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Feb 05 Mama's gettin' fit!!

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Okay ladies... for all those still interested, this is the place to be!!
This is a thread for support and advice as we start our journey back to healthy, fit bodies!! Let's have a roll call to see who's with us. You may, if you wish, post your current stats (weight, measurements, etc) and your goals (daily, weekly, short term, long term) also. Do what works for you personaly. We won't have any set things you have to post. I know most of us were planning on "starting" on Monday the 28th. So this can be the first thread or we can start another one if you wish. Also, do you want to keep it on the Feb 05 board or is there a better place to take this??
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OK. Me first.
I am really excited to start this. I am in need of losing about 25 lbs. My starting stats:

Starting Weight: 164 lbs
Starting Measurements: Don't have now, but I am going to track these. I will get my measurements this weekend.

My goal that I am shooting for right now is to be 140lbs by July 1, 05. Thats about 2 lbs per week which I feel is doable. I would like to get to 130, but that overwhelms me to think about now, so I am shooting for 140.

My game plan: EXERCISE... I plan to do Tae Bo and Pilates to start with then go from there. I am up for suggestions if you have any. Exercise has never been something I love to do, so this is hard work for me, but I am ready to do it.I have some girlfriends that I am going to be working out with in the mornings so that should help with motivation.
Also, eating healthy. I am not totally cutting anything completly out of my diet. I am just focusing on eating wholesome, healthy food. So, I think that;s it for now. I am excited to hear from the rest of you!!
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Starting weight: (as of yesterday at my pp appointment) 154

Measurements: I'll get those soon

Goal: Long term 125 - 130 Would like to be at least at 135 by September. (I'm going to FL to visit family then and it will be Sofia's first visit with most of the family)

Plan: Start walking at least 3 times a week with other SAHMs around here. Starting Monday. Moderate eating. I like "The Weigh Down Diet" plan that just teaches you to listen to your body and nothing is "off-limits" (except dairy right now due to Sofia's gas and constipation) I plan on re-reading that book starting this weekend also to keep me motivated.
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ok, here's one of the bigger girls joining!

starting - 177.5
goal - 130

plan - basically focusing my eating on beans and greens rather than dairy and carbs (i'm already a vegetarian).

i'll exercise if i can but b/t the 2 kids and FT WOH, i'll have to find a way to exercise with kids...

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Ok Tug, I got ya beat.
Present weight 185
Eventual goal weight 135
Short term goal (June 28) 170

I too will do and keep track of measurments, when I excercise I tend to carry A LOT of muscle. The best shape and thinnest I've ever been I weighed 160 (at 5' that's pretty high-but I had thighs of steel :LOL)

Part of my problem is that I was on prednisone for 2 yrs. Pred causes weight gain in odd places, example, my upper back, it also causes you to carry extra weight around the waist--always before, I had a big ass and hips, but a narrow waist--right now I don't look like I have an ass :LOL

Excercise goal: We borrowed my aunts treadmill and it is presently sitting in my living room--someone call Martha, I need decorating advice to combine living room and gym! I know for a fact that the only way I'll use it is if I can watch TV while walking-so for the time being my goal is 20-10 minutes a day. I'd love to get my but to the gym as I really enjoy weight training, but I'd never be able to leave Molly in daycare (even though it's right there) and I'm having trouble motivating myself to get out of the house unless it's really necessary.

Eating Goal: I will very likely join Weight Watchers again, the points system makes it easy for me to follow, I like knowing I can have cheesecake--but I gotta save enough points to do it--so I'll spend a day eating nothing but fruit and veggies for the reward if I really want it. In my area they meet Wed nights.

How do you guys choose to reward yourself to keep your motivation up? I'm figuring every 5 lbs I get to do something nice for myself; go for a massage, get my hair cut, buy something new to wear, go to a movie, etc.

AmBam, I think I'd like to keep the thread here for as long as they let us, but I'm guessing that as soon as there is a need for a Feb 2006 board, we'll be booted out and this thread will be moved to the weight managment board. But I'm more comfortable having it just be us for now.

Oh, and now that you all know my weight, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you. :LOL
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I'd post my starting weight but I'm far to embarrassed :

Exercise goal: Walk at least 3 times a week either on treadmill or outside (preferably outside) and do Tae Bo at least twice a week (love that Billy!!!) (all this is pending my hernia will let me)

Eating goal: Portion control, portion control, portion control!!!

Weight loss goal: At least 5 pounds a month would be super duper!
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GOAL: Size 10 clothing, toned arms and legs. I think this would put me at 135 lbs, but I'm not sure. It may be 140 or 145. I'm 5' 8", and the staff at the doctors' offices always think I weigh less than what the scale says.

Top pregnancy weight: 190+
Current weight: 165 (maybe more after our weekend trip )

Eating plan: Portion control, get enough fruits and veggies and the rest seems to fall into line for me. Try to limit high-fat options (like that croissant with cheese I just had).

When I cook, it needs to be healthy and low-fat - my husband does most of the cooking. He does a lot of ethnic dishes, but not necessarily low cal.

