL ) related chit chat here for the week!
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Oy. It's here...

The M/S is here. I was feeling great last week, just getting super full way too fast (haven't quite adjusted my portions for that, so I had that overfull feeling after a lot of meals). Even my pre-natals were going down easy.

This morning, when I leaned over to get lunchmeat out of the fridge, I felt like I was going to throw up. I ate my breakfast ok, but now that I am at work, it's just not settled well. If I were to get near a toilet right now, I feel like breakfast would come up. This is how I was last time. I threw up every morning before lunch. If I did, I felt decent the rest of the day. If I didn't, I stayed nauseous all day. Ugh.

Also, I tried to put on a pair of pants that I wore just last Saturday and they were so tight! Yikes. My work clothes are still ok, since a lot of them have some elastic, but I guess I will be living in yoga pants all weekend.

On the plus side, I took a nice 45 min hike with my girlfriend yesterday. It was gorgeous and relaxing. I was pushing 30 lbs of stroller and 40 lbs of kid, and there were some hills, so it was a decent workout. Otherwise, we went at a nice pace. I hope to get at least one hike in each weekend. I love my hiking stroller and DS had a good time as well!

How is everyone else on this lovely Monday morning....
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4w5d today - I think the morning sickness is starting to drop hints that it's coming. Hopefully I can find something semi-healthy to eat. I think I will take the dog to the park in a little bit for some mild exercise. I need to call my midwife to find out when she wants my 1st appt and when my first peri appt will be.

Hope everyone is feeling well today!
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I feel kind of blah but it's mostly in the evening..so much for morning sickness..i had a dream last night that i had a m/c..that totally freaked me out
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My bizarre behavior....

Good Morning! I am at 6 weeks today. I haven't told anyone. I haven't even told the Dad. I had a horrendous m/c last year at about 15 weeks. I am already getting chubby and it's almost like my body is going right back to where it was when I lost the baby. It is really strange. I do want to tell the father but I just can't get it out! We weren't trying to conceive and even though we really have a wonderful loving and respectful relationship, I am so scared at what his reaction will be. Anyway, that's all! Hope you are all feeling well!
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I'm just trying to pretend I'm not an emotional minefield- my dh is getting really quite scared by the mood swings. The good news? I bought some sea bands this morning and they're working :LOL If you're blurky and haven't yet tried them, I'd highly recommend them.
Other than that, the only real problem I'm having is the waistline- I feel like once my tummy muscles gave up fighting, I got less tired, which is good. I just feel really superstitious about not wearing maternity clothes before the first scan- am I being ridiculous? AND I gave away all my old stuff, so I have to start again anyhow.
Oh, did I mention that 7 of the mums in my eldest's class are pregnant again? We're all due between September and November as well- and 6 of the 7's eldest children were born between September and December. It's going to be major deja vu at the schoolgate.
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Orla, hang in there girl.

I didn't really think I was too emotional or moody, but I guess it's sneaking up on me. The house I thought we would be able to rent fell through; it was rented last week before we even saw it. I am so utterly sad, it's ridiculous!! I am really feeling sorry for myself and wondering why things just can't be EASY and WORK OUT!!!

I am starting to resent this *tiny* house we live in, and the stupid tiny town it's in. I know it's irrational but I just have this feeling that if this house didn't work out, nothing will, even if we wait a couple of months. Woe is me.
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What a bummer, Amy! I read your last post about that house and it sounded way cool. I live in an awful subdivision too (albeit newer) but to get anywhere you have to drive. I dream of moving to a place where stores, parks, libraries, etc are in walking distance and where there is a true sense of community. So I'll be sad and emotional with you!
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Ah, the joy of hormones! Last night, I laughed so much at Funny Videos that I almost wet myself, then cried so hard at the Contender, I couldn't regain control And, of course, woke up this morning with a migrain.

Oh, and my two year old is still sick, and I swear this virus makes her MEAN!!! She's the poster child for terrible two, which thankfully is not her normal behaviour. Whine, whine, whine.

But, on a positive note, the little bean is now the size of a pinto bean, which is very exciting! Next week an olive, then a small plum, it's so exciting!
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im 6 weeks 2 days today ( i think...)

yesterday i had a huge fight with my mom.. ( she doesnt know im ) i love her, but she is insensitive and im hyper sensitive. my grama is very sick and its a lot of stress for everyone right now.
i cried for like 3 hours and feel better today, but my head hurts and i feel kinda empty. i wish that i could be happier right now, but i feel like there is sooo much going on. i have to move in less than 2 weeks.. and have a lot or organising to do.. when im just alone.. me and the sprout i feel good and happy about it, but other times i wonder if this is the right thing to do right now.. of course im going to have this baby whether or not my family hates and dissowns me, but it just might be sad for us. maybe ill move to the moon.

im also feeling sick sick sick. blah!
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Fern, I looked at your pictures. You and your child are gorgeous!! I mean, seriously. I hope this pregnancy isn't too lonely for you. Too bad you don't live in Ohio. We could hang out!

