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***warning grumpy, pregnant lady posting***

Me, I am STILL waiting. I know, I shouldn't be so depressed being really only 2 days "late." But still, I am so very emotional today. I had an appt. and broke down crying in the mw office. I can't seem to talk about how I feel without crying. I wish I could be more zen about this whole thing, but unfortunately I go from feeling like my body is a total failure (which I logically know is not true) to really, honestly and truly believing I will not ever give birth to this baby (which I suppose I know is not possible, but I really don't believe it). So you see, none of these are positive or reassuring thoughts. Mentally, I feel like I am in a really bad place. Physically, I feel like total crap. My entire pelvic girdle aches and has for over a week. My lower back makes it almost impossible to walk, otherwise I'd be out there walking miles to bring on labor. I really do wish I wasn't so grumpy. I need to go back to the top of this post and warn unsuspecting readers of my grumpiness. NSTs start next week--yippee! Dh gets to burn his sick time taking care of ds while I spend half a day at the hospital and mw's.
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I know exactly how you feel!! i am sooo hormonal! i cr yover everything, i get mad at everything. it just sucks suck sucks! it also doesnt help that i am having some major conflicts with one of the mw's.

today dh asked me if i wanted to do anything or if i needed anything. i was almost in tears saying how id like to get out and just go for a walk or sip a cool drink with a friend but that the energy it would recquire to get dressed and actually leave the house was just too much. and out came the waterworks. mentally i am so messed up. its not like me! physically i guess i am ok i mean my pelvic area hurts so bad that my knees will buckle when i try to walk but that doesnt bother me *too* much. my back is achy an dits hard to breathe but truly i can deal with the phhysical discomfort if my mental pity party wasnt so bad.

the only reassuring thing is i know i wont be pregnant forever, they do eventually come out. i had already psyched myself up for an april baby and i realize thats just a week away but that week seems so far rightnow!
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Hugs you guys!

I am so sorry for you- I know how much it sucks to be in total pain. It is no fun.... I cant even believe that my girl is 9 days old today- And everyone knows I was cranky and hurting and also very emotional... You will all be holding your babies soon! I will send you good "stay in" vibes Jennie, I know birth is best when you dont have mental blocks with your MWs. Maybe you will have a march 31st baby!! That is my DDs birthday!

Well Breeze is wonderful. She was awake more today than she has been- it seems she really doesnt like white noise. I had the vacuume on today and she really didnt like it. So her daddy took her upstairs and she feel asleep on him for a few hours! It was so cute- her sucking her thumb fast alseep. Then my 2 year old feel asleep on her toy box :LOL pretty cute too!

Well, the ILs are coming so I better get the cleaning done

Hugs- I will check in on you tomorrow!
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*hugs* Jennie & MamaDaisy.
I can relate. So far no majr emotional breakdown but I go around sighing alot...very heavy,dramatic sighs and I'm impatient and restless. I HATE answering the phone because it's always someone calling to ask ,"Are you STILL pregnant??" and I just wanna scream at them.

The good news? I have seen signs of my mucous plug but unlike other times when I have lost it pre-labor, I'm losing it slooooowly, little by little.

*sends many blessings and labor vibes to those still in need*
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to all the Mamas who are patiently waiting for their babies. Rachel was 5 days late.... the waiting is the pits.

My babe is already two weeks old which I can hardly believe. She had her check-up today and is 10lbs 9 ozs and 22.5 inches long. She is growing like gang busters on mama's milk. The pedi said she looks absolutely perfect!

She is a much different baby than my first DD. She loves her cuddles but she is also content to be in her bouncey seat. The sling has been a total life saver. Not sure I could manage a 2 year old and a newborn without it.

My DH is off of work for one more week. We are relishing are time together as a family. I think I will cry buckets when he leaves for work next Friday.

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Wanted to add : wishes to all the new babies.

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Oh mama's i so feel for you all ((hugs)) i know how hard it must be at this point.It is so weird for me because my babe is already a month old!I have already forgotten the aches and pains of it all.Soon,soon i promise!

With my third babe i sat at 5cm dilated for 2 weeks and she still would not come out.I got to 43 weeks and was being threatened with induction at a hospital so i finally broke down and took castor oil.I was holding my babe within 45 minutes.I don't know why she didn't want to come out.She was very obviously overcooked.

