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How are you/did you tell the news?

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So, how are you or did you tell the big news? Or maybe you're just going to let people guess!

I'll answer since I asked...
I always like to do something creative to tell one of our families. With my first we made little T-shirt designs and ironed them on onsies. They said, "I love my Aunt Lindsay!" or "I love my Grandpa!" etc. Everyone loved them... except for my father... he thought I was going to start making baby clothes. LOL!

For Cicely I created a hotmail account call PregnantLASTNAME@hotmail.com. The last name was our extended family's last name not ours obviously. Then I sent out little clues to the whole family. They were all guessing and even my mom didn't guess it was me.

This time... we're doing an egg hunt in the afternoon. I have little candy bars that have a ribbon and name of the recipient. We only have 3 grandkids on that side, my two kids and a new little baby who just arrived 2 weeks ago. So, I bought 4 bars and has a name of each grandkid and then one that says New Baby. Now, depending what order they're in, they might think that "New Baby" means the 2 week old. But, surely we'll have to figure it out! :LOL I hope it works!

Oh, and with my DH I said:
Pregnancy 1. "OMG I don't know what what we did!"
Pregnancy 2. "Woah! It worked!"
Pregnancy 3. I don't know how to tell you this... then later when I took the digital... "Looks like we need a bigger car."
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"looks like we need a bigger car" :

DH said, "How many car seats are we going to need?"
I said, "We don't have to travel at Christmas!"

He still doesn't believe it (faint line yesterday), though my caffeine headache yesterday started to make him believe it.

Telling the family... Hmmm... DH's parents are coming out in 2 weeks and we're getting together with his brother's family then. My parents are coming 2 days after the in-laws leave. I'm thinking of getting Karen a "I'm the big sister" sweatshirt. The only problem is that my MIL would get it right away and my FIL would be totally clueless.
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we got a t-shirt that said "I'm the big brother" and had our DS wear it. it took forever for my parents to notice it, we finally had to point it out. same for my husband's family. LOL!!
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Where did you get the shirt? I spent some time looking around this morning and all the options I found were either expensive or ugly.
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Well I'm doing ok. more symptoms that with dd.

Telling...well we told our parents but I'm looking for a new job and don't want to ruin my chances so we're not a telling anyone until I sign a contract somewhere closer to home). I'm very partial to the letting everyone guess and it may come down to that. We pretty much let everyone guess with dd and there were several people who didn't know until we brought her home from the hospital
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We told a fair amount of people in person or over the phone, but to my in laws we got the I'm a big brother shirt for my son , they notice RIGHT away, it was fun, but they kinda had an idea anyway. We told them today. I have 1 SIL already 15wk preg and they other SIL is due the same week i am so they told In laws today after we did, it was sooooo much fun to see the affect of the double whammy. It truely gave me giggles. They were so overwhelmed. Christmas is going to be fun this year, lots of babies!

BTW we searched everywhere for the T-shirt and found it at our local hospital gift shop.
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I just tested positive yesterday before going to my family's house for Easter, so we just walked in and told them right away, then went to church and told everyone there, I just keep telling everyone I see. lol
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weird...i could have sworn i replied to this already...

anyway, i got the shirt at Babies R Us and it was only $8. it was really cute (grey with turquoise trim and little cars/planes on the front).
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Argh. Dangit. We were just at BRU a couple of weeks ago getting a carseat (we just got a second car...) Thanks for the tip.

Oh, and camprunner, I'm just telling family. I'm not telling anyone at work until I have to -- at least a few more months, and hopefully I can hold out until the very end of the quarter. I still have to figure out what to do with my class. It ends Dec 6th, so if this baby holds out until just past 40 weeks, then I have no problem. If this baby comes at 38 weeks like dd did, then I have no clue what I'm going to do!
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I'm holding off telling anyone IRL for several weeks...hoping to tell around Mother's Day.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz
Oh, and camprunner, I'm just telling family. I'm not telling anyone at work until I have to -- at least a few more months, and hopefully I can hold out until the very end of the quarter. I still have to figure out what to do with my class. It ends Dec 6th, so if this baby holds out until just past 40 weeks, then I have no problem. If this baby comes at 38 weeks like dd did, then I have no clue what I'm going to do!
Hey, Wendy, I taught when I was due with Cicely right in the middle of the semester. Our situations are pretty different though. I dropped my schedule down to just one night class and scheduled only easy to sub stuff all for the most likely to deliver days. Class was on a monday and I gave birth early monday morning. A teaching friend of mine went and gave the students the test and then I was back to listen to speeches the next class. It was a little early, but it was a light day and we were only there for an hour.

Also, I always show early, which is fun, but people feel really hurt when they see this big belly and you didn't say anything to them the week before on the phone. They always think I'm hiding something from them, when in fact, I'm just trying to adjust to the info myself. I've always needed to tell early, because people konw I'm pregnant early.

kofduke -- that's so cool to do it around Mtoher's Day!

Oh, so our Easter Egg hunt was BEAUTIFUL!!! :rotflamo By the time everyone was keyed into it they were looking around the group trying to figure out who the "New Baby" belonged to. OMG! It was so much fun. Finally, their gaze fell on Jason and me. Jason said something like, "Well, I guess this means is that Claire and I aren't very good at birth control." Everyone was surprised and happy. It was really fun. Although I was in a lot of pain and I think people thought I wasn't happy at all.
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Hi- I got my bfp at about two in the afternoon yesterday and held out all of five hours before telling my parents- dh was on the phone with me while I took the test. We went out last night to celebrate my parents 36th anniversary and our 6th- they are just a few weeks apart so we celebrate together. My mom gave me the perfect entree when she said that march was a very good month and I replied yes and went on to recount my story of poas and then going out to buy another to confirm. everyone cried- it was good. Will tell the inlaws at the end of april when we go to visit- I dont think it will be hard to keep from them. As for everyone else irl-I am sure to be sick soon and will I am sure share the news soon. Ideally I would wait to hear a heartbeat first- but I have been trying so long and everyone knows and will suspect- i think.
I love hearing the creative stories.
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I haven't told anyone but my husband yet, and of course people on this board. I'd love to tell my parents in person, but they're over 2000 miles away and no visits scheduled soon.

