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Thank you so much for giving so many vaginas a voice. I have different pain from my birthrape but I recognise many of the emotions involved.
Love and thanks to you.
J xxx
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You can certainly copy this for your teachers. My name is Sarah Biermeier for any of you that would like to copy this. You can just stick my name at the bottom. Thanks!
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WOW! Very well written - I felt the pain and anger! Incredible!
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I would love to see some other monologues written. There are so many powerful things to write about birth. I am thinking of writing something on my second two babies, born at home, but I have to think about it for awhile yet.
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You should consider showing that to the Mothering Magazine Publishers.
It is VERY powerful.
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That is so amazing Sarah- it really captures the violation so many women experience- every woman needs to hear about how vaginas are so routinely mutilated. Hearing stories like yours is what made me choose homebirth- I never want to be in an environment where my body is so disrespected and basic science (all the studies that show how harmful and unnecessary episiotomies and all sorts of other practices are) is so disregarded.

I am so sorry you and other women had to go through this- thank you for speaking up and saving women like me from going through the same thing.

I have always wondered who invented the "husband's stitch". It seems like by giving a woman such a stitch that would make sex very painful for her that the husband wouldn't be too happy because he wouldn't be getting any very often...oh but I'm sure the same people who invented the husband's stitch never did grasp the concept of female pleasure- sex is just something we are required to do for our husband's sake right?
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It really IS very painful to try to have sex after such a stitch is preformed. I am so happy that I had my next baby 15 months later, so that I was able to tear a little and have it heal regularly again. My first baby was 8#11 and my second was only 6#13. And I tore because I was stitched too small. I am of the mind that if it is only a first or second degree tear, you shouldn't stitch anything at all!! You should just take really good care of yourself with 3-4 baths a day, comfrey root compresses (that are frozen) for at least 48 hours, then use the water that the comfrey root was steeped in and put it into a gallon jug that had the distilled water for boiling and have it in a small bottle to use instead of water for after you pee, herbal sitz baths (which I make from a ton of great organic herbs and roots to use for my doula work, and then use myself!) AND don't wear any underwear. Just throw down a chucks pad wherever you are and sit on it naked. That way you are getting lots of air down there. Never open your legs too far too....

Ok, I will get off of my soap box!! (But seriously, do these things mamas whether or not you have torn)
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Years ago when I was the managing director of a local theatre company, we did the first professional production of TVM in town. It was the most amazing experience of my life and my career. I was floored by the woman who smashed into our theatre, cheered on the pieces and gave money to the charities we were supporting. It was such a powerful night.

Your piece is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!
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OK I'm taking Sarah up on her offer to share this space. I'm a little nervous... This is very personal stuff which I share in the hope that it may heal me further as well as other women. I planned a home birth with my son and had to transfer for a c-sec. My back up hospital which had promised me a "seamless transfer" in the event of having to transfer was horrific. I had PTSD as a result and became suicidal and depressed when ds was about 6 months old. So I started a group for other survivors of birthrape, especially those planning future home births but all are welcome.
This is the story of my vagina, in brief. My birth story is in the birth stories section here.
Love and healing to all.

My vagina is calling my baby.
She feels unfinished, like birth is still happening.
No one told her it was over.

She began to stretch and prepare
She dreamt of the glowing, growing, grimace
Of the head, being blessed, as it travelled to earth
Through the oldest tunnel, the first cuddle

But in the hospital, the greengowns assaulted her.
“I’ll just attach this..”
NOOOO we all shouted
My vagina reeled with horror.
They want to use me to get to this fragile being?

One greengown, a nightmare, a vagina-hater
Pushed so hard we saw stars
We screamed, my woman and I.
We struggled to get her out of us.
She stayed.
She broke me and she broke my woman.

No honeymoon fresh vagina for this vaginal bypasser.
No blessing for my baby’s head.
No mingling of life forces, no greeting of flesh to flesh.
Just a drugged out zombie mother, seeing through a haze.
Smiling so everyone would think she cared for this stranger.

Sometimes birth just is what it is.
My vagina still waits for the pressure and the burning.
Even if it comes one day,
Will she feel the birth that didn’t end
Is over?
Can someone let her know?
I’m too ashamed to tell her she wasn’t needed.
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I am so sorry that happened to you. I can feel all of the pain and terror in your words. Your vagina monologue is very well written and I am very glad that you have shared it with us.

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Shucks. Thanks.
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Wow, Sarah that was fantastic! I saw the VM, and that would fit right in the show.

OMG, Janet...I was in tears, like tears, just from getting this far
My vagina is calling my baby.
She feels unfinished, like birth is still happening.
No one told her it was over.
That really captures the unplanned c/s. I have had all of those feelings about my c/s experience. Seeing it put into words so well is quite moving. Yours would be a great addition to TVM, too.

Thank you both for your great poems.
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Thanks Monica *hugs*
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