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Pics of the cabins.

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I posted below about my bro making a deal with me here are the 2 cabins
But remeber when looking..they need lots of love. But are wonderful anyway.
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Those are awesome! I bet you will have a great time fixing them up.
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OMG! They are beautiful!!!!
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Really nice timber framing too. I think I will have to show dh when he gets home.
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I see lots of potential there! Can I say I'm just a tiny bit jealous too? I'm dying to get a fixer upper.
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Those are absolutely fabulous. I am going to read your post about your deal with your brother 'cause I have forgotten what it was
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Wow - both of them are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing the pics, and providing some great daydream material for this city-dweller !
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Drooling So jealous!
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They look so awesome!! You can do so much with those!
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Congratulations, they look awesome.
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wow that's a big fun job!
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Ohhhh I wish those were mine! I love them, so much potential, and the land is fabulous! Enjoy!
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I sighed out loud when I saw that first picture....how great for you!
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WOW.... Those are wonderful... and they look fairly large too! I love all of the windows and rough hewn wood. I am jealous too!
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They really are gorgeous!
You'll have to post pics as you get projects done--I think it would be awesome to compare the befores and afters!

(And helpful to us dreamers to see your timeframes for the projects )
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We are getting more excited as summer comes closer. My brother and girlfriend are moving into one of the cabins in May and they are going to start rebooting if you wanna call it that. They want to get refamilarized with that kind of living before they have children. Like I said we lived off the grid as children. So dh and I will be up there everychance we get to work work work . We only live 15 min away in town, so it will be easy. Plus my mamma lives on the same mountain. And we get along wonderfully, and she is fully supportive of all of us doing this. My brother wants it so people can come and see how "easy" it is to live like that. He says it is not just for hippes anymore :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL he does not want solar panels or anything, but dh and I are going to put solar up for our cabin. And we are going to heat our rainbarrell with the woodstove. It is sort of already hooked up. But the people who rented for the last 5 years did quite a number on it. So we do have alot to do. All the decks and porches need to be completley ripped off and redone. but we don't expect it to be a quick job. But we also want to get into them while the girls are little so that is what they know and it is not a hard transformation for them. I'll keep you all posted.
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Originally Posted by sahmof2girls
Plus my mamma lives on the same mountain. And we get along wonderfully, and she is fully supportive of all of us doing this.
I bet you get along great with your Mom! How awesome that not just 1...but 2 of her children are so involved in wanting to preserve old family land and to try and live lightly on the Earth.

Good for her, and good for you all
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Those cabins look great! The timbers are huge!!! It is wonderful that your family is so close, and that you will be together!
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Wow, those look awesome. I'm drooling. *lol*

That's wonderful that everyone gets along so well. :heart

Have a blast!!
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Thats an awesome wood cookstove!
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