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Flybabies: how shiny is my sink supposed to be?

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I'm just starting the FLYLady thing and so far so good, I'm starting veeeeeeeeeery slowly and so far my thing is shining the sink every night and getting the laundry folded before I go to bed. Next month I add a weekly menu of sorts as well as some daily routine things. I'll never ever wear shoes in the house, that would be a huge offense in the culture I live in. But the shiny sink thing especially appealed to me, so it was the first thing I tried.

But here's the deal: the sink isn't really all that shiny! I tried the whole "recipe" for shining it on one side and was pretty disappointed. I attacked the second side with original Soft Scrub and some Blue Juice (from The Clean Team) and it looked the same as the bleached side. Granted, I got the gunk out of the cracks and stuff (with my Clean Team "toothbrush"), so it looked clean. And I'm still doing it every night - Blue Juice and dry it off.

I'd say it has a soft glow. Shine..... definitely not! The way she described the process I expected to see my face in my sink and call in pilgrims to say prayers at it or something. Anyway, is it just me? Or does anyone else's shined sink not actually shine?

Otherwise I'm enjoying FLYLady and plan to continue moving very slowly into a state of organization and maybe at some point grace.
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I have a ceramic sink. I can get it clean but no way can I see my face in it!!!
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I don't sweat the "shine" part

I figure it's just a euphemism sp? for cleaning out your sink. It is nice to wash dishes when there isn't a bunch of gunk in, and around the sink.
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My sink is pretty darn shiny. I don't use her method though, I use my grandfather's (his sink was always super shiney) - I use the cheap powered type stainless steel cleaner they sell in the supermarket for pans and scrub away, make sure to rinse SEVERAL times after. Then dry really well.

Once it's clean the key is to keep the sink dry throughout the day and you will only have to "re-shine" it once a week or even less. I keep a dishrag next to the sink and every time I use it I dry it off. DH thinks I'm a nut but seeing my sink shiney all the time makes me happy

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Thanks ladies! I am enjoying my sink but I just had to get used to the idea that "shine" didn't necessarily mean "reflective surface" for some reason. Anyway, it's going well so I will need to add a new habit next month - oh that's Friday, wow! OK I think I'm ready. Thanks again!
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LOL Ruthla. I was thinking the same thing. Although, mine is not that clean...but it is white and not gray, so that's a start. Right?
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Mine doesn't shine that much either. It is a cheapo plastic sink that has gotten scratched and has inbeded stains that will never go away without a new sink. At least the faucet looks nice and I at least know it is clean.
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I have a very worn, old, chipped ceramic sink. I'm happy if it's clean. It's NEVER gonna shine again.
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