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nursing three?!

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hi there mamas! just found out i'm pg with number three and i was wondering if any of you had experience with nursing twins thru a pregnancy and/or nursing two toddlers/older babies and a newborn that you would like to share? my two are still very attached to their "boos" and i can't imagine weaning them anytime soon. i'd love to nurse all three, just wondering about the logistics of it all... making sure the new wee one gets her fair share, etc. i'm certain it can be done, provided i can keep up with the calorie intake! :LOL just wanted to hear some first-hand experiences.
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Wow. Congratulations. Your twins are the same age as my twins. I can't imagine having another one along the way right now.

I can't share any btdt advice, but there's a group on Yahoo! groups called apmultiples where there are probably several women there who have gone through what you're going through. If you'd like the link, PM me and I'll send it to you (I'm on dial-up and my girls are still running around like wild women at 9:30pm :LOL).

Good luck to you. Now that we're in the tantrum stage, I can't imagine having another one.
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Well I had the Opposite experience but I think the overall effect will likely be similar. My ds was only 7 months old when I got pregnant and I continued to nurse and planned on tandem nursing. At 32 weeks I was diagnosed with Twins and he was still nursing. I knew I could be expected to deliver in only 3-4 weeks and although I briefly considered weaning. (on midwife's advice, and due to the sheer thought of the impossibility of nursing three babies) I made up my mind NOT to wean. Partly it was because it was too late. I could not wean him and have him see me nursing two babies in 3-4 weeks time. He would remember and feel even more replaced than a 1 year old is likely to feel when mommy has twins. I just could not do that to him. If I thought that tandem nursing was going to help the transition for him getting used to one sibling, it could only help more with Twins.
Well, he did have to learn to wait. But toddlers can do that. And right after they were born he wanted to nurse whenever they did. He went up to nursing like 12 times a day again. It was important to me to let him nurse whenever he wanted if it was possible. I often nursed one newborn and my toddler at the same time.
I nursed all three of them for 14 months when my ds weaned at 2 1/2.
I am not ONLY nursing two toddlers. LOL
I had PLENTY of milk for three babies! Tandem nursign is really great. It is easier to encourage a toddler to nurse to relieve any engorgement than a newborn! LOL.
There were so many times when I wished I could have a third breasts or somehow make milk come out of one finger so I could nurse all three at the same time.
But to be honest there is not a thing I would change.
Good luck!
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I nursed a 16 month old and newborn twins without difficulty. It's very nice to have a toddler able to help you out with engorgement! To be honest with you, you might have to really stay on top of getting enough calories and nutrition so that you don't feel like crap. But as long as you make sure to make yourself a priority too (as I'm sure you probably learned to do the first time around, with twins!), it's not that big of a deal.

I found I was more irritable and touched out this time around than with my daughter, but I think that was more the newborn twin thing, and not a triple nursing thing.
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So GREAT to meet you!
My name is Joline and my twins were born when my ds was 16 months oldtoo.
It is so great to know I am not the ONLY one who has done this. People have heard of breastfeedign twins, but when they hear of breastfeeding 3 it is like I must be from Mars.
I have nver met in real life anybody else who has ever BF 3 babies. (or online for that matter) so It is nice to see that there are others with this experience.
Great Jog Mama!!!
(oh and ditto about the food. I cannot BELIEVE the volumes of food I had to consume in the beginning!! It is still a family joke.)
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I don't have twins. But twins run in the family, my aunt has frat. boys twins born at 29 and ahalf weeks- they are going to be 18 in two weeks.
any way I was reading this thread and I got to thinking, maybe you might have twins again and you will be nursing 4
I hope that doesn't offend you or make you mad, I was just thinkng it.
So, do you know if there is one or two.......or more?
I know some mom decide against ultrasounds I was just wondering.

Good luck and happy thrandum/triandum? nursing
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Nice to meet you too, Joline!

Hey, but where are all the other nursing-three mamas on mothering? I KNOW that there are others, I could have sworn we've talked about this before. I am lucky to live in a relatively progressive area for breastfeeding. Even in my very mainstream-leaning multiples club, there are at least 4 or 5 other people I've talked to about breastfeeding twins and a toddler!

I remember feeling very alone in trying to prepare myself. At the time I was pregnant with the boys, the Mothering Multiples book was extremely hard to find (at least for me), and all of the other LLL books had maybe a few pages on nursing twins and singletons at the same time (since most of the tandem stuff seemed to assume that they were not multiples). There just wasn't a whole lot of stuff out there directly specifically at that situation, and I was annoyed at having to cobble together stuff on my own. Talk about grumpy hormones! ;>

I am super lucky, though. I had such a great bf relationship with my daughter, I was correcting the LC at the hospital, and was able to just smile and nod at some of the stupid advice I was given. I think emomama has a good leg up, though, since she has experience breastfeeding twins, she knows when to roll her eyes at people.
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I think that is so funny what you said about the LC. I remember one trying to advise me when Nursing Branwyn, she was looking over my shoulder advising me and I just about bit her head off and sent her on her way! She told me that she wasn' latched on properly and she should have more of the nipple in her mouth. I just looked at her and said. "She is fine. I jsut have really big nipples!" and put her on ignore.
I was very happy that my dh and my MIL were big supporters of my decision to continue nursing ds1.
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thanks so much for your stories! i'm feeling more confident about it the more i think about it... we'll just have to work into a pattern so everybody gets a chance at the tap. :LOL

corysmilk, i find out in a couple of weeks if we're having twins again... i'm trying to accept that idea early in case we see two little beans on that ultrasound! my little ones are identical though, so it's unlikely i would have twins again. but you never know...
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