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Congratulations to all the new mommies!!!!! Looks like just mamdaisy and I are left....argh! I also post on Fertilitext, and I am the last one there on the "We're Pregnant" board. Funny thing is...there were only 5 of us on that site that were due in March and 1 lady misscarried right at the start. So with the 4 of us I didn't find it odd to be last, but the list here...wow...I am in the last 2. I have a non-stress test and Ultrasound tomorrow at 11am, I will be 11 days overdue.....if all is fine I have until Saturday (13 days past EDD) to go into labour on my own because the doctor has booked me for induction on that day. I am supposed to call L&D at 6:15am Sat to see what time they want me in...oh well......3rd baby.....3rd induction. : My babies are procrastinators :LOL . I can't wait to hold and adore my newest creation, I am so in love with her already that it brings tears to my eyes just thinking of her

Take care....Tiffany
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: to Caleb, Emily & Lucas!!!

ladyelmo1 - I can tootally relate to the newborn stuff being easier this time around. Rachel seems to really fit with our family. She has settled in well and it also seems like she has always been here.

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Check out my new favorite baby photo!


I guess I now know haw he REALLY feels. :LOL
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WOW on the twins!! How crazy and exciting!

I seem to have dropped off of the babies list, so I'll put my guy's info up again, especially since we now have a name for him.

Reid, born 3/22/2005, 7lbs 0.5oz, 20" long

I've just been out of the loop this past week since he's been born...I keep trying to read the posts, but always get sidetracked. Surprise.

I have one cracked nipple that is healing nicely, but I'm getting really tired of my boob hanging out to keep air on it, and it still hurts like hell. But it looks better every day since I started giving it air. I'm hoping that it will start to hurt less soon....at least the other one is quite happy. I don't know what I'd do if they both hurt like this.

Tomorrow is DH's last day at his old job, and he starts his new job (same company) on Monday. I'm pretty worried about how this change will affect our family life, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. He seems so preoccupied and distant already...

Reid had a rough time of it last night, our first real trying time with him. He woke up hungry in the middle of the night, but when I'd go to nurse him he would just start screaching. Clean diaper, warm, no burps....but as soon as I'd put him near my breast he'd start wailing again. This lasted for 20 minutes before we finally found a nursing position he'd tolerate. Not really sure what was going on there.....any ideas? It was so frustrating to know he was just hungry, but not be able to get any food in him.

He seems to be a really good napper, but is also SO alert! Last night we were just sitting here playing with him for hours....he was so curious about his world. Maybe he had just had too much stimulation and needed to wail about it later on. Who knows....

He's bound to wake up hungry soon, so I'd better run.
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Christine...:LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL

That picture is SO funny!

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aquarianmom--I am so glad to hear that you are FINALLY holding your new little boy! You waited so long. I am sorry to hear that things didn't go according to plan but thrilled that mom and babe are doing well. Welcome to the world, little boy!
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I've been watching to see if Aquarianmom had her baby, so congrats! I'm glad you are holding him! I like the name too!
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Aquarianmom! So happy that you had your baby! I've been thinking about you. Sorry it was a difficult experience.

Christine, that picture is hilarious. :

Sara, sorry I left you off the list! I moved you from the mamas in waiting, but didn't add you to the new babies list.

Desirae and Tiffany, looks like you will have our April babies! My 1st was due March 24 and was born April 14. Let's hope that you don't have that long to wait yet!!

Tiffany, I'm crossing my fingers that you'll go into labor before that induction deadline. I know several people who went into labor spontaneously the night before their induction - I was one of them.
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Just a quick update..My non-stress test and ultrasound went great today , there are no concerns for baby at all, very active and apprx 8lbs!! So, my induction is set for Saturday am, the Nurse said I will probably just get my waters broken before they consider the pitocin drip, which is great! I would rather have my waters broken and progress naturally from there, than deal with pitocin and man-made ctrx! . So April 2 it is..that's funny my 29th BD is on April 6th, at least I'll be home in time for cake ..tale care all........Tiffany
41weeks+4days....2 days to go!!!!!!
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Congrats to all the new mommies and labor vibes to all of you that are still hanging in there.

I made a photoshow for my family to view because they are all really far away. And even though I made the darn thing, I cried the first time I watched it!!! Just thought I would post the address here in case anyone else wants to see it. I was proud I did it all by myself!!!