Anyway, my residential saga continues. I think DH and I have just decided to give notice at our current house of tiny-ness and hope for the best. If nothing comes up in Yellow Springs (where we hope to live) we may just rent one of those big fancy schmancy apartments. At least DH wouldn't have to mow the lawn anymore. :LOL I found one that even has an attached garage, so the only thing we'd be sacrificing is a private yard. Considering my dog can't stand to be more than 10 feet away from me (and that we've lived in apartments her whole life, with the exception of this past year), I am pretty sure it's something we will adjust to. But who knows; maybe our dream house will become available in the next couple of weeks. I can dream, right?

DH left for a 3-week business trip today, so I am going to be lonely and he's going to miss my first midwife appointment. But he will be here for the first ultrasound in a few weeks, so that'll be good. We can celebrate together, or be sad together. Either way I'll need him there.

OK I'm rambling. Back to work.
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i'm here...Starting to feel queasy in the evenings--like I'm hungry but nothing appeals to me. And when I do eat, I feel sick afterward. So, I've been lazing around the house mostly.

We might be moving out of state (won't know for sure til next week or so), so I understand the frustration of ya'll with housing issues. I don't like not being able to picture where I'll be when I have the baby, ykim?

Been researching cloth diapers, so that's been fun. Trying to think how to get my MIL on board so she'll help me create a stash (instead of buying us all sorts of junky stuff we don't need!) I can't wait to see the look on her face when I tell her about cloth
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hiya amy! we went through the same thing last year (and the year before, actually)... we finally did just give notice and at the last second the lower unit of a beautiful old house became available. so we have our yard (putting up a clothesline between our two lone trees this week! yay!) and the house has so much character. i'm not a big fan of our neighbors but we don't see very much of them which is alright with me. of course, now that we're expecting number three and this is a two bedroom (and the boys room is TINY) we've already outgrown it! anyway, i'm sure a beautiful place will turn up for you just in time. :

we called everyone yesterday and told them... everyone was really excited, which is saying a lot considering most of our friends are single and childless... most are still in college. my FIL, however, completely rained on my baby parade by saying, "oh? is this a good thing? well, fine then. i guess you two are adults and had to be doing something with your time." : he's really an insensitive jerk sometimes.

speaking of insensitive jerks... is anyone else's dh or dp suddenly acting like babies are a curse and not a blessing? mine has been so distant since yesterday and moping around looking crushed. we talked a little last night and he thinks that it's wrong for him to be a parent of so many children (*THREE* is so many? i'm the oldest of 7, so maybe i'm the one with the skewed view...) when he basically grew up an only child and doesn't know how to be a dad. (which is crap, because he's wonderful with the boys...) i don't know. he's definitely pulling the "you wanted this" and making me feel guilty like i spontaneously impregnated myself without his knowledge! anyway. i'm really trying not to lose it on him but i can feel my hormones slipping more and more out of my control and i'm just hoping we don't have some sort of marital explosion.

anyway. that was a whole lot longer than intended. sorry about that! how's everyone's evening going?
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Warning, whine ahead

I am so tired. Starting to get really sick and emotional. And work is killing me. We are in the last stages of finishing the state budget and the long hours and the stress are SOOO HARD! Today will be our 4th long day in a row. At least Sunday and Monday night I was able to work from home. But I did not see DS at all yesterday, except for a little while in the morning, because I went in late. I had to be here at 7 (actually got here at 6:30 because I was anticipating traffic that wasnt there) and will not leave until God knows when. So I will not see him again today. And then tomorrow, I will be gone again before he wakes up (but hopefully without the long night.) I miss my boy. Just thinking of him waking up this morning and asking DH "Where's mama" makes me want to cry. And then thinking about him asking it again tonight.

And the worst is that I can't tell my coworkers that I am pregnant yet. So I am trying to stay focused when all I want to do is crawl in a ball and sleep. I don't want to start answering questions about whether I will be around for the next legilative session (next Jan-Mar), which I wont.

Just one more day (we think). But I think this one day will be the straw that breaks my back.

Oh and I have been getting slightly sicker every day. Each day is a test of wills whether I will throw up or not.

OK, thanks for letting me whine. DH is a good listener, but he's been under pressure, having to pick up my slack, lately too.
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Bensmom, hang in there. Just one more day! I've been getting more nauseated and irritable every day too. I find myself VERY emotionally over-reactive to everything, and even if I cognitively know there is no reason to be that upset, can't close the floodgaetes. One of my girlfriends said it's only get to get worse. Great!

I've been getting headaches a lot too. I didn't with pregnancy #1. Is that common? I still have a pretty good appetite most of the time, but am getting to the point where very little sounds appealing.

I have been having crazy bizarre dreams the past few nights and I've also dreamt twice that I went to the bathroom and discovered spotting. I hope those aren't premonitions.

