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Give away or sell?

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I need to declutter, organize, and generally make my house look nice in a pretty short time frame.

We're planning to put the house on the market in about 3 weeks. The painter is coming in one week- so I need to get rid of most of the "stuff" by then. As early as this coming Tuesday, somebody's coming over to appraise this house.

I'm planning to give away tons of stuff- extra blankets and pillows, the crib, piles and piles and piles of books. Lots of stuff is getting recycled or thrown away (empty food packages that I'd saved for food storage- I can collect them again after I move!!)

I have some stuff that I might be able to get some money for but I'm not sure it's really worth the effort (my diapering stash) and stuff that I'm not sure if its worth keeping or not (fabrics that could be used to make clothes.)

Here's a full list of the stuff I'm not sure what to do with:

A full stash of toddler sized fitted cloth diapers.

A full stash of toddler sized diaper covers, mostly wool

cotton interlock prints I purchased for diaper-making

white french knit I purchased for diaper making

cotton interlock solids I bought for making clothes for myself and my girls

various wool fabrics that could be used for diaper covers or clothes, and that were purchased at deep discounts at bazzaars and the like.
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What about putting them on the trading post here? Or is packaging them up and mailing them too much trouble with the time you have?
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Well, that's just it- for the TP I still have to list each item individually, get digital pics up, etc, though I AM tempted to offer the fitted diapers just for the cost of shipping.
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A full stash of toddler sized fitted cloth diapers.

A full stash of toddler sized diaper covers, mostly wool
Give it away (hint, hint)

No, just kidding! I would sell the dipes and maybe give away the fabric.
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Sell it if you can manage it. Give it away if you can't. Do whatever causes you the least stress.

I'd be really happy to spend a small amount on a stash of toddler sized anything right now.We are desperatley in need of covers. (Hint)
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I'd be tempted to just take it to a crisis shelter or something local. If you want to try to sell the dipes, then list them on teh TP saying that you need them GONE and don't have time to do ind. pics, and just state generally the condition. I listed some mat. stuff on the tP, and sold about 1/2 of it. THe rest I took a resale shop today and got $25 for (oh, and my friend took several nice tops, too). Honestly, I am glad I got some $$ from the TP, but taking it to the resale shop was alot easier ( and I picked myself up a few things).

Good Luck!
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If you decide to give away the fabric, or FFS it or whatever, contact me.
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Most of the fabrics are worth storing at my aunt's house for now, to sew with after the move. The ones that weren't worth keeping I've already given away.

I'm just emotionally attached to the diapers. I was going to make a home business out of them, and I invested quite a bit of money into the diapering materials (and I still have the credit card debt to prove it!!)

So, should I give away/sell ALL of the things I made or should I keep a few as samples to work from if I ever decide to get back into the business? Or should I just sell off all the materials since I don't think I really have the temperment for my own business?

I'm also a little concerned about the possibility of ds backtracking with the toileting after we move. I might actually need these diapers again!! Then again, would I actually be able to locate them right after moving, in the middle of unpacking everything?

I'll feel a lot better about all of this once I get my bedroom and closets back. Right now, my "linen closet" is the toddler bed in my living room!!!
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I think you answered your own question about the diaper sewing materials, if you don't have the time and temperment for business, then it's not worth the headache. Sell whatever you can on the TP.

Speaking from the perspecive of a mama w/ a mostly PT toddler, I"d only keep 6 diapers, and maybe 2 covers, MAX!

Good Luck, Mama!
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((((hugs))))!!!! Moving is SO hard! Deciding what to keep, what to get rid of, what you'll need in trasition--ick! I just moved (still unpacking) and so this is all fresh to me. SO many decisions.

As for the dipes and fabric for the trading post, you can just take one pic of each big lot, say you need them gone and would love to make a deal. I see this stuff go quick all the time. Or you can always sell as a few lots on ebay. You can sell fabric there too. but I guess you don't have that much time. But stashing it at your aunt's doesn't sound like a bad idea though... what's the rush of selling it? Just try to think of what the least amt of stress will be for you. don't think about the money b/c that's already gone! Your sanity is what needs saving right now. so just take care of yourself.

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