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Spotting for a week

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I've been spotting for almost a week now, almost always very dark brown. But twice it was red. I feel so confused and unsure as to what this means.

I had blood taken today, they will check my hcg levels. I will know tomorrow what they are.

How discouraging. I have seen the other posts about this and it doesn't seem good.

By my calculations I am almost 5 and a half weeks.
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I'm so sorry! I hope your tests go well!
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I hope everything is ok. Please keep us posted.
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Stay strong.
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Let us know

I spotted brown with my first at 5 weeks that went on for almost a week. Then I had a hemmorage at 7 weeks with LOTS of bright red bleeding, but low and behold, she will be turning one in May! It is not always the worst case. Hang in there and let us know.
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