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home security

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I was wondering what everyone does for home security measures? I have been broken into on a prior apartment where they kicked in a deadbolted door, so I am extra paraniod. My husband works 4 nights a week and I am alone with the kids and there is no vehicle in the driveway. I'm worried and have a hard time sleeping at night when my husband is not home.

I am wondering if maybe getting a dog would be a good idea? I am not to fond of it because I don't want hair all over the house, and don't like the idea of cleaning up poop. I also worry about about costs of having a dog, food, vet bills ect.

I'm thinking mayb e an alarm system might be a better idea.My husband thinks I am just overly paranoid and that's probably the case. There is not a lot of crime out here, but things like that can happen anywhere.

Any ideas? Any suggestions on what breed of dog might be good?
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We've never used a home security company, but have had a dog up until a year ago.

As far as shedding -- I completely understand your apprehension. I loved our dog, but the shedding was gross.

From what I've read, a poodle will be the next dog we get. They are hypo-allergenic, don't shed, and supposedly one of the most intelligent, trainable breeds. (I wouldn't recommend a miniature/toy poodle if you have small children.)

That being said, our last dog was a cocker spaniel. People used to be amazed when they would first meet him...his bark/growl from the other side of the door sounded ferocious! He was this little 25lb. doggie!

Good luck to you! Sorry to hear that you are struggling with this. We all have our level of comfort when it comes to safety. I grew up in a house that was *never* locked. In fact, I'm certain my parents still don't lock the doors. That's a small town for you!
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This site has EXCELLANT tips on how to inexpensively improve security at your windows and doors.


I also use secondary locks like these on all of my windows:


They install without having to screw or nail anything and if you move, you can just take them off and take them with you.

Some apartment owners are weird about adding something like an entire security system, so I would get a product like this if you want something inexpensive:


A sticker on your door (s) and your window(s) stating that you have either an attack dog, or an alarm system, may make someone think twice about breaking in.

This site has some good stuff:



The goal is to make your home as uninviting as possible to a thief. If they think it will take a fair amount of time to break in, they will likely leave your home and choose an easier target. They do not want to be ID'd.
Another very CHEAP security measure is to get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other. Neighborhood security watches are big deterrents to crime and criminals. Form a neighborhood watch program. To get info, contact your local police department.

Good luck.
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