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CAll your local health and human services office ASAP and get state insurance for the baby. My Dec baby has it as back-up for the insurance we just got. If baby is currently not coverd by anything and under 1 (obviously) there should be no problems getting him covered. I pray things go well and things happen quickly to fix the problem!
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My son had surgery when he was 7 months old. Vaccinations never came up. I do not want to make you worry more, but I do want to make you aware that the foreskin was more of an issue. I needed to make sure that my son's foreskin was safe. So, I used a form that I found online and catered it to my situation. Basically it stated, if anyone forcibly retracted my son there would be hell to pay. His operation was in that region - inguinal hernia and undescended testicle. So, a catheter was necessary. An experienced medical professional should know how to do this without retracting the foreskin.

I just want to give you a heads up... If you are interested in the form I used, I can try to track it down, let me know.

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My son had surgery in January and they asked, "Is he up to date on his vaxes?" I replied, "He's not vaccinated." And that was it. They never told me that he needed them, they never refused treatment, they never offered. This was at a huge children's hospital in Florida.

Much love and light to you.
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Sending prayers and well wishes to you and your baby.
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I want to respond to all of you, but for now, will just say THANK YOU for all of the advice and support.

It looks as though we will have insurance as of Apr. 1. DH's company pulled some strings and worked hard to help us out.

Gitt and laurajean, you are both on the ball about intactness. It is something that has had me afraid since I first thought of surgery. DH was circ'ed against his parents' expicit wishes, so this really hits home for me. I will, undoubtedly, be speaking, probably at length, about this to my doctors and surgeons. A form is a good idea and would love to see yours if it not too much trouble, Laura. I will require that an external cath be used, if one is required and be explicitly clear about no retraction, not even to have a peek, not even a little tiny bit.

I will be expressing milk starting soon and will head over to the Breastfeeding board to look into the best storage methods.

I'm feeling much better about the vax issues and am now more worried about the other details like circ/retraction, us staying in the ICU with him, potential complications, side effects, pain, etc.

I've had some great PMs from mamas who have been through it. They give me some enlightenment that not all docs are horrible. As soon as I am calm and collected enough, I will write back to them all.

Please, if you are 'that kind of mama,' keep Jett in your prayers or thoughts. It would mean the world to me.
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I am in Pa and whenever i have had to formally submit a vaccine record this is the very simple vaccine exemption form accepted in Pa
To Whom It May Concern,
I am the parent or guardian of _________________________ and I object to the following procedures for my children on religious grounds or on the basis of strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief.

_______ Immunizations
_______ Medical Examinations
_______ Dental Examinations


____________________________ ________________
Signature Date

I then always add about no flouride and not to ever tell my children that they need flouride for a healthy mouth

I hope your baby does wonderfully if you do decide to have the surgery. Lots of hugs and prayers for him and for you!
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Hope everything goes well!
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