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hi, all--I am feeling better today (no more passing out!) and have been eating every few hours to keep my blood sugar up. Meagan--thanks for the encouragement--I will keep an eye on things and definitely take some action if it happens again...

zjande--how scary! Unbelievable what people will do. my apartment building has a locked foyer, but tennants leave it open all the time so anyone could walk in....Also, my landlord just rented (again!) to a known drug-dealer's relative. DH is in law enforcement and has actually arrested this person who now knows where we live *and* has access to our building.

Emilie--Seabands are those metal bracelet type things that put pressure (right?) on your wrists to keep motion sickness at bay. Thinking about trying them myself for the nausea.
I'm sorry about your grandmother.
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Emilie, sorry sister!! People seem to suck so much more when you are pregnant. I had a long talk with DH last night explaining to him that he's going to have to suck it up and not expect me to act like a normal person because of the hormones and stuff. It's so hard to describe to someone what it feels like to not really be in control of your emotions. :

Aubrey, I am so sorry to hear about your scary break-in! Thank god your kids were not home. It reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid - my brother (3 yrs older than me) and I were raised by our dad, and we lived WAAAAY up in the hills with no neighbors. One day we were all out, and we came back to find that our house had been broken into and similar kinds of things were stolen (loose money, a b.b. gun that looked like a rifle, a stereo thing, etc.). Turns out, it was a teenager who lived down the hill from us, and she (yes, she!!) took the stuff to pawn or whatever, to make some money. I wanted to tell you this because it may be the case that it was just some non-violent person looking for a quick way to get some money. Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence that your kids weren't home; maybe the thief knew that no one was home that day and decided to sieze the opportunity to break in while the house was empty. I am just telling you this because it might ease your mind to think that your kids really weren't in danger. Not that you shouldn't keep them with you now and/or quit your job. I'm just sayin.'

Anyway, I am in a great mood today. I'm 5W exactly, and today the baby's heart should begin to beat!!!! When I woke up this morning, it took a minute for me to remember that I am pregnant, and when I did, I just got this huge smile on my face. I love it! Plus, the sun is shining and it's finally starting to get warm, the sky is blue....I can almost believe Winter might come to an end someday. I am definitely ready for capris and flip-flops.
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Originally Posted by *Amy*

When I woke up this morning, it took a minute for me to remember that I am pregnant, and when I did, I just got this huge smile on my face. I love it! .
I so know what you mean! Isn't that the best feeling?
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Hi Mamas,
Just reading over the chit chat and realizing how nice it is that we all have such diverse ways to live life... and yet here we are all gloriously expecting! Yippie.

I am starting to feel more sick, though today, oddly, I had so much to do that I felt really good. In some cultures women do not get morning sickness, and I have been trying to 'talk myself out of it' as it were. I bought some knock-off seabands (travel-ease) and frankly dont think they work. DH has asked me a couple times already if I am going to get my $11 back (he's cheap but I love him) but i want to give them a few more days trial. Of course now that I am settled in some quiet time I am starting to not feel so hot. Maybe I just need to stay really busy.

Beachbaby, I was very interested in you post. I do not want to sound alarmist, but I would keep track of any future 'spells' and for sure call a doc if you feel disoriented, fatigued, or sleep excessively after a 'spell'. I say this because when I was pg with DD, I had a couple seizures when at around 7 months, and though it did not negatively impact my pg or the child, it needed medical attention. Apparently my brain reacted oddly to the wash of wonderful pg hormones. My seizures were noctural, which was great for me (I was asleep, what did I know) but freaky for DH. I took medication for the last couple months before I had dd and then for a year following. I am hoping that since i am still nursing, my brain adapted to more hormones and we won't have the same experience this time around.

Gee, I am rambling... hope all you ladies are feeling good. I haven't told any friends I'm expecting so let me just get it out of my system: I'm pregnant!! Woo Hoo! Here's looking to delightful days until 11/11, and then baby bliss following!

I feel better now, thanks!
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Hi, everyone. I haven't posted here yet because for some reason I'm irrationally worried about m/c this time. I've been spotting off and on for two weeks. But today I had an u/s and everything looks fine.

I'm 7 weeks today. Baby measured 6w,5d and heart rate was 114. It was so great to see that little sac with a little blob in it and that heart ticking away. I feel much better now.

Still no belly but I'm tall and long waisted. I do feel however, that I'm already past nausea and into the super-hungry phase. I was only nauseous for one week! Now I'm onto super-hungry? Anyone else experienced this?
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Natalie, I'm glad your ultrasound went well. I have a friend who was only nauseated for a week or so. It went up to about 16 weeks for me last time, so I'm not going to get my hopes up!

Got my progesterone results back today - 30!!! I also have an ultrasound in 3 weeks.
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Oh man, morning sickness is just awful. Ha, morning. It's been all day sickness, which so far is worse than with DS. I was usually fine by lunchtime with him. The past two days have been so hard. But at least I can still eat and drink. If I eat, I feel better for a few minutes. But then it's back to nausea. I even tried to throw up his morning. Well, not tried. I just didnt fight it when I was in the bathroom, and all I did was dry heave. I can't just eat all the time - I'm already overweight and was hoping to maintain/loose a little during this pregnancy.

