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Give me your best tips and advice!!!

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Ok me and dh had planed on a trip to FL/disney/univeral in early Dec but the wedding we were going to decided our kids couldn't go there for we aren't going to it we changed the hotel date to Sep!!! A LOT sooner then we though. So we are trying to save and scrap together all the $$ we can by then any tips on cutting prices on anything and everything will be great!!!! Let's hear the best!!! Thanks!
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There are whole web sites dedicated to saving money at Disney/Orlando.

here's something to get you started-




I can't vouch for any of these, I just googled "frugal disney world" and these were a few that came up
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Well, if you can, get a hotel room with a kitchenette and buy and prepare your own food, it will go a LONG WAY in saving money...especially if you get a cheap, soft-sided cooler bag to take to the parks or whatever for food and drinks that you prepare and bring yourself...it is a *bit* more of a hassle, but paying 3 bucks for an 8 oz water is a hassle too and a huge money eater!!! You will save SO much money just doing that...

Good luck and have fun!
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We already have the hotel paid for it's a gift from my grandparents on thier time share plan it come with a full kitchen so the first day there we will be hitting walmart !!! Thanks for the web links i'll check them out tomorrow, keep the tips coming i'm mainly looking for ways to cut the bills i have now to help me save up $$!
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can you find one thing to cut out per week...say video rentals, your favorite coffee, buying yourself clothes, etc. I know most of us on here probably don't do these things already. But if you say decide well you know what i"m not going to get me a coffee everytime I go past starbucks then you could conceivably save 300 bucks before you go. Anyway I guess we need to know more about your lifestyle. Do you have cable you could cut? Have you read TWG? Tons of frugal advice there. I give my family they're haircuts and that saves us probably 40 bucks a month could you do that?

At disney we always took our own food and that saved us a ton in the park. A soda was 7 dollars. Oh and the fast pass is your ticket into the park and if you put it in the ride it will tell you when to come back to ride it and walk right in and up to the front. It's awesome. Have fun you're going to love going there.
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yep, I always have brought protein-packed food along into the parks. I bring water bottles as well, one for each person. it'll be hot in sept, so freeze them and make sure they are large. You can't drag a cooler into the parks, but we go a couple of times a yr for about a decade (my inlaws live in FL)with fruit, baby carrots, almonds, cashews, water, nut butters on whole wheat bread, frozen yogurt sticks, etc in our backpacks, and have never had any problems. They search your bags for explosives at the gate but aren't looking for cheese sticks, and don't care abou 'em yk?

We get ice cream in the park that we enjoy during the parade but no souveniers or meals. We do eat one dinner somewhere (I think we wasted our money at Rainforest Cafe last time) one night. Breakafast is obviously in the hotel room. Cheese, whole wheat bread, cereal, and since you have a kitchen you can dose them up with mega protein like eggs etc. Tired, cranky & low blood sugar people crabbing on vacation bites.
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Awsome tips !!!! I started letting my friend cut our familys hair (she's going on the vacations with us) she's a lincense beautition so it's great i can get hightlights and all!!! YEAH! We have stoped renting movies all together and got pay per view blocked on our direct TV, we have to keep it b/c we signed a 1 year contract but we are going to cut down on the local chanels b/c Dh's friend got us a used intena so we are going to use that for free vs $13 a month. Neither of us drink coffee, i drink a ton of tea but i make it at home and buy it from sams' club for a great price...

As for the park we are going to be eating our of our bags a lot, BIG breakfast before we go prolly back to the hotel mid after noon can eat lunch then and a light dinner before we return to the parks, ect.

We are looking into starting a garden this summer to help out with that expence, and i was thinking of seeing if my sister in law (has 6 kids ) wants to go in and buy a whole cow or pig processed from our local meat store.... I have a deep freeze so i'm big into using it we currently have tons of cut corn from last summer, and some green beans too that helps i do lots of sam's club shoping, ect.

thanks and keep the ideas coming!!!
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here is a book that clark howard suggested once:


also, if you know anyone in FL, you could try to get them to buy your tickets for you, as floridians get a 10% discount, (try FYT!)

do NOT buy tickets on Ebay, as they can be fake or used up.

call around to local real estate offices...sometimes they will let you buy disney tix from them just for coming in to listen to a timeshare presentation. these tix usually run about $25/ticket. just make sure you go in there with 2 broken arms, lol, and flat out refuse the timeshare and resist the hard selling tactics they'll use. If they say, "well what if we gave it to you for free?" say, "I still wouldn't take it...can i get my tix now?"

have a great trip!
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