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Thanx sweet sisters!!

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it was so special to log on here and find posts welcoming our baby and sharing some love!!!
About 33 hours after my water broke our baby girl did arrive (like everyone *else* seemed to know she would..heh)!!
My like just came in.. she is nursing great.. no tears, actually nto even any swelling to speak of..lil' happy healthy family..
The only thing I am coming to terms with on any level is that we didn't do it UC.
I guess i still haven't processed the birth. but my cervix stayed at 5-6 cms for over 24 hours..it was an emotinal challenge from the start..obviously if you look at my posts..the fear crept in with more intensity than i was prepared for!! Evenetually after not contacting our midwives one called and asked if she could pop around and listen to the baby, the baby was born a short time after.. so insted of being just my partner and I it was my partner and I and our midwife, who didn't *have time* to cal her back up.. and we refused her student attending.
I am still processing.. on some levels i feel a bit let down in my self.. but on another level.. the fact that she is a midwife really didn't touch the calming energy she brougth as an individual and as a womyn into the birthing environment.. in fact she had my partner set up the birthing pool, at that point i was basically refusing any and ll suggestions of anything.. and I am happy our baby was born i the water..and it may have even relaxed me enough to dilate the last ways...also she was there surprisingly enough just in time to emind me that not only did i want to do this myself, but that i was fully capable of doing so..I know i would have suctioned the babe without her there.. but she quietly shared the opinion that we didn't need to...and in fact she didn't touch me at all during the delivry.. no one did. the baby was born in to darkness and quiet with no interventions at all...so now i try to figure out why i would eve care....nothing about what we were aiming for actually changed by the midwives presence..so although it challenges me.. i wonder a fair bit if the reason I have issues with no going UC is ego..yipes..
anyway This board got me through a huge block emoitnally in early labour.. and I am ever thankful!!!!!
blessinsg to you all..
Baby Inshallah still has no name...Inshallah will ikely get incorperated.. but we'll see what she ends up with as her title..
lots of love and thanx!!!!
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it sounds like it was still pretty unhindered, & maybe having the mw there helped that rather than hurt. s

i'm glad it went well, and i am so happy for you.

eta ~ BEAUTIFUL photos too.
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From what you said, it sounds like the presence of the m/w allowed you to have MORE of an unhindered childbirth than you would of had if she did not turn up. Maybe it wasn't an UC, but it sounds unhindered to me! : )

She allowed you to go with not suctioning the baby (which may of been a mental/fear "done" thing more than an instinct) and to me that is a part allowing for the natural unhindered flow of birth - trusting the baby doesn't need to be suctioned apart from the instinct to suck goop out of their mouth/nose with your own mouth. The birth stories I read with mothers doing that - they all say they never stopped to think about it, it was pure instinct!
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Oh yeah and : ) If the m/w wasn't a m/w but a friend with no medical knowledge other than having had ucs herself, you would still consider it an UC wouldn't you? If you would, well thats something to think about. Perphas you are thinking of the midwife in terms of Midwife/Assistance rather than Friend/Support ?
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Originally Posted by hawkfeather
the baby was born in to darkness and quiet with no interventions at all...
The exquisite grace of this, i take a quiet inbreath and marvel at its loveliness...

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey. How honoured I feel by seeing your photos (so beautiful!) and hearing your story(so magical!).

Beautiful work, mama!

Love to you from Australia
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I am so glad for you that you were able to birth her so gently, and I hope for you that your processing of the experience brings you peace. Blessings to you and your family.
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Your pictures are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.
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