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Can I just say thank you to every woman who has talked about this? I'm giving birth at home, and because of your experience, and your talking about it, you've made it so one less woman will have to suffer with the "happy husband' stitch.
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Wow. That was so powerful. I think you should send it in.
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Thank you this was amazing. I passed this thread on to two of my mom's groups.
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Love this Sarah! Beautiful! You have a talent for writing. I still need to see the Vagina Monolouges.
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Sarah, that was just awesome! You're very talented. I'm sorry though for your experience. Thank you for sharing this.
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Re:My Vagina Monologue

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sarah!!! your vagina monologue is standing ovation good. I work at a university where Womens Studies does TVM once a year - they've invited me to share and I'm wondering if I can share your monologue? I've been disappointed that the only monologue that is performed about birth is not sweet, not educational, not even empowering - women and men in this age group need to hear this message. I'm sending out loving and healing thoughts to all of you - and hugging my own vagina (kegel style). Can't wait to read what others write.

Just so you know Sarah, your monologue was linked on the Yahoo doula group this morning - that's when I popped over here and read you : )
For those who have not seen a performance of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES (TVM) I hope you do if you get the chance.

-Rosie, CD (DONA)
Birth Blessings Doula Care
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If you would like to read it, please do!!
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That was lovely. I have seen Eve Ensler do TVM, and this would be a powerful addition!
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been there!!!
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Awesome Sarah!
Your poem was the first email that i read when i got home, and i hoped you would post it!
way to go vag!
love ya!

ps. lets rent it ang.
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It is an amazing monologue! You should send that to Eve Ensler!

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Thank you again everyone. It makes me sad that there are so many of you that know all too well what I am talking about.
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Thank you for sharing your writing with me... It was incredibly powerful.

I saw the Vagina monologues last year and was swept away by the raw power, beauty and pain that was shared. I am always so humbled that women are able to be so open and giving of their intimate feelings in a hope to help others heal. If you don't mind I will send a link to this page to my homebirthing group.
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I don't mind at all. The more vaginas that hear it, the more that can be saved!!
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Sarah, you rock. I will definitely pass this on to my mom!
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Vagina Monologue

That was a beautiful poem. It should be published in paper print.
Every time I hear a story about a Dr. or a husband (partner) that says, "I'll put an extra stitch in for him ", or "Hey Doc, how'z about putting another stitch in for me", it makes me so angry and shocked at the insensitivity and disrespect for the woman's body.
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The sad thing is that it wasn't a doctor, but a "midwife". I decided on putting in doctor instead because I think it is much more common to see a doctor do it then a midwife. It is just sad all around. Literally.
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i know youve said it was alright but i would like to copy this for a couple of my intrustors one of which teaches women's history and another who teaches biology of women.
thanks in adavance

maya who lucked out and never got the happy husband stich, and what husband would this make happy anyway? one that want an unhappy wife?
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