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OW! What is it?!

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I posted on the "I"m pregnant board" as well. I went into the ER today with what I thought was a kidney infection but they sent me home because they didn't find anything in my urine. I'm having BAD pain on my right side where my kidney would be. I cannot lay down, the only thing that makes it feel better is a hot pad while im sitting upright. I didn't sleep at all last night. My doctor said even though nothing showed up in the urine he could give me antibiotics since it sounds so mych likea kidney infection but I am so against antibiotics, although right now I am willing to try anything to make it go away. Now I'm worried that it could be an appendicitis or maybe its just round ligament pain? Has anyone had symptoms like this? I'm really freaking out. I wish it was labor, I feel like I've been in labor for 12 hours already but its a scary pain since I don't know what it is and it doesn't stop.
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no advice, just big , my dw has had kidney infections and they are awful!!! I hope you get it sorted out...sorry the hosp. visit was so inconclusive...
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I feel for you I would be the one that's prone to kidney infections here. They hurt like crazy! The first one I had was just awful... so much pain.

I hope you start feeling better soon. If it is a kidney infection, it really does help to drink lots. I can't imagine being pregnant at the same time as having a kidney infection. Both times I've had them, I was pretty much useless and incapacitated. A big to you.
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Thanks for the hugs. I am feeling much better today. I took some tylenol last night and sat with a heating pad and by this morning I felt so much better. I did end up taking some antibiotics but I didn't start taking them until about 10 last night and by 2 am most of the pain was gone so I don't think it was really the antibiotics, but whatever it is I am glad its gone. I lost part of my mucus plug last night so now I am just trying to rest up, drink lots and get healthy as I wait for labor. I'm hoping I still have a couple days atleast before labor.
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is the pain in your front or your back? usually, not always, kidney pain if felt in your back, since they are closer to your back than front. if the pain is in the front and is a stabbing, coming and going type pain, it COULD be your gallbladder. your appendix moves when you're pg so depending on where the pain is located it could be that too?

if you have an appt this week ask your care provider to check you for appendix and gallbladder pain. unfortunately many women have to have their gallbladders removed shortly after being pg. i don't know the exact reason that pregnant women start having attacks, but i know i have cared for tons of post partum women who have come in to have their removed............

i hope it's just positioning of the babe or something like that. they have probably smooshed one of your organs into an extremely unfavorable position and the organ is responding with the pain and irriation repsonse. if the tylenol works, i say keep taking it. and take to someone this week

feel better!!!!!! ((hugs))
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Its definetly the kidney area that hurts (in the back). I talked to my health care provider about a possible appendicitis but he gave me several reasons why it wouldn't be that. Anyway I'm feeling better now I wonder if it was a kidney stone or just the baby pushing and bruising me. Now i just have an uncomfortable sensation in my urethra but that could be the baby too. Ds never did these things to me! Maybe its because this baby is going to be an aries
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I vote for a kidney stone

I have had them before, and this is exactly what I feel like. Sometimes the pain lasts for hours and sometimes days and then goes away. It feels exactly like a kedney infection (which I have also had lots of).

A heating pad helps me to, and be sure to drink LOTS of cranberry juice. You can get really powerful concentrated cranberry juice at the health food store, or just cran-rasp 100% juice from the groc (this seems to work the best for me)

Hope you feel better soon!
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