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Help me get my son the services he needs *a vent too*

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About 6 months ago I started looking into getting my son some therapy (speech and OT). He appears to be mildly autistic or PDD. I am having a heck of a time getting things going here. He is scheduled for a full eval (with therapists, doctors, ect) in May. He was originally scheduled for April but I was told he was bumped up because they bump up older children so younger kids can get in asap?!? (I was more than a little angry when I fouind this out). So I got involved with CDs (state child development services) because I was told by my doc and by friends I could get help with in-home therapy for him by going to them (I was at that point looking into independent speech and OT). So I called them, and the woman took a month to come out and see him, watched him play and had him stack 4 blocks and left (seriously this had to be the most ignorant person I have ever had the displeasure of working with). She them sent me her "report" which was totally inaccurate and scheduled him for the full eval (at least I was getting somewhere I thought). When I found out it wouldn't be until May I told her I was going to folow up with the therapists I had already been in touch with so I didn't waste 2 more months of precious time (he is already 4 years old). She said she could set me up with some people closer to my home so I said thats fine as long as my other kids can come along and I would really perfer the therpists come to my house. She said that therapists don't come to the house unless your child is 2 years old or younger (WTF?!?), the OT I had found on my own had said she was willing to come to the house but couldn't come as often as she would like because of her schedule, so I knew at this point I was being lied to. I told her well nevermind I will work with the OT I found and see what I can do, go ahead and set me up for the speech therapy if you like though. I had already seen a speech therapist but they were 5 miles further from the house so I thought why not stay closer if I can. Well I get a call today from the speech thera[ist CDS set up for me and she tells me I can't bring my other kids to the appointments with me : I was royally pissed off at this point. I had told the CDS woman that I HAD to be able to bring my other children with me or it would not work! The place I had initially looked into myself could accomodate them and had a large playroom so I called the CDS woman again and told her I couldn't do this. I cannot leav my other 2 kids twice a week to bring my son to speech therapy for one I have no babysitters (all my friends/family work all week) and for two I am breastfeeding my youngest and can't leave him for more than an hour or two). So I told her fine I will just go with the people I talked to originally unless you can find someone to come to my house (of course she can't ). She then goes on to tell me how much better this therapist she reccomended is than the place I am looking at, like I needed that! So I told her, "Listen, its not that I am not willing to try her out, I CAN'T, I have no where to leave my other kids and she is not willing to accomodate them coming with me. Its not an option" so she is snippy at me and says "Fine, I will send a refferal over to ***** Associates then"

I am just so friggin fed up with this. I KNOW there are in home services out there I just don't know how to get them. I had a friend in our old neighborhood who had an 8 year old son who was autistic and he had state funded in home therapy every other day. I don't even care at this point is the state pays for it. I just want my son to get what he needs! He works besat at home where he is comfortable not some strange office and I really would rather not drag my other 2 kids all over God green earth to get him this therapy if I can get it here in our home. I just have no idea where to turn., what my rights are, nothing. And I am very angry I ever went to CDS at all, I was doing better without them, all they have done is make me waste 2 months waiting around for them because I was told they could help me and they won't. Also what is the deal with young kids being more priority?!? You would think a 4 year old should be more so because they need to get into therapy asap, but no a 1 or 2 year old is more important and my kids gets bumped up. Its pretty ovbvious all these peope care about is money. They only get the funding til the kid is 5 so they want to maximize their profits huh? I am just so pissed right now and I have no one to talk to or who understands any of this. Thanks for letting me vent and thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer.

Oh and if it helps I am located in Maine.
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Have you tried the Early Intervention program (ours is through the school system) - aka Early On, Zero to Three...I know our EI program has to do an eval within thirty days of the request by the parent or else they get in trouble.

I've compiled a page of links (and need to add more) on my website, maybe something there will help you - http://lifeasmommy.com/index_files/Page761.htm
- but check this one out first - http://eis.harkit.com/ - it's an Early Intervention resources page.

Good luck - it can be frustrating and I thank my lucky stars daily that I am working with a good set of people. (My youngest has developmental delays.)
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Also contact your local health dept. Ours has a program call CRS children's rehabilitative services that will help find and pay for therapy, braces, drs, ect.. you can also check into your local mental health dept. or ask your dr. for a referrall.
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I would call the state early intervention office- they only go to age 3, but they may be able to refer you to services for older than 3. The number should be in the phonebook, or get it from your ped. Also, contact your school district- 3 and over is handled through the school district here.

My son turns 3 next week and we've been working with EI since last November b/c he's not talking. Turns out he is autistic, so we're getting him in the preschool through the school district starting in the next few weeks. Everyone we've been working with has been very helpful so far.
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I don't know about where you are, but where I live this is how it works:
without a diagnosis, you cannot get ANYTHING
you always have the option of going through private insurance, but getting them to cover much is not likely.
under 3, the services are provided by the state Regional Center (who can then contract through a non-profit agency or private provider) Many times these services are done in-home, but not always.
3 through kindergarten age, the services are through the school district, and are mostly in the preschool classroom. Kids with Autism can usually get in home programs overseen by a behaviorist besides the preschool stuff, but that usually stops at kindrgarten.
Unfortunately, most of the specialists who do diagnosis have a backup of several months. I don't see that you will bypass that unles you call the doctor you have an appointment with and ask to be put on the cancellation list to be called at the last minute if there is a cancellation.

Here are some links for you:
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