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Smelly Ear!

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My 4 month old dd right ear has an off smell. Like toe jam if I may be so graphic. I noticed it about two weeks then kind of forgot about it : but then dh brought it to my attention yesterday.

She's been fussing alot lately and I attributed it to teething (she does have the drooling, everything in her mouth, slight fever signs) but what could this fungus-y smell be? Should I be concerned? The excema in her ear is now gone, could this be related I wonder?


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I would have it checked out. I was reading NCSS today about sickness and ear infections. One of the signs of an ear infection is odor.
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Just a thought, but check behind her ear. I was astounded to find that a cheesy smell I thought was coming from my son's ear was actually coming from a little roll behind his ear. Who would have thought? Just pull gently on the skin to flatten it out and you'll see right away if that's it. Be gentle though because if you pull too much or overdo the cleaning it might crack the skin. I think there was a thread on here awhile ago about this. HTH!
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i'll check once she's up from her nap for ear cheese. Had to say love your username Dimples!! :LOL

I looked on askdrsears.com and under ear infections it said symptons are accompanied by a cold and she's been really stuffy sounding when she wakes up.

Thanks for your input ladies.
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Yeah, I was the one that posted a thread about that. I'd noticed him smelling kinda funky and finally found it behind his ear. Rotting skin. I felt like the worst mother on the planet. I just washed and kept it dry for a day or so and it healed right up. Now I'm very careful to check behind his ears and make sure his neck folds are clean several times a day.
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My dd has the yucky stuff behind her and in her neck folds. Its stinks. My mw thinks she has a yeast and maybe staff infection because of the nasty oder and oozy-ness.
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