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Time for birth stories...SUPRISE, It's a GIRL!!

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Áine Ciarán (Awn-yuh Keer-an) Born March 26, 2005 @ 5:03pm. 3lbs, 12.6oz, 16 1/4 in long.

On Saturday, March 19th I woke up and felt a little trickle. I thought it was just normal pregnant girl stuff so I ignored it. I took my dd to gymnastics and while I was there my ds spilled my water all over the floor. I got a towel and cleaned it up with my foot, then bent over to pick up the towel. When I stood up I felt a small gush. Hoping that I'd just pee'd myself (when else would a woman wish to have wet her pants? LOL) I went to the restroom. I came back out and felt fine but thought I should "check" so I crouched down and stood back up. Sure enough, another gush. I called my dh, who was about 5 minutes from work, and told him to come get me. He thought I was messing with him, but came anyhow. A while later we were at the hospital. I was feeling fine, no contractions, but worried. They checked to be sure I hadn't just pee'd myself and confirmed that my water was broken. They decided that I should stay but wouldn't give me a guess on how long I'd be staying, just that it could be weeks.

They gave me 2 steroid shots, 24 hours apart, and said that if I went into labor spontaniously that they wouldn't stop it. As much as I wanted her to stay in, I also wanted her to hurry up so I could get home. DH and I were worried about his job, etc. They offered to give him family medical leave, which was a huge relief, but no pay. Thankfully, he wouldn't lose his job, though, and we could figure out the rest later...so there I sat...and waited.

On Thursday I had a minor breakdown with my nurse and explained how stressed out I was. She had my OB come in and do a quicky ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that my fluid was really low and that Áine was head down. She said that the benefit to her staying past 34 weeks didn't outweigh the risks and that they could induce then, but I had to have another u/s to confirm my dates. On Friday I went for a real u/s. They said that she was measuring 32weeks, 2 days. More stress, but I was trying to stay positive. On Saturday at about 9am the OB came in and told me my options were: Wait it out for 12 more days, until the u/s dates matched when I said I was due, try to get 10cc's of fluid from what I was leaking (which was minimal by this time) to send off to the lab to see if her lungs were mature, do an amnio for the same reason, or induce me that day. Considering I was positive about my dates (I started my LMP at U-Haul on the day we moved here), she said it was unlikely that they'd be able to get 10cc's from what I was leaking, and I was not about to have an amnio and risk the infection just to have them have to induce me anyhow, I asked them to induce. I felt pretty positive that she'd be just fine.

At 10:30am they gave me a pill to induce labor. At about 11:30am I started feeling contractions. It wasn't long before they were 3minutes apart. After a while I started really feeling the contractions and they were worse than I'd ever felt. I asked for something for the pain. The nurse checked my cervix and said I was dilated to about 3-4. I said "that's all???" She laughed and said "getting to 4 is the hard part. You'll be at 10 in no time". She then came back with a second nurse and said she wanted the other nurse to confirm how dilated I was so they could decide what to give me for pain...I thought that was strange, but whatever, I was ready for pain killers. They gave me fentinol (sp?) which took the edge off but did not kill the pain. It was exactly what I needed. I whined through the contractions but was no longer ready to beat dh for watching basketball. The nurse said to let her know when I had that feeling like I had to poop, lol. After a while the contractions were right on top of each other and I was about to tell dh that I was going to be calling the nurse at any minute. At that moment I realized any minute was NOW and hit the "call nurse" button as hard as I could. I thought they would never come, though they were probably there within seconds. I yelled "It's time!!" they said "NO, you can't push! You need to wait!" I said "NO! I have to push, it's time!" They kept assuring me that I was doing great and to hold on. I decided "forget them!" and pushed. As I pushed I said "the baby's coming!" The nurse looked at me and said "umm, baby's coming and I think that's a butt!" The rushed over and I put my hand down and felt her as she came out. They got there just in time. She was indeed breech, though she'd been head down the day before. After I delivered the placenta they showed me her cord. She had a true knot in it, which is, I assume, why she was so tiny. They said after her u/s that her belly was measuring small and they thought she wasn't getting enough nutrients, which made no sense at all to me, since I eat and eat and eat, lol.

