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Anyone else ansy?!

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I am SO ready to have this kid I could scream! I have been perpetually pregnant for 3 years! I am uncomfortable and in pain a lot of the times from my symphysis pubis diastasis . I have been having more intense BHC for the past few weeks usually occuring more late afternoon/eve. hours and even my OB thinks I could go early but that wouldn't be my luck...I will go like 41wks.

Just needed to vent...
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Me too!!!
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ansy definitely!

I keep hoping that my due date is wrong and my orgininal EDD of May 15th is more true!

We shall see. Oh and as for pain I sympathize there. I have sciatic nerve pain that keeps me off my feet quite a bit. It is hard to run after two boys, keep house, cook dinner and not want to colapse in a heep the minute DH walks throught the door at night!

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Me too! I was having a lot of lower back pain... finally broke down and went to the chiropractor. I feel like a new woman! However, I'm just about finished with my birth projects and feel humongous. I'm at 32 weeks and am starting to feel like the next 6 to 8 weeks are going to take FOREVER! I'm also pretty short tempered, too.... that's the wrong word, more like short on patience. I know I've been a real crab the last couple of days. Part of me is really ready to have the baby and part of me just wants to cherish the last few weeks with DS#1, kwim? I'm really torn.
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I am getting antsy too, but probably more for selfish reasons. I am beginning to be more uncomfortable but I don't have small children to run after or anything like that...so kudos to you ladies!

I am more like a type A personality who wants my baby soon! Also, admittedly, things are getting harder and harder to do and I catch myself thinking, okay, if I mop the floors now will I have to do it before labor (I am 31 weeks)...okay, I will wash the bathroom rugs at 33 weeks, then I am NOT doing it again...those types of thoughts lol...hard to explain but I don't know if anyone knows what I mean!!
It's like I want to get everything done, and just sit here and wait to give birth...like I don't want to have to keep doing stuff the bigger I get..I find myself looking online thinking, hmmm, well her lungs will be fully developed at 35 weeks, I wonder if hubby is up for sex...and is castor oil THAT bad?... :

Of course the *good* person in me will try to patiently wait, but those thoughts cross my mind!!
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I'd say ancy in the form of practically freaking out... I can't believe it's getting so close!!!! I have so much left to do!
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Yup I'm feeling it. I can't wait to meet this little one! I can't wait to see dds reaction to her brother/sister.
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I'm getting more and more excited though I really wonder how DS will react though, I'm a bit nervous about that. and I REALLY can't wait to find out what this little babe it! Its killing me lol and I'm soooo uncomfortable and in pain alot I feel like its crushing my pelvis, never felt like this with #1 :LOL
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I'm ansy as in scared to death that this kid will come early as I am NOT ready! But it feels like this kid is huge already (mom estimates 3 1/2 pounds, so not really huge) and my breasts keep leaking all over the place and people when they see me say "Not much longer now..." but I still have 10 weeks to go! (or, well, 9 and a few days). I had a baby shower on Saturday, then Sunday I went to my little sister's ice skating coach's baby shower, who was due 4 weeks before me - she had her baby the next day, 6 weeks early! ACK!!! I need those nine 1/2 weeks!!! I've got stuff to get done! No babies for me.
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I am ready...I feel huge, my body hurts and my patience is non existant. We went out yesterday and I was so worn out by the time I got home. I am leaking already, which didnt happen with dd. Well, at least I finally found a midwife :LOL . I have diapers, no clothes, my house is not clean, and I dont have the energy to do anything, except eat. I am getting my serger that I just bought in the mail today or tommorow so I think I am going to sew so cutie clothes for this babe. I cant wait. Well I can.

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I am joining to ansy crowd that wants the baby to wait longer. I am so not ready at all. We are doing some work on o ur house and haven't even started thinking on what we need for the baby. And it's our first, so we don't have anything from an older child. Then I also have a lot of emotional issues that I am trying to work out before the birth, but I am in desperation because I feel like the time is running out on me and I am not making much progress. Actually, I thought I was making some, but after my last MW appointment I am set back so far that I am loosing my mind. The mw ment well, I have no doubts, but she has no clue what kind of a roller coaster she put me on during our last visit.
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valeria I hope that you tell your midwife about the issues that you are going through. For I fear if you dont, you might have a not so great birth. You need to feel 100% comfortable with her, or it could be awful. You should call her and tell her what is going on, as she needs to know, so she can try and help you work through this.

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Originally Posted by darkstar
valeria I hope that you tell your midwife about the issues that you are going through. For I fear if you dont, you might have a not so great birth. You need to feel 100% comfortable with her, or it could be awful. You should call her and tell her what is going on, as she needs to know, so she can try and help you work through this.

she knows about the issues. she is trying to work with me on that. but this last appointment ... i don't know. she either doesn't understand what's going on in my head, or she took a totally wrong move with me. almost as if she was trying to "shock" me into reality, but instead she made me retrieve.
theoritecally i should talk to her about it, but i feel so emotionally weak and hopeless, i can't.
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Antsy...yes!! I have 5 weeks to go today! I am getting so excited about meeting this little one, which is good, because I feel like I spent a better part of this pregnancy not really realizing she was in there. I think I was just too busy. Now I can't HELP but notice her! hehe I am a little concerned as to how Elijah is going to take the whole thing, but I'm sure we'll work out into a nice little family routine. I'm just glad DH is willing to be such an active part of the situation, I know a LOT of women who'd DH's don't help out much at all!!!
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Count me in on the can't wait for this little one to pop out. I have been preggo for the past 2 years (not quite but it feels like it) and still don't have a baby so as i head into the last 6 weeks, I am feeling all the anticipation that has built up since Sept of '04. I had everything ready last May, so it's still ready except that we haven't picked up some of the less important things from my in laws where we stored them since our move last summer. I've got the diapers and the clothes all set and just need to bring home the cradle, carseat, and stroller (none of which are essential). Right now dh and I would be happy for this little one to come at 37 weeks - just 4 weeks from now. OMG! I just know that she'll be late and the next 7 + weeks will be the longest of my life. Anyone have any ideas to make the time pass faster?
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Count me in also. I have been in so much pain this past week. The only time i am not hurting is when i am laying down. Then when i get up i have some INTENSE bh for about 2 hours. These hurt soooo bad that i can't walk or talk or anything....i just sit here and sweat and moan. Most days i think to myself.....33-34 weeks isn't TOO bad to have a baby..... I feel horrible about that.

We are planning to attempt a "natural" induction on April 28th. I really hope it works. Stripping my membranes worked with my DS so i am hopeing it will work this time. Both of my kids were technically medical inductions but i was already in early labor with DD and i was in a good pattern and 5cm 95% with DS.
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You can wait! You can wait!!

I know that antsy feeling. I got it around the same time with all of mine.
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