Exercise plan: Walking outside with the stroller, and exercise DVDs: Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds and a yoga w/ baby tape. I'd like to do yoga twice a week and the walking tape or a walk 3x a week, but we'll see if I get that much time.
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happy starting everyone!
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Good morning everyone! So, I went to work out this morning. Got half way thru the basic tae bo when my toddler wouldn't allow it anymore! He was not in a good mood this morning! Anyway, I tried and we are doing it again tomorrow. May have to start earlier when the kids are still sleeping! Sleep is just soooo precious right now! Hope you are all doing well. Let us know how your day is going!
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hi ladies, i'm in!

i am currently at 170 and 5'10"...so that's within my "range". i used to be scrawny (135 until ds#1) and don't intend to hit that ever again!

i'm less inclined toward an ideal weight than feeling good and having energy. I'm also not a "dieter" so I'm trying to focus on the following for now:

1. Drink lots more water than I do. This has always been a struggle for me. I've begun carrying a nalgene bottle around with me and my goal is at least 96 oz. a day.

2. Eat fruit and veggies! I am a carb hog and I love to snack, so I'm trying to make it easy to snack on these things. I make little deals with myself, like, "eat three servings of fruit and you can have some ice cream..."

3. Move my body. I plan to begin by walking outside (weather is a factor) and eventually will take up running again. My yoga instructor advised me to wait up to 3 months before resuming yoga, although I do have a post-natal yoga video I can do at home.

Good luck to all of us as we get ourselves healthy physically! Our bodies have done amazing things these last few months. Congratulations to us for our strength! be well. susan
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Height: 5' 2.5"
Pre-pregnancy Weight:108lbs
Pregnancy Weight: 150lbs
Current Weight: 120lbs
Current Goal: 115lbs (April 26th)
Final Goal: 109lbs (June 1st)

Pre-pregnancy Measurements:
Bust: 34C
Waist: 24.5 in
Hips: 33.5 in

Current Measurements:
Bust: 36D almost DD
Waist: 29.5 in
Hips: 37 in

Goal Measurements:
Bust: 36D
Waist: 25 in
Hips: 36 in

Rained today so couldn't walk. : Also need better baby carrier or a stroller!
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I'll join too.
Top pregnancy weight: 205
Current weight: 175
Goal weight: 160 by July (5 lbs per month)
135/140 by the end of the year

Eating Plan: Make sure to eat enough - including 3 solid meals a day and eat lots and lots of veggies. Try to get 80 grams of protein per day. Include healthy fats to support breastmilk production.

Exercise Plan: Take my kids somewhere every day even if it's just a short walk.
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I tried doing Pilates last year and the kids climbed on me and I ended up having to go to the chiro. :LOL
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blech. i am so missing the sugar. i was eating a LOT of sugar every day.

both kids are crying so i'm off.
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Hi ladies! I went and worked out again this am. It was better. I got thru most of the tae bo video with out kids screaming. I feel better just knowing I am trying. I am really not being super strict with my diet right now. If I don't allow myself a certain food, I crave it more and end up binging. I am doing pretty good tho. Exercising motivates me to eat healthier. YK? I hope you are all doing well and meeting your goals. I need to drink a lot more water today. That's so hard for me. Take care.
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Well the weather turned nasty today so I was stuck indoors. I walked up and down the stairs almost constantly for a good half hour. I vacuumed all 4 levels of my house and drank 3 quarts of water so far today. I think that's a pretty good amount of exercise for me.
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Hey everyone, I know we're only a couple days in, but I already need some support :
My back is in really bad shape, my foot is numb and the pain is just horrible in my leg. I'm depressed because I had a similar injury a long while back and endured basically 2 yrs of constant pain. I've been advised to rest. The doctor told Steve I was not to do ANY lifting and even said to him I shouldn't be lifting Molly. This throws such a wrench into things for me, firstly because I never loose weight without excercising, second, I was so proud of myself, I'd found a really cool fitness class where you bring the baby and use the baby as part of your workout-a client of mine took it with her little girl and when she told me about it she said she wishes she could go back to it. She met a bunch of mamas with the same age kids and they would often all meet on off days to walk together and stuff like that. I don't feel I can go to LLL meetings as I'm not breastfeeding, I'm still basically working, but can make my own schedule so while going out to find mamas with kids Molly's age doesn't work, I was really hoping this would be the open door I needed. So, here I am, I'm fat, I'm in agony and because of those 2 things, I'm really very depressed. What do I do when I'm depressed??? I eat, and what I eat is CRAP.
How can I get my brain around this?? Steve is encouraging me to restart Weight Watchers anyway but I feel like that may just add to my depression because I can't excercise and I'm sure I won't loose any weight-at least not without depriving myself.
Anyway, this is a big long sob story, I know, I don't even know what I need or want, so if you're still reading--thanks.
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Oh Shannon! You've had such a rough time. I am sorry you are hurting. THat is terrible. I wish I knew how to help you. Just keep hangin' out here and do what you can. Don't push yourself. Make little tiny goals. Don't worry too much about it right now. You have enough to worry about. Don't concentrate on losing weight. Just concentrate on eating healthy. It is so hard after having a baby, plus with all the added stress you have. I am sorry you are going thru this. Hang in there. Let me know if there is some way to help!
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I am skipping my workout this morning. My cold is coming back (that or I am getting a sinus infection) and I have an absolute killer headache. I am calling the chiro later. Good luck today everyone. Have a good day!
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hi everyone - nak

i'm doing well so far - not hungry, but really missing sweets. i ate some prunes after lunch but it's sure not the same as the chocolate cake everybody else had!

no walk yesterday but alot of housecleaning today so that's some exercize at least!
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