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Send some flipping thoughts

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Well, at my 36 week appt we found out that little Penelope Pitstop is not headed south. I've read the archives and will be trying anything and (almost) everything to get her to flip before next Tuesday, which is when my doc has scheduled to try an external version. Any ideas?

Things were just going TOO smoothly with this pregnancy, I guess

The good news is that she's otherwise doing great and looking very healthy, and he guessed she's at about 6 lbs or so.
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oh, definately sending you some head first vibes. will you be able to go ahead and deliver vaginally anyway? i hope so. in our area, it is officially against protocol, but i know that's not true everywhere, and i know some folks have had pefectly happy deliveries of breech babies, should dear pp decide to stay put.
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My little one was breech from 20-30weeks. I KNEW she was breech by her movements. At 30w I finally asked the mw what she thought, and she thought vertex, but a quicky u/s in her office confirmed I was right! SO, I spent the next week doing the inversion exercises & it worked!!!! She's been vertex ever since.

I would put my butt up on dd's bed (it's a mattress/boxspring inside a frame, but on the floor so not too high) and my head on the floor & stay that way as long as I could. I also did it w/a few couch cushions on the floor & my head on the floor. It's pretty uncomfortable, but was worth it!
Good luck!
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there's a great thread on this in the due date club archives. Definitely check out www.gentlebirth.org if you haven't already, and also www.spinningbabies.com

some say swimming helps, as does that pelvic tilt that Amy described, and chiro can help too I hear.

Flip baby speedknitter, flip!!
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I just found out yesterday that my baby is a footling breech. Oh man, I hope they both turn for us!!!! We also found out the the placenta is in the front of my belly so a version may be tricky for us.

Come on babies, you can do it!

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Flip, babies, flip.

Don't they know how much fun they could be having in your pelvic region (ouch!)...
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speedknitter - how are you doing? Any idea if your little one has flipped? I had my first consultation with a chiropractor today and we are going to start the Webster technique tomorrow. I've also been spending 10 minutes at a time in an inverted position to give the baby room to turn around.

I really wish I had a way of knowing if she has flipped or not. My best estimate is when I feel her hicups. This morning they were still on the top/left hand side of my belly, but who knows where she is now!
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Hey, thanks for checking up on me! I am going in this morning and my doc is going to attempt an External Version. He won't force the issue, if she flips easily, great, if not then we just wait to see what happens. I've been doing exercises, etc, and on several occassions I've felt her do some big movements and get kinda sideways a few times, so I think she still has some room to move around in there.

The hiccups TOTALLY fooled me! I felt them down low all the time and really did not think she was breech...just thought she had a big butt or something :LOL

I am nervous about going into the hospital today...but with DH there whatever the result I'm sure we will be OK. I'll give you guys a report at the end of the day!
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How about going to the chiropractor?
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I have heard that there is an acupuncture point on your little toe that will turn a baby. I would be willing to try it if my little one turns on me.

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I hope things went well today at the hospital! I had my tummy checked my some super nice midwives today (I'm not even their client) and they were reassuring me that my little one was now head down. I had a feeling that she turned last night.

I hope this is a happy day for both of us!

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She flipped!!!

Well, everything went well today, and the external version was successful!!! Hope she stays put...there is a risk of course that she will decided she likes being head up better, but I'm going to do everything I can to keep her right where she is!

As this was my very first experience in a hospital (except when I broke my arm when I was 8 years old) everything went very well and I am less nervous about going in to have the baby now. They put us in a private room and hooked me up to an IV and the fetal monitor, etc. about 15 minutes before my doctor arrived. That was the first IV I've ever had in my life, and when she put it in I felt a little faint...weird. Everything looked good and was a "go" for the procedure. They administered a dose of Terbutaline, to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus, which by the way, made me shake all over uncontrollably, kinda scary, I did not like that at all.

My doctor made an attempt at doing the version himself, using ultrasound to check position, but her butt was pretty well lodged in my pelvis. My DH and I suggested putting me in a Trendelenberg (head down) position (we used to work for a hospital bed company) and we gave that a try but THE BED WAS BROKEN and would not go into Trend!!! Yikes! So, they actually brought another bed in the room and switched me over, and this one would only go about 8 degrees Trend, which was better than nothing, so we put a pillow under my butt and went for it.

My OB called in for backup...another doctor from his practice happened to be on the floor and she came in and helped. They checked again with ultrasound, noted there was plenty of amniotic fluid and space to turn her. After only a few minutes of pushing and rotating by the two of them, Penelope was rotated!!! To say it was extremely uncomfortable would be an understatement, but it did not last that long and I had an opportunity to practice breathing and pain management... there's always a bright side, right?

They kept me on the monitors for a little over an hour after the procedure. I was having some mild contractions about 7-10 minutes apart, but to be honest I did not even really feel them. The baby was active and even got the hiccups for a while, and her heart rate and my blood pressure were totally stable, and I was outta there in about 3.5 hours total.

Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts and encouragement. Deanna, you are lucky yours turned on her own! However, I'm glad I had the procedure done, mostly because now I am more comfortable with the environment we will be in for the delivery.
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someone in another thread mentioned eating ice made the baby turn. or even putting an icepack on top of your belly since your baby wants to turn towards the warmth (and away from the cold). I don't know. that's just what i've heard a few others say.
I hope your baby turns for ya!
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Susan, great news. I'm glad the version worked!
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YEAH!!! Glad to hear the good news. I just got chills all over reading your post! Phew, now it's time to relax and save energy for labor

Version wasn't an option I was comfortable with because my Dr said she would want to induce me right after a successful attempt. grrr, not what I was wanting for us. I told the baby that the only way she was going to come out on her own, when she was ready, was to flip around! Thankfully she heard me :LOL
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Susan!! : that's great!! Way to go Penelope!
Glad the procedure wasn't too traumatic, worked great & that you guys are both doing so well
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