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We have two zones in our house, upstairs and down. We have central air, but baseboard radiant heat (hot water running through pipes along the baseboards with fins; air circulates across the fins distributing the heat into the rooms).
I have programmable thermostats. I have them set so that during the night the downstairs is set at 62, upstairs 70 when we go to bed and wake up, but 65 during the sleeping hours. during the day the downstairs is set to 68 while upstairs is 65 (I think). the thing is, since heat rises, the upstairs is usually 68 or so.
Am I wasting energy inadvertently heating the upstairs during the day?

Also, at night the bedrooms seem cold. the thermostat is in the hallway, and I think residual heat from downstairs rises to the hall thermostat, and keeps the heat from coming on. Any advice on how to offset this?