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Lynda's customer service is stellar!! She is immediately responsive, friendly and helpful, and maintains ongoing communication as needed. I had a couple of special requests, and she went out of her way to fulfill them. She also threw in a lovely substitute cut that was worth more than my first pick, *and* swallowed extra expense when I encountered a challenge where shipping was concerned. I found her business integrity top-knotch, and would recommend her highly.

[Note to Canadians: USPS going north of the border can take weeks and get lost or returned to sender; Fedex Ground does not keep up-to-date postal records for Canada, has an incomprehensible rate scale and depending on where you ship from, may cost you several times the worth of your package. *sigh* Save both yourself and your WAHM seller lots of grey hair and make sure you confirm shipping fees in advance with the shipping company (if using Fedex), insure your package (if using USPS), and always take into account the exchange rate.]

A Cut Above's website is also attractive, well-organized and easy to navigate!