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Did you spend money yesterday?

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I've been thinking about spending money and how, since I have a hard time creating a plan for my day-to-day spending (unlike, say, investments or savings or whatever) that maybe I need to take a step back and just try to get through each day as it comes. Kind of like a 12-step thing, right? Don't worry about next Thursday, worry about today.

Yesterday we had a playdate that ended around lunch time. I was tempted to stop at a restaurant for lunch since we had a 20 minute drive home but didn't. Then we spent the rest of the day preparing for today's company. Result - I didn't spend one dime yesterday, other than gas used for the playdate. I even remembered to pack snacks to bring, along with drinks for the kids.

Today we're having company and will be home all day. With luck, the result will be no money spent today, either. I went over our supplies for the planned menu and it looks like we've got everything so no last minute market trips. And tomorrow is a holiday for us so no money spent there, either, other than what goes into the collection plate (which I don't think counts, right?).
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Surprisingly, no. I almost spent money at a cafe last night where my dh was playing. In the end, my BIL showed up and paid for all drinks and food. Which was cool. Otherwise, it would have been an costly night, most likely.

Today I do have to round out a baby gift for a shower. I wasn't able to finish knitting something.

I think about this as well. It's so easy to spend. Examining our spending habits is the frist step, right?
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Let's see, yesterday was Purim.

I bought gas on the way to a Purim party in the morning, then I gave some money to charity while I was there.

Then we came home and baked hamentashen (traditional Purim cookies) with ingredients we already had in the house. I almost went to the store to buy Challah when we lost power, since I couldn't bake the dough I'd made, but fortunately we got power back in time. If not, I think I would have made Challah Tortillas since the gas stove still worked!!!
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Well seeing as yesterday was Easter...

we spent money on gas yesterday and that was it. We went to church and worked in the nursery, went to inlaws, went to anther family gathering, back to inlaws for my mil bday. I printed her pics off my puter and put them in a frame I already had and gave them to her as her bday present. I even printed her card. So no money spent except on gas. Not a coke bought or nothing and we were gone from 8am to 9pm. YAY!!
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