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Can you laminate your own fabric?

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I have tried to search the web for how to laminate your own fabric (make you own PUL) but I can't find anything.

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You can, through a company called Fabrite. But the best way is through coops. I believe Cutie Bunz has one going on now. It costs about $4.00 a yd, and there is a 2 yd minimum.
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Oops! Here you go- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CutieBunzCo-ops/ She has to have the fabric by April 15th.
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sorry so late!

i did a search on make your own pul. your thread came up and with further searching i found something useful. hope its not too late. there's an article in hgtv.com about laminating fabrics yourself using iron on vinyl which is stretchy and breathable. i am going to try it out. heres the site, with resources:http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/dc_fabrics_...374296,00.html good luck hope you can still use the info.
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very helpful!! thx!
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tell me how it works, I was thinking about doing this myself, if it doesn't work out, you could always make it into a bib!
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I mentioned this to my neighbor and she seemed to get an aire of "supreme" about her. She said that for diapers this would be absolutely wasteful and stupid (basically) because it wasn't professionally done. That it wouldn't be as good in quality "because you know, diapers get used a lot. this type of thing would likely be better for things like table cloths".

Do you think this? I mean... just because something costs more and is proffessional... does it mean it's better? Would laminating fabric this way in any way, LOWER the quality of a diaper?
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I've never seen this product so can only say what I would *think*. I'd wonder about the durability of it and how it would survive so many washings and dryings. It wouldn't hurt to try though. What would you lose besides a bit of time?
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If you go to the website where they sell the iron on vinyl http://www.thermoweb.com/./cpd-shop-..._on_vinyl.html . It says that you have to hand wash it AND do touch up ironing after each wash. Plus it costs $10 to laminate a 36x34 piece of fabric, You're better off just buying from OSDS or any other diaper fabric retailer.
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