My dad's birthday is 4/11 and my MIL's is 4/18. I'm thinking of sending a belly shot with "Construction Zone" photoshopped in, in their birthday cards. I need to tell my brother and SIL soon too because they have tons of baby stuff and aren't planning any more kids - they were hinting last month that they're ready to pass it on to us!

I don't want to tell anyone else for awhile though.
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I took the test alone (I was sure it would be negative). Then I called dh at work within seconds! Then I called my mom on her way to work (on the other side of the continent) within seconds of getting off the phone with dh. She immediately called her best friend (like an auntie to me) into her office so I could tell her.

I wanted to wait to tell everyone else, but dh said there was no way he could wait until mother's day to tell his mom, so we called her yesterday evening. I told my brother (on yahoo messenger- stuck the test up to the webcam, he thought it was a cigar, the dolt! :LOL ). We will tell dh's dad and step-mom in person tomorrow, and probably his brother and sil and I will tell my sister (whose little one will be almost exactly a year older than mine!).

I really hope we will be able to wait awhile to tell everyone else, maybe at my graduation party in June. Yesterday I was too excited to think of anything clever! Maybe dh and I will come up with something between now and then.

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I woke up yesterday morning and decided to test.. my period was due, but instead of my temp going down, it went up! I did not expect a positive, but when I saw the second line, I screamed for dh to come here (we have a bathroom in our bedroom) - he looked and of course we were EXCITED!! He said that he wanted confirmation from the doc before we tell people and I told him that false positives are very rare.. before we left for work I poas again.. and bfp! I did have a blood test and the doc said, if the poas is bfp, then it's pretty much a sure sign! So, we decided to tell our family!! I am still a little nervous about telling everyone.. since we only conceived like 2 weeks ago.. it's sooo early! But we just couldn't contain ourselves!

We kind of just told my mom.. no frills, just - we're going to have a baby!!

For dh parents - DH had gotten blood work done at work a couple days ago to find out his cholesterol and all those fun things.. and called his folks with the results on wednesday.. so we put a poas into a ziplock baggie and then into the envelope with the blood workup.. when we got there, we said... we thought you might want to see the test results.. so they pulled it out and FIL said - what's this??? and MIL said, OOHHHHHHH ARE YOU ARE YOU??? then finally FIL understood what it was! hahaa

For my sister - I went to an acupuncturist for the first time about a week before I ovulated.. when my sister found out that I was going to see one, she said - uhh you do realize that they don't put medicine on those needles?? ( UHHH YEAH!) and do you really think acupuncture is going to make you get pregnant??! Obviously she is not a natural kind of gal.. but her daughter has ear infections and I said, you know.. I've read good studies about acu helping with ear infections.. you should get acu for dd?! She declined to stick her babe with needles! Anyhoo... last night, I said..
So, are you going to get acupuncture for Megan?? She said no.. I said, why?? It worked for me!!! She said, ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?! I nodded... then she thought I was lying and needed to see the test! hhehehee

The rest of the siblings, we just told the no frills version! hehee This is fun!
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We didn't do anything interesting to tell my parents or DH's. We were just so excited we picked up the phone and told them. But, I love the story of telling DS:

We had planned on waiting for a little while. I was putting DS to bed and he started asking for a little baby. I said "I'll be right back." I went into the living room to DH and said "let's tell him!" So we called him into the living room and I said, "guess what sweetie, God put a baby in my womb!"

He laughed and even got tears in his eyes and said "really! Right now! While I was in my room?"

It was precious. I'll always remember that moment the three of us shared on the couch.
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aww...that is the sweetest story ever!!!!
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We haven't told anyone but our doctors, chiropractors, and our midwives. My hubby is really determined to wait until 12wks to tell. I think we're going to tell my MIL & FIL on Mother's Day (May 8). My mom's birthday is May 17, and she lives in another city, so the plan is to tell her (and my dad) when we go up for that.

Any cute ideas would be appreciated!
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We just found out we are pregnant We have a great idea , which actually comes from DH's mom. When she was pregnant with her first baby, MIL sent her Mom and MIL a picture of her with a stork! : Her mom didn't get it, because at the time my MIL lived in Africa and they took pictures of her with lots of weird things .

So, to build on that, we are going to give them several pictures-- one will be of me in our kitchen, barefoot (barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen); one will be of me reaching into the oven to get a (hamburger) bun (bun in the oven). We have also thought about getting my picture next to a bunch of cabbages in the supermarket (since we don't have a cabbage patch nearby). We have even thought about getting bear paw gloves to wear (pregnant paws).

Does anyone have anymore "punny" pregnancy expressions that we could photograph? We thought about using "In the Family Way," but I am not sure how to stage that!
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We finally told my family tonight. I had Julia run into the room and say, "My mommy is going to have a baby!"

Only my SIL heard her, everyone else was focused on something else. My SIL says, "What did you say???"

And so she repeats it and everyone says, "Is she for real??" because Julia has been really making up stories lately, so I told everyone that she was actually telling the truth.

It was really cute.
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