I am so loving this babe.She is so mellow and sleeps so good.We go to bed at 9pm and get up at 8am with no fuss.She nurses every few hours but that's it.I'm in heaven.
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Crayon March 31 would work for me, but April 1 would be very cool LOL

mamagaia-thanks! Im making the big loud heavy sighs as well.

ravenmoon--so not going the castor oil route unless i end up like you just described being 42-43 weeks and threatened with a hospital induction. i did CO with my 2nd child and all i got was a bad case of the poops, extreme rectal pressure AND my water broke before the castor oil took effect so i was in hard labor when it did take effect. So not fun!
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Congratulations, simplehome!!! Beautiful pictures of your family. (And congratulations to everyone whose thread I missed -- actually I probably read it but was interrupted by a spray of poop or a sudden attack of tandem nursing or something before I could reply.)

Jenniebug and Aquarianmom and Mamadaisy and anyone else who's still waiting (or hopefully not!) -- now all the labor vibes are focused on you.


Another thing I now remember but had apparently forgotten (did I lose huge chunks of time?!) was that after Grace was born, I felt like leaving my apartment and having a peaceful time in public had been forever ruined for me. Well now I feel that way again. I made the mistake of taking Eve out of the sling while grocery shopping -- though I didn't have much choice -- and immediately began to be attacked by overbearing people. One woman seriously told me to support her head, and another lectured me on how someone could come up and drop cans on her head as I was sitting on the floor nursing her in the most out-of-the-way place I could find. (Unfortunately this wasn't one of the times when she can easily be sling-nursed, and this is not a store with seats anywhere. And we don't drive; we live in the Bronx, which if you've been here may explain a lot ) People always seem extremely concerned that we are going to break our babies. Having 2 children to receive unsought advice and somewhat intrusive if positive attention from strangers about kind of sucks. It's giving me a new appreciation for the joy of staying home.
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Erin : That nosy people thing is really hard to get used to. I am a first time mommy, and while I love to get out and and go with Logan, Bryce and I are noticing people just get right in your face and the baby's face wherever we go. I think I am going to start telling people he has ebola or something. And I'm getting a shirt with a dry erase board on the front and back so I can write "It's a boy, he's (this many) weeks old, please dont touch either of us!!!" I'm only half kidding. But I am out and about to spend time with Logan, not to show him off to perfect strangers!

Sorry for the rant. It just has started to bug me in the last week. I haven't had any crying fits, maybe my hormones have decided I'm just gonna be mean to strangers!!! LOL
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I'm with you Autumn! Maybe we can make t-shirts.

I don't want to brag (ok, I do) but Owen slept in 4 hour increments last night! It was an Easter miracle!

He's off to meet his great-grandparents for the first time today. And I get to put him in a little bunny ear hat, which really irritates his father.
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OK, so I am feeling a little more upbeat about still being pregnant. I was reading some articles and trying to reassure myself that babies do, indeed, come out when they are ready. I am still in horrible pain. After a week of good solid rest due to dh being home for spring break, I was feeling pretty good. Then yesterday I had to do the weekly grocery store trip and I felt/still feel like I ran a marathon (and I do NOT run anywhere). Nothing but the birth ball for me today.

I have to say I am very jealous of those of you who are holding your new additions this Easter. Mentally, I sort of said to myself...well, at least this babe will make its appearance by Easter. I thought I'd be able to take a picture of my kiddos together.

I have one thing that I have been planning to do for at least 8 months now coming up on Wednesday. Dh is sure the babe will arrive by then because it is the only thing I've planned to do. However, I am not so sure.

I know what you ladies mean about people butting in with advice and doting where it isn't wanted. I had so many people ask me if my son was comfortable in the sling or "couldn't he fall out of that thing?" or offering helpful advice like "put a hat on that baby!" Geez, did I ask the world to raise my child! None of the comments seemed productive or good-intentioned either. I remember the first time we went out with ds in the sling. One woman asked me--as someone else here said--if I had a real baby in there. He was making those squeaky newborn noises and she said she thought he sounded like a kitten. Hmmm...now that would be cause for alarm! Me carrying a kitten around JCPenny's in a sling. Some people...

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Happy Spring to all!
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It is really hard to read those comments about carrying a kitten around JCPenny's in a sling without jostling poor Logan awake when I laugh! That is such a riot!
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