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Successful pregancies with Clomid?

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: So I am reading about a lot of trials and experiences ttc on clomid. Has anyone out there had a successful pregnancy with it????
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i did but it took several cycles and an iui for a pregnancy.
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Yes! My 4 1/2 yr old ds. I also had one that ended in miscarriage. And another that happened while we were on an off month from Clomid (too many follicles to take it that month.)
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I've taken clomid 4 times. First two times I ended up with kids. One nothing. and I am currently in the 2WW with the fourth. Not too bad.
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Yes--times two! First cycle was a miscarriage. Second was twins. My suggestion is to make sure your hubby is tested and that your progesterone is monitored (my problem with the first cycle and why I lost the baby). Also, I used preseed lubricant to conteract the lack of fertile mucus that clomid can cause (highly recommended if you do clomid). Good luck!
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I've never used Clomid but I have 2 friends who have. One just had a healthy baby boy using it, and the other had a healthy baby boy 2 years ago using it. no worries. it is very common.
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Yep, me too! My dd is now over 4 yo. Took me 4 cycles before it worked (this was on the lowest? dosage - 50mg). I then conceived w/o trying & miscarried, conceived again first try & miscarried (no clomid either time), then tried clomid again for the heck of it (since that's the only baby I didn't loose), conceived (first try again) and now that baby is 17 months. For me I think it significantly boosts my progesterone which is otherwise too low to support the pregnancy. Good luck!
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I also conceived on Clomid. Definite vote in the plus column!
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Moving this to Infertility!
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My Dr sdaid Clomid was the next step for us but we have decided to try accupuncture and herbs (from a licensed Chineese Medicine provider) for a few months before trying the Clomid. I'm in my first 2ww after starting this route.

Good Luck to us all!
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My beautiful boy is the result of a clomid, progesterone, fsh, estradiol pregnancy. He was conceived on cycle #2, after 2 1/2 years of *actively* ttc. I didn't have any negative side effects, either. Still, it was an agonizing decision for me and I really hope not to go that route again.
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Yes! I went throught 2 yrs of infertility, and 2 m/c's, before I tried clomid (my RE was reluctant to let me try it until she had done ALL testing, I still believe she wanted to milk me for as much testing as possible, I had one m/c under her care... we moved out of state and I saw an ob who agreed to let me try it). It worked on the first try on the lowest dose, with a combo of progesterone suppositories too (I had a luteal phase defect, the prog was taken before I found out I was pg, which is why I felt it was effective). I had a lot of spotting for up until about the middle of the second tri, and just limited my activity during the pregnancy. I had a healthy baby boy who is now 14 mo old and the joy of my life. Ironically, I am pg with baby #2, got pg this time w/o any help AND I was BFing. I heard it's not uncommon for a lot of women who have trouble conceiving baby #1 and need meds/intervention who end up getting pg with subsequent children later on. GL ttc!
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I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant from a clomid w/ IUI cycle. Although the clomid probably wasn't necessary, it was given to help ensure a pregnancy, which it did. We are having a healthy baby boy.
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I got PG with DD on my 2nd round of clomid (100mg). This time nothing after 4x (150mg). I go see an RE May 20th.
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My older 2 children were conceived with the help of Clomid. The first took 3 cycles and the 2nd 2. I have PCOS. That was many years ago now. If I were doing it again today (and didn't have other factors that make it now necessary for IVF/FET) I would start with Metformin and then see how things go and then maybe add in Clomid.

I do HIGHLY recommend that for anyone doing clomid that they do monitored cycles with u/s and blood work.
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