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I have a very happy, sensitive, loving boy who is three years old. We protected him from the 'macho' boy culture that we feel is so damaging to boy's emotional and psychological development. We dressed him in vibrant gender neutral colours, his toys are fun, positive things to play with such as puzzles, dolls, balls, sand toys, etc. We encourage him to develop many interests regardless of how those interests are 'genderized' in our society. For example his favourite activity is baking and he always loved to play with his babydolls pretending to nurse them and carry them in slings.

Most importantly we let him express his emotions. We let him cry and be sad and be scared and vulnerable. We comfort him when he feels those ways but never chastize him. We think of him as a person first, an individual with his own ideas, feelings and interests and don't push him into any gender stereotype.

It's been a very positive experience and he is an amazing kid.
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You all sound like such great moms. I'm new at MDC and I'm learning so much. I had my u/s today (I'm 22 weeks, expecting #1 8/05) and everything looks great!!! We decided not to find out the gender and about halfway through the u/s, the tech was showing us all of the wonderful parts: feet, arms, head, heart (and everything looks *great*!) -- and she switched once from calling the baby "it" to "he" and then went back to "it". I work in a hospital, and figured she does a million of these things a day and decided that the baby was either a "he" or she was just using a pronoun....Who knows. And as for me, who cares?? When people ask me what I want, I reply "A baby!" and that seems to satisfy most of them.

However, DH's sister died three years ago, and the day DH's parents found out we were pregnant, his dad started going on endlessly (and annoyingly) about how great it is to have a daughter....how much he hoped we were having a daughter...how much my DH would just be in LOVE with a daughter...etc., etc. I figure he's speaking out of grief b/c he misses his daughter and mostly ignore him when he's talking about my baby.

However, I think DH has started to listen to him, b/c when the tech used the word "him", DH looked sort of stunned. I paid no mind to the tech, but DH has been sort of quiet all day.

Me, I'm thrilled b/c the u/s showed a healthy baby with all its parts and want to celebrate that....DH has been in a rotten mood.

Has anybody else dealt with this? How did you handle it?
Has anybody else's husband reacted like that to possibly having a boy???

I'm sorry this is long...it's just been the most exciting day of my pregnancy so far, and I wanted to be excited about a healthy baby...no matter what the gender!!!
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I've enjoyed reading all the boy stories. I have this strong feeling we are having a boy...should find out on Wednesday after our u/s. After 2 m/c, I really and honestly don't mind if it's a boy or girl. A healthy baby is so important. I do worry a little about how I would raise a son. I do agree the world needs more sensitive, caring men!!! I don't plan on dressing him in sports clothes or things with trucks/planes....unless further along he would desire this. I'll fill you all in soon!!!
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we found out two weeks ago that we are having a boy and I was so SHOCKED!! now I am getting excited though. My dd is 22 mo and is SO awesome, that I get nervous about boys. some of the boys in playgroup - wow, they are exhausting! and my lil girl is a real pistol, that is really saying something.

:LOL about the firehose - very true! I already emailed my mom and mil the section from the dr sears site about how to care for an intact boy my mom was making some funny comments about cleaning out smegma this past weekend so i needed to nip that in the bud
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Realized I'd meant to respond and forgot....

I am completely awed by how amazing and introspective and self-aware you all are as mamas. I've found myself thinking at odd moments about comments on this thread, and I love knowing that there's a cadre of women out there who are loving and careful and joyful with their kiddos. Thanks!
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