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Belly pics?!

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COme on people, you must have taken a picture of your belly by now! We are in our third trimester! Lets see those bellies!

Here is me at 34 weeks..

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Here are mine from 31 weeks.
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Honestly i haven't taken one picture yet. Maybe i will remember to do it sometime.
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I had professional pictures done on Wenesday. I have to say she made my fat huge ugly birth lined belly look, beautiful! Amazing! I will scan them in when I get them next week.
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here's one of me at 30 weeks, i think. i look like i ate a whole pumpkin. hopefully the link will work. this is the first time i've linked to pictures from here.

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I just updated my Belly Pictures with my 30week belly
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You guys look great!

Nice to see that we have had 60 views and 6 responses...
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Mine from a few weeks ago are in the "share photos" thread.
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here is my 30 week ish belly http://www.snapfish.com/share/p=4351...=SYE/otsi=SALB
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These are pictures taken of pictures. I can not seem to get my scanner to work! Anyway, you get the idea. I am 30 weeks in these pics. Oh, need to give credit where credit is due. They were taken by Stacey Frazee in Corona CA.
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How do you post pictures here? I have snapfish...great belly pictures everyone!!
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click on the link from my signature and a 37 week photo should come up. I think there is a link below the photo for one or two other 37 wk. photos. Not the greatest photos in the world but tonight I am going to have some 38 (!!!) week photos taken.
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Anna, as always - very cute!
what kind of jeans are you wearing?
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The jeans are stupid under-the-belly Mimi Maternity (the "boutique-y" version of Motherhood, same owners) stretch jeans. I don't like them because I have to keep pulling them up and they make my butt look stupid. But my one pair of stretch pants are in the laundry. And it's freaking cold, so I can't wear my skirts.
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Hi, I had my belly decorated with henna!!!

I just posted a picture on a spanish speaking forum.... use this link to go there
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