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Hi everyone,

I searched to see if this question was discussed yet, but couldn't find it: What do you all think about the best time for starting x-rays for children?

My son is 5 and we just found out that he has some decay between 2 back molars, so I have been reading with interest all about recommended types of fillings, whether or not to use novacaine, fluoride, etc.

One thing I am confused about though is when to start doing x-rays, and then how often they are necessary.

One more thing -- oops, haven't searched for this -- are there any problems with novacaine? The decay appears to be surface, so after reading about this, maybe he should try without novacaine and then just use the minimum if necessary? This is very scary to me, being very nervous about tooth pain, but I also hate putting drugs into his sweet little self! What do you think?

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Are x-rays/radiographs routine for the first visit?

I did a search under the archives and it didn't come up with anything, so I hope you can help me with this question.

Are radiographs the same as x-rays? I'm taking DD for her first checkup this week and figure it will only be a visual. I would be pretty surprised if they want to do an x-ray and would decline.

Just curious.

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Yes, radiographs are the same as xrays. How old is your daughter? Nothing is really routine in my office, I individualize treatment for each patient.
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How often should I get dental X rays done?

I apologize if this has already been covered - it seems like a topic that would have been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it.

I went to a new dentist for a basic cleaning(I'm new to the area) about 7 months ago and had X rays taken at that time. I just scheduled my next cleaning appointment for later this week and they told me they will take more X-rays. When I expressed surprise about this, she told me "we take X rays every 6 months".

This seems way too often for me. Am I wrong? I'm a young adult who has never had a cavity and I'm not currently having any dental problems. I just want a cleaning. Like I said, I had X rays done 7 months ago. It's not a money thing, my insurance covers the cost. I just don't want unnecessary x ray exposure.

So if this is unnecessarily often, any tips on how to refuse the X rays on my next visit? I can easily see myself being bullied into it.

Edited to add: Anyone's opinions on this are welcome, not just Smilemama's (although I would love to have hers too!).
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Every dentist I've been to does the bitewing xrays every 6 mos and full mouth xrays every 3 years. I'm not sure why, never asked because it didn't bother me, but I think it's to see any small cavities that they may not be able to see (like in between the teeth). The earlier they catch them, the better. When I was pg, I went in for a cleaning and didn't have xrays and it was no big deal. Dentist said most cavities don't grow that fast. Maybe you could work it out with the dentist to only have them done once a year?
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Ok, well, when I called them back to ask if it was possible to get the cleaning sans the bitewing x rays, they told me absolutely not. This place is a clinic and I have a feeling they generally see people with pretty cavity-filled mouths who are actually experiencing pain, so that's probably the reason they're heavy on the x rays.

So I cancelled the appointment and called another place... they do the bitewings every 12 months, and won't need to take them on my first visit if I have the x rays forwarded from the old dentist. Once a year, I guess I can handle that. Maybe I can fudge it a little too with the "next times" once in awhile.

Thanks for the advice!
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We just got our insurance renewal stuff through DH's work and I just realized that they only cover routine bitewings once a year. I've never realized that and didn't think to check until I saw this post.
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