She was perfect! Her apgar scores were 9/9 and the nurse said she'd never seen a 10. Áine didn't need the ventilator and they kept saying that she was only going to the NICU because of her size. I held her for a while after she was born and she latched on right away. All 4 of my other kids were in the room watching. 21mo old ds napped right up until I started pushing and then he woke up just in time to see her be born. He just kept smiling but didn't say a word.

In the NICU she nursed like a pro. She's not hooked up to anything other than the normal monitors that they keep on all the nicu babies. She's doing well keeping her temp up, though they are keeping her warm so she can use her energy to grow rather than stay warm. They are tube feeding her when I'm not there and say that she can come home when she's about 4 1/2 lbs as long as she's not got apnea, on antibiotics, and can feed well. They said in some cases the baby will come home earlier if she's feeding well, mommy knows what she's doing, and the baby is going home to a good homelife. The nurse said "you're obviously a good mommy, she'll probably get to go home early".

Here's a pic of her nursing


OH! I forgot to add...later when I was cleaning up and talking to the nurse, she said that the reason that she'd had the second nurse check me was because she thought she felt a butt. The other nurse came in and checked and said that the baby was, in fact, head down. The first nurse checked my u/s and confirmed that she'd been head down the day before. Thankfully, the second nurse was wrong or they would have had me do a c-section!
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Oh my Goodness! Congratulations Wende! I hope Aine comes home soon. She is very precious.

Congrats again!
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WOW!!! SO thankful that the second nurse was wrong. LOL. She is absolutely adorable!!!! Keep us updated on how she is doing.....i can't wait to see more pics!!!
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She's beautiful! And looking pretty plump for such a little one. My first was born at 34 weeks and a girl in our playgroup was born at 32 weeks. Don't know if you've experienced it before, but if the NICU gets stressful, just be patient, she'll be home soon.
Sending hugs to you and Aine...
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Welcome baby Aine!

What a story! So glad she and you are okay.
I surely didn't expect a birth story when I came on here today, wow. So glad there is a happy ending!
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girl: WOW!!!
All the best to you Mama! and to baby Áine Ciarán !!!
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Holy cats, Wendy! I was just thinking about you this weekend and wondering if your pre-term labor problems had resolved themselves. I see you got a big surprise. Congratulations!!!! I'm so glad your new dd is doing well and that she's nursing already. I'm sure she'll be home in no time. Take care and thanks for the pic.

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Congratulations to you and baby Aine !!! I hope she gets to come home soon. She is so beautiful!!!
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Congrats! She's beautiful! I hope you get to bring her home really soon.

I can't believe we have our first! Ahhh!
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Holy Batflakes! Congratulations!!! Hope your little nursling gets to come home soon. I wasn't expecting that we'd have a baby here yet! Oh, and I thought you were having a boy...
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I hope that she gets to come home very very soon
I remember how hard it was eaving my baby in the NICU.
She sounds like a perfect strong little girl.

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She's just lovely. Congratulations, and I hope she gets to come home very soon!
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I'm so happy your dd is doing so well!! Congrats and I hope she comes home real soon!
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Originally Posted by annakiss
Holy Batflakes! Congratulations!!! Hope your little nursling gets to come home soon. I wasn't expecting that we'd have a baby here yet! Oh, and I thought you were having a boy...
LOL, so did we! It was definately a last minute scramble for the name. She didn't have a middle name until right before I filled out the birth certificate info.

Oh, and this is my 2nd premie so I'm familiar with the NICU song and dance So far this one hasn't been too bad. Hopefully, though, she'll be home soon!
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Well now you don't have to hate DH's name for a boy!
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wow! so glad the second nurse was wrong!
and of course congrats on your precious baby!
sounds like she is doing really well! hopefully the nicu nurse is right and she will be home with you in no time.
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She is just beautiful! Congrats! I hope she is home with you soon.
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Congrats! I am so glad that you and baby are doing well!
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Congrats! WHat a surprise! Glad she's doing well. And she's beautiful. Hope she gets to come home soon.
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I was wondering who was going first!!!!! I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well for you and your family! Congrats, mama!!!
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