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Introducing Sarah Constance!

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Haven't had time to get on the computer, or I would have posted this sooner. Sarah arrived on March 20 at 3:50 pm. 8lbs, 4oz and 21.5 inches long. I wish someone could explain to me HOW exactly a baby that big was doing backflips in my belly a week before birth!!

Birth was interesting. Was in early labor sat evening, went to bed, then woke up at 1:20 am when my water broke. It had meconium in it, so the MW had me go into the hospital. Cx at this point were 5 min apart, so I called my support people to meet me at the hospital. When checked I was 3 cm dialated, but aby was still high. After a rest at 5am cx started to slow down, so I got in the shower. That brought me back to every 5 minutes, where I stayed until 11am, when they started to slow down AGAIN!

Another trip to the shower got things really rolling. By 12 noon I was in active labor and really feeling it. This birth was a lot more intense than my first, (and boy was I yelling), and yet had a lot of things in common. Both times, I started pushing before being fully dialated. This time my MW let mr do what I felt I needed, telling me the whole time that my body knew what it was doing, and that I should trust it. So push I did. She did end up having to help it along, pushing my cervix out of the way while I was pushing. That really isn't any fun, may I just say? But, she really was wonderful, telling me the whole time that she was trying to help me out. And it did help really.

Finally the cervix was out of the way, and 10 MINUTES LATER I delivered my baby over an intact perineum, thanks to a zealous midwife (I am now officially in love with this woman, as if I wasn't before ). Though I tell you what, waiting for the cx to push the baby out instead of pushing yourself BURNS something awful!!! But it's so worth it. I tore so badly with my first; even the MW mentioned it after the birth ("That's quite a scar you have from your first baby. I saw it.") that I can't believe how much easier the recovery has been this time around.

Anyway, Sarah was put on my chest immediately after her birth and I got to hold her for her first hour of life. There is nothing to compare with that feeling. I didn't hold dd#1 until she was 45 minutes old due to the tearing and other issues, and I can honestly say that bonding with this baby was quicker and easier as a result of that first hour.

She came out just like her sister, perfect head shape, some mild scratches on her face. She is just beautiful. Her picture is here , just enter mtry1976 when asked for a code, and make sure that you allow pop-ups. I link in some more pictures later, when I have the time.

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Congratulations! She is a cutie!
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congrats, she is gorgeous
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well done, mama, and am so glad you got that uninterrupted bonding time
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Congratulations! She is adorable.
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Congrats!!! I know how it is pushing cervix out of the way! Well done mama!!!
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Congratulations!!! She has adorable rosy cheeks.
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