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Our baby girl!

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wow i was surprised to see posts here too!!.. seems lie word spreads fast in virtual relaity!!! heh
yes our baby was born sweetly and gently at home on the 24th..she weighs 6'15 and is a nursing champ!!!
i will share the story in a bit.. lots of love to all the mommas here.. ty for sending out nice vibes.. it goes a long way with me!!!
and yepp there is a couple shots on my belly pix site!
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Congratulations- your baby is beautiful.
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She's beautiful and all the pics make such a lovely story.
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congradulations and welcome baby!!!!!!!!

MY thoughs were with you because I had read your labor posts and was so glad to see the new pictures on your web site

Sharon in Tucson
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Yay!! That is so wonderful. Congratulations on your birth
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Oh! She's beautiful, Hawkfeather! Congratulations to you and welcome to your new little girl!!
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Congratulations on the new little one! Have a great babymoon. :
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Congratulations!!! : (sorry for spilling the beans early : )

She is sooooo beautiful!! (and we have the same birth pool )
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