God I sound so negative! Sorry. I hope everyone is doing OK.
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well, i had an interesting morning...

was feeling queasy last night so I went to bed early....got up this morning feeling fine and decided to make some french toast. As i was standing over the frying pan, I felt sick so went into the bathroom and stood over the sink. I dry-heaved a few times (nothing in my stomach to actually throw up) and then next thing I knew I was on the floor. I think i bonked my head on the edge of the tub going down. I wasn't out long and felt fine after (except for the queasiness).

DH is out of town for work so I had my mom come over to keep an eye on me. She ran out to the store to get me some food and I ate some chicken and ice cream around lunch time. Now I feel pretty good.

Hoping it was just low blood sugar and my body telling me i need to eat (more protein, especially, i think)...Mom is going going to check back in on me and my in-laws have called 3 times today My husband is worried, understandbly, since he can't be here.

Wondering now if i shoud've gone to the Dr. or the ER or something (it sounds worse writing it here than it seemed at the time)...but i'm just trying to trust my body...i really think it was b/c of eating so little lately because of the nausea. has this happened to anyone else?
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I haven't passed out ever while vomiting, but boy have I had some doosies! Wetting myself, etc.

Anyway, my sister has this thing where under extreem stress (such as labor or severe sickness) she passes out. With her, it's almost a siezure, but she just feels like she passed out for a moment. Is this your first baby? Other than letting the doctors know about it, there's nothing harmful about her passing out, just try to take it slowly. Protein helps, gives you some needed energy!

Good luck, and I wouldn't worry unless it starts happening regularly.
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Wow beachbaby, that's scary! Maybe it was low blood sugar related? Can you eat crackers or something immediately upon waking?

We have had a bizarre & scary week so far.
While we were out on Monday, someone broke into our bathroom window & stole a bunch of our possesions (laptop, digital camera, telescope, a rifle (!), cds etc.). Thank the godlies we have renter's insurance & we'll replace our material things, but the very worst thing is this:

*My kids should have been home*.
I started working as a day care provider for a co-op in Berkeley 4 mos. ago, just after we moved here. My parter ("DP", right?) was working at home the majority of the time so the kids were home alone only sometimes (they are 13.5 & nearly 7). A couple weeks ago my DP was laid off & with his new job he began last week, he doesn't get to work at home. SooOOo, starting last week the kids are home alone the 20 hours that I'm at work. I really didn't love it, I had paranoid thoughts a lot, but I figured "I'm going to give notice in 4 mos. anyway because I'm pg, they'll be just fine til then". Now, I'm far too terrified to leave them home alone all those hours ever again!!!

My dd just happened to be visiting her friend that day so I took my ds to work with me. In the 4 mos. I've worked there, that has never happened. What are the odds that a terrible person would come into our house on THAT DAY, the only day my kids weren't home??! Isn't that scary as all get out?? I can't stand all of the "what ifs" in my head (What if they'd been home??? Our house is up in the hills, the neighbor's wouldn't hear any screams, ug, terrifying).

So, the point of all of this is, I'm going to give 2 wk notice tomorrow. My co-op families have no idea. They're babies *love* me, they're so attached to me & me to them, I will feel very sad, & I know for a fact the families will so SOOOOOOO disappointed. And during those weeks I'll bring my kids to work with me or they'll be at their dads. I will be extremely excited to be a SAHM again, but right now mostly I'm feeling guilty & sad for quitting, & completely creeped out by the stupid burglar.

So anyway, I know this is a giant post, I really needed to vent, thank you to anyone that listened!

And on a *completely* different subject- I can't wear ANY of my pants anymore already!! I swear, I look 4 mos. pg. It's bizarre & ridiculous!! I'm wearing maternity pants! I guess it's a 3rd pregnancy thing, but GEEZ, I know the baby's about the size of a sesame seed, WHAT does it need all that space for??? :LOL
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zjande, oh my lord! i am so sorry! and thank god your kids weren't home... what an amazing twist of fate that was. i would totally do the same thing though (quitting early to stay at home). i'd be completely paranoid, i couldn't keep working either. sounds like that was a really hard decision... i'm sorry you were put in a position to have to leave early. stupid people! causing someone all this stress for some stupid stuff. i don't understand people sometimes. anyway, so glad you had insurance and that your kiddos are okay.

(and my pants don't fit either... my belly popped right out a few days ago, and without warning. i've been wearing some very out of date skirts until i can get my maternity stuff out of storage. :LOL)
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What are seabands? I am so grumpy! I can not stand myself and all I want to do is sleep!
The high of pg went away and now I am a pain in the tuckos.
I miss dh who is working out of town- and will be often during this pg ....
And I am dreading my 9 hour drive tomorrow with ds to my mom and dads
UGh- I could go on and on!
Plus my grandma is dying and going into a coma state- and no one is with her at the retirement home because they are busy at my aunts house making up a video of pictures for her memorial!
Makes me want to knock some heads!
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