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Dear all:


I just got my DS lead level at 12 months and it is 5.3 through finger prick. I am so worried.I order the lead test kit and hopefully it will help me identify some items at my apartment. Also do anyone knows the lead level will go down to 0 ? My ped told us that the lead will not go out from the body? Is that right? I will do anything to take this lead level down. And I believe all the moms in this threat have the same faiths. 

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Vanessa: Ask your ped for another test via a venous draw. Finger prick test results can often come out higher than they actually are due to the difficulty of keeping the prick site totally clean, especially with a squirmy little baby with a tiny finger. A venous test may show a lower actual level. Then ask your ped about safe ways to get the levels down - for my baby, the ped said to make sure she was getting calcium, vitamin C, and iron - these "bind" to lead and help flush lead from the body. My ped also prescribed an iron supplement to help get the levels down - you could ask your ped if that would be appropriate. Definitely talk to your ped, especially about iron, because iron is something you also want to be careful not to go overboard with. Good luck - let us know what happens!

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Thanks, Bailey for your advice. I don't like my Ped as she did not offer me any suggestions on how to get the levels down. She even told us that it is boarder line and we should not worry much. I know in NY, any level above 2 should be drawn attention to. We had the little one drawn blood on Friday and I am still waiting for the results.Meanwhile, We are asked to move a temporary apartment, as our old apartment is  under " lead testing". We are doing everything we can to help the baby.

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Hello, I'm a new member, and I got to this site because of my panic at a possible lead exposure. I got a thick 60s wooden dining table a few months back and stripped it and sanded it. At the back of my mind was a tiny voice saying lead paint (which I knew a little about) but it wasn't until I finished the project that I hit the internet and discovered to my horror that if it had contained lead paint, our exposure would have been high. The inhalation of the wood dust (which I didn't clean up) the weeks that we spent passing through the garage where the work was done, and tracking it into the house, the car, etc. I only did the first cleanup around the work area some two months after I began the project. 

I had my blood lead levels drawn and won't know the results for some two weeks, but I've been beside myself with fear. We are planning our first baby and if the results come back high, should I go ahead with trying to conceive? Or wait some time for the levels to drop? (I know some of the lead will stay in my body though) 

Please, has any of you measured high for lead BEFORE getting pregnant, and then had a normal pregnancy and healthy baby? The thread has a lot of stories of children being poisoned, but I want to know about poisoning in the earliest stage: the fetal stage. Should I still try to have a baby, even with the knowledge that it will begin to get poisoned the moment it is formed? I am quite depressed. Thanks!

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