Anyway, just wanted to whine. I wish I could talk myself out of it. But it's just this constant yuck feeling. I hope it doesnt get any worse. Please, please, no.

Still trying to stay positive and LOOOVE this pregnancy, but nausea and exhaustion are not making it easy.
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I just got my today. Based on my LMP my EDD is 11/27 but based on how long my pregnancies usually go, I think this one will wait until December. Should I stay here or go over to December?
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I say, stay with both discussions. I'm in a similar situation, although I'm sure this little bean won't come until November, so I've committed to this board

I've come to confess that I wore my maternity pants in public. 8 weeks and 4 days, and I'm in maternity Although they don't have that panel in the front, so don't look completely maternity. Oh well, might as well get used to them... I'm sure I'll wear them alot in the next seven months!

Oh, and I can't wait to feel good. I feel better, but can't wait to actually feel good!
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Thank you guys for your understanding & reassurances (AND for even reading my giant story!) about our break-in. I JUST gave notice to my job, as in I just hit "send" on my 2 weeks notice email to all my childcare co-op families that I work for. For a couple days I was having mostly negative emotions about it, guilt for quitting & sadness over how much the kids will miss me. But after thinking & thinking & thinking it to death (& chanting "It's OK! People quit their jobs everyday! I'm *excited* to be a sahm!" in my head the whole time), I'm now feeling mostly excitement. And it's true, people DO quit everyday & the world is NOT coming to an end, I WILL get through this! Haha, do I have guilt issues much?? :LOL

It's sucked, as the days are going by we keep discovering more things that are missing. And it took the Oakland police THREE DAYS to respond to our call. Three. Whole. Days. to come to complete a residential burglary report. "Do you want us to dust for prints?" they asked. HAHAHA! Like there would even BE any prints left after 3 whole days!! :

ANYway, I am now loving my time with my mamas on MDC, trying to take my mind off my notice I just sent out, & thinking about my wee sproutling that I cannot believe I have been blessed enough to be carrying in my belly!!! It's heart started beating yesterday. That gave me tears.

The 4 of us were being our usual total dorks last night & talking about baby names. It started out as a serious discussion, but we ended up in hysterics after names like "Pancreas" & "Sherman Eggbert Marvin Kermit" & "Spermatozoa" started to be suggested. OMG we are goofy. My DP says through giggles "What spirit actually CHOSE to come grow in your belly??" "One with a sense of humor!" says I.

Dreamsindigital, I think you should post in both forums!

Nataliekat! Me too! I was super nauseas for only about a week, then just mildly nauseas unless my blood sugar's all low, but I firmly moved into Starvation At All Times phase this past week!! Pretty much what I do all day is pee & eat, pee & eat, then take a nap til I have to pee. :LOL

I'm glad you're feeling better beachbaby! Just keep eating all the freaking time like me & nataliekat & you should be just fine!
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Sara, thanks and good luck on your u/s!

Aubrey - Glad it's not just me and I think those baby names are hilarious!
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I got my betas back (from yesterday): 5337! Since I'm 5W1D, that is just exactly right in the range. Next Wendesday I'll have another test, so we'll see how well they are rising.

Another house prospect has come up, and I drove by today and it's gorgeous. Won't get to see the inside until next week sometime though, and it is above our price range by a bit, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much. We'll see.
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thanks, all, for all the comments. Feathere--because I was home alone at the time, I really don't know what happened...which is scary. I'm really paying attention to how I feel to head off any more incidents. Thanks for sharing your story.

...I am feeling better and actually left the house today for the first time in 2 days...Got some B-6 and some Peppermint Altoids to help the nausea.

nataliekat & zjande--Can't wait til I get to the hungry-all-the-time phase cuz right now I can barely stand food. I can't even watch my favorite, the Food Network, without wanting to vomit. It's sad, too, because I love to cook and bake and just haven't felt like it all lately....

I love the name discussions--my mom and MIL are throwing their 2 cents in already! I (half) jokingingly call the baby Zelda just to annoy the grandmas. Oh, and my MIL already decided she wants to be called Mee-Mee. Yeesh. Can you tell this is the first grandbaby? :LOL

Take care, all!
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no morning sickness yet here... but i definitely do NOT feel like cooking at all, which is something i usually enjoy. i'm going to attempt to make dinner tonight... we'll see how it goes.

beachbaby, my MIL did the same thing... INSISTED that she be called "nana" and NOT grandma. very, VERY insistent. not that i really blame her, i guess, she was super excited too and definitely does not look like your typical "grandma."

went to my mom's yesterday and pulled all my maternity stuff out of storage as i've run out of pants that fit... i'm normally a pretty slender person and so all of the sudden nothing fit. but it was kind of nice to go through all of my stuff and remember my last pregnancy... i also brought home a few boxes of wee little clothing... boy and girl stuff. (never hurts to hope, right? i figured the sweet little dresses might send out some good girlie vibes... okay, i know i'm really stretching it. :LOL) anyway, i've been having fun going through it all and thinking warm fuzzy baby thoughts. also been making my list of things i'll need for the new bean... we didn't start CDing the twins til they were in medium size dipes so we'll need some new supplies there... mmm... i love diaper shopping.
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