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A few questions.

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I'm not pregnant, but I'm considering a UBAC for #3. I have two questions:

1. How long after your water breaks is it reasonable to wait for labor to start? Long story, but I have very good reason to believe that for me, water breaking doesn't signal imminent labor at all. My daughter was born by emergency c-section 2 days after my water broke, and I never had a single contraction.

2. How early is too early? If you went into labor at 30 weeks, would you go to a hospital? What about 25?
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Well, I can't really answer the first question because my water didn't break until I was ready to push. But I guess I would listen to my gut, take my temp. to check for infection and concentrate real hard on getting a baby out.

As for the second question, I would go to the hospital any time before 35 wks, I think. After that, I would birth at home, but until 37 wks, I would be more likely to go in for a baby check up earlier than I would otherwise. But at 25-30 wks I can't imagine staying home. That is just asking for trouble, babies that young almost always need help. I think it is important to look at medical interventions as both a blessing and a curse. There are situations that doctors are great for. A regular, healthy birth isn't one of them.

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Personally, I would birth the baby at home no matter how early the baby chose to arrive and then transfer to a hospital. THis is to ensure that the cord is not clamped prematurley possibly causing a lot of damage. There is a practice in NZ where they've compiled their research on premies. They advocate not cutting the cord until pulsing has stopped and to let the baby naked against mama (or pappa) as long as possible as it helps increase growth and oxygen intake rate, etc.

As for your waters breaking and labour starting, that is a personal choice. Something you'll need to be tuned into and comfortable with. My water released 2 weeks early, but I took in a good amount of water during those two weeks. Phooie, i'll have to post more later, gotta get to a test!
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In my eyes, it's fine to wait for labor to start after water breaking as long as baby and you are fine. Sometimes the bag reseals. Sometimes it doesn't.

Just like the bag breaking issue, when you go to the hospital for preterm labor is your choice. I've always felt like anytime before 32 weeks for me would be a reason to stay home, but then again, I've never been through it and I have an aversion to what is "normally" done to preterm babies in the hospital. This situation is one of ethics, legal complications, and spiritual faith. I doubt anyone could tell you what the best thing to do would be.
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