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Originally Posted by doctorjen
If they are on the labia majora (the part generally covered with hair) then they are probably sebaceous cysts and not Bartholin's glands. Those are just outside the vagina, where the skin is still more mucus-membrane like.
No, they're on the inner one...the one without hair...on the inside. I looked it up and there is a gland around there somewhere (B-something...can't remember the name. I think someone here mentioned it before...it's early and I'm sleep deprived. lol). My thought is that it could be that.

I was going to soak in a hot bath last night but then the baby decided she wanted to go on a nursing marathon. lol By the time she was done it was late. So, I'm going to try again tonight (I like the water too hot to bring her into the tub with me).

What exactly goes into a sitz bath? I've never needed one before.
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*Cross posted to the yahoo UBAC group and to my livejournal*

Ok, for those of you who remember me talking about that weird bump thing. I think I had found out what it was and I had decided to wait and see if it would just go away. Basically, I think that perhaps it was my Barholin's gland that had a clogged duct or something.

Anyways, it seemed to get smaller and didn't hurt so I thought "YAY!" and decided not to go to a doctor about it.

This morning it was hurting and when I went to the bathroom there was blood. It didn't look like new blood though it was too bright to be the menstrual stuff I still have a bit of. So, it had me slightly concerned and I took a look. The blister/cyst looking thing is gone. There's a slight crater (for lack of a better term) where it was. Either that or the area around where it was is slightly swollen (which it also looks to be). It's very sensitive.

Basically, it looks like whatever it was has drained on its own. From what I've been able to read about this, that sort of thing can happen (which is why I decided not to go to the doctor about it). I'm going to continue keeping an eye on it and continue to keep it as clean as I can. Make sure it doesn't get infected and all of that fun stuff.

Thanks everyone for helping me when I was trying to figure out what was going on.

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Jessie I'm so glad to hear you are healing!
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Thanks hon.
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Hey Jessie! did it heal well, or did you have any problems after that?

The "gross out for the night" thread in TAO got me thinking...
thought I'd share what I've learned about Bartholin's Gland cysts since then.
There is much more support and information online now than there was then, and I found this:
and learned that the Word catheter is supposed to be inflated with liquid, rather than air! My sOB had been trying to do it with air, and simply complained to me that it was a poorly designed device.

I found a new, competent doctor, who did the same procedure, but actually knew what he was doing! It was much simpler, and he knew how to give the shot so I wouldn't feel anything. (after the shot! ) So I had that thing in for six weeks, and when he took it out, I had a normal gland again!

(we did the piercing, but as we feared, it only created a tube of scar tissue and did not solve the problem )

So I want to spread this information- I suffered off and on for six years before finally getting it resolved, and want to help others get competent care.
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