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belly pics!

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okay, yeah, it's early to be doing this, but I CAN'T BELIEVE how much I'm showing already, and neither can my husband...keep in mind this is our first baby...

belly pic #1

belly pic #2

these were taken last night, and tomorrow i'll be 3 months...
holy smokes. sorry for the undies...hopefully that's not too racy :LOL
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awww too cool, thanks for sharing

i've noticed a little show but i'm not really in maternity clothes yet so no one else notices it. I may wear a maternity dress for Easter, I haven't worn it in a couple of years ; ) I actually kept my maternity dresses, and a favorite shirt or two. I got rid of the jeans (which I hated anyway).

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I'm loving maternity pants...I like the jeans, but I LOVE the black stretchy pants...too bad it's -18 C (excluding the wind chill)...maybe I'll still wear them under snowpants =)

I'm not in my maternity shirts yet, but I'm getting too big for my small tee shirts...on to Derek's tee shirts I guess.

ETA: I lied. It's -25 C plus the wind chill.
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Aww, those are great! I looked like that at three months with my daughter. Look about like that now at nine weeks.
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sweet! i wish i was showing more.
i want to be HUGE.
hah...i say that now.
i just want to show off mainly. lol
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I'm glad to see you post that. I was feeling silly for feeling like I was showing. I'm just at 12 weeks with my first and I'm larger. The tape keeps playing in my head "First pregnancies show later. Larger women show later." Well, it may be bloat, but I look exactly like you do (and my hourglass shape has turned into a 2-liter bottle! :LOL ). I'm going to need to do some shopping. My loose pants and skirts are now tight and soon won't fit at all.

I'm just waiting for someone at work to ask me if I'm expecting. Matt and I decided we're going to need to tell next week. Once I start wearing comfy maternity clothes (soon!!) it'll be totally obvious.

You look fantastic!

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that makes me feel special.
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what a cute bump!!!

I am 10 weeks and about the same but with a nice warm layer of fat over the top..LOL
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Originally Posted by allgirls
what a cute bump!!!
That's what I was going to say!! Thanks for sharing!
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So cute! Isn't it awesome when you start showing? This is my second pregnancy and I am already looking huge! I will have to post some pics soon. I do also have a nice warm layer of fat too :LOL . And some left over roundness from the first pregnancy.
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yeah, i want to see everybody's belly pics =)
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You look beautiful! I'm not showing yet, except in the bra upgrade hee hee. Although I can't wear my regular pants, to constricting feeling. Do people have Lululemon stores in your towns? I got some cottony stretchy pants there that I am loving, and they should fit for a long time.
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Here's mine, taken last Friday. I don't think I really look quite this large in person:

Belly shot 1

And here's one that DH took, which I think is more accurate.

Belly shot 2
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aww, your bellies are so cute!

There's no way i'm ever showing mine, haha!
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ok, i feel better now, i was starting to think i was maybe a little too big for 13 weeks but it looks like i'm on par with you guys. thanks for sharing!
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