Logan's Arrival
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Wow, I never thought I'd be one of the last two left. Everyday I feel like it today HAS to be my day. I suppose one day I'll be right. Since ds was born at 38wks, I now feel like I am 3 weeks late, which I know is not the case, but I can't convince myself. I am STILL in miserable pelvic and back pain. I get around like an 80 yr old. To top it all off, ds awoke last night with stomach virus and threw up all night long. This morning I made the mistake of allowing him to drink about 4 oz. of water. He was so thirsty and I figured it would help. Well, that came back up in short order. The poor guy can't keep anything down. We are now on a 1 oz. every half hour to try to get him rehydrated. He was so listless and out of it last night that I was really worried, which I am not usually. I suppose it is a good thing I don't have a newborn around with this stomach virus lurking. The ped. nurse said it is highly contagious so I think dh and I are in for a treat. I suppose being violently dehydrated by a stomach virus is one way to get labor started.

Anyway, still pregnant here. I am going the castor oil route on Saturday if I get remotely good news about my cervix at my appt. tomorrow. I will have my mw sweep my membranes and ask her about stretching my cervix a little. I have been having contractions on and off for about 5 days. This prodromal labor crap sucks!!! I want to meet my baby, ALREADY!

TTaylor--hugs to you! I am glad your nst and us went well. I also hope that your labor kicks into full swing before Saturday. Sometimes there is nothing like a scheduled induction to get babe out. Oh, we are so close in age…my 29th bday is April 10. I truly hope my babe can see to it to arrive before then.

I can't believe tomorrow is APRIL...not fair!
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Here we go (I hope)...I went to bed last night contracting about every 7-8 minutes apart, feeling like I was leaking a little fluid, but not quite sure. I awoke at 2:30am with a contraction and when I tried to turn over in bed there was a definite small gush of fluid. I finally have some bloody show and am contracting every 3-5 minutes, lasting 40-45 sec. So, I think this show may finally be on the road...wish me luck! Hah, just had one that last 1 minute.
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Mamadaisy: Good Luck! Hope you get to see your little one soon!
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Hey everyone! I've got mastitis :-/ so I am trying to take it easy. Hope all the new mamas and babies are doing well and sending labor vibes to those who need them.
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Good Luck to the mamas still in waiting!

We are doing good- Breeze was pretty fussy last night, so I am tired today- but I am just amazed with her everyday. She is growing- and I just love knowing that my milk is 100% the reason! I loved that feeling with Rainey, and I was worried because I have had about 10 weeks with out nursing between Rainey weaning and the birth of Breeze and I started feeling "free" that I would feel like "great nursing again!" even though I love nursing- do you all understand? But I dont feel that way at all- I love to nurse Breeze and my breast feel great, she eats great- sometimes gets an air bubble we have to deal with- but she just chugs the milk down

My DD turned 2 yesterday- so bittersweet! I love how big she is and how much she is growing but it seems like a second ago I had her. About this time a 2 years ago I was walking out of the hospital with her. And here I am now, just given birth to my second and I did it at home- with such healing from Rainey's birth. life is amazing how it just keeps going- how I wish so hard for my kids to stay small just another day- and here they go, growing and learning more everyday- amazing me with every smile.

Here are some photos of my Rainey- She let me play dress up with her!

: : RAINEY : :
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Very cute pics, Ang. Next time I'm having a girl! I do enjoy my boy's little outfits though...

So when will I stop leaking? Anyone have any idea? I got together with some Detroit MDC moms the other night and the mom of a 4 mo. old was bfing while wearing a tank top and no bra. I was so jealous as I've been wearing a bra 24 hours a day for a month now. If I try going to bed without a bra (and breast pads) then I wake up in a puddle of milk. This WILL end, right? Sometime? Maybe?

Owen's baptism is Sunday. The wood floors in the main area of the house, which are supposed to be done today, won't be. I am totally zen about it, though, as I saw that coming (and I am not even going to tell DH I told you so, but I might be silently smug for a bit). So we'll be proudly displaying the mustard yellow linoleum that we found underneath the carpets to our nearest and dearest.

I was so freaked out that the cloth dipes I so carefully researched and bought were too big for the boy at first...that's no longer an issue. In fact, his newborn prowrap is now too small, so I need to get some new covers. I've never tried a wool cover before. Anyone have any suggestions?
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So when will I stop leaking? Anyone have any idea? I got together with some Detroit MDC moms the other night and the mom of a 4 mo. old was bfing while wearing a tank top and no bra. I was so jealous as I've been wearing a bra 24 hours a day for a month now. If I try going to bed without a bra (and breast pads) then I wake up in a puddle of milk. This WILL end, right? Sometime? Maybe?
It will end- I promise! With Rainey I felt like the flood gates opened and my milk was free to flow with the salmon! I think I stopped leaking at about 4 months with her- with Breeze it seems so much less leakage is going on. I mean I am still leaking, but it is like my body knows not to leak so much. I would say it would take about 2-4 months to stop leaking and some women it takes longer. At night I take a large prefold, like an infant size or toddler size and put it over my boobs between my tee shirt and my boobs. It helps- I cant sleep with a bra on and the diaper soaks up the milk good- you can try a tighter shirt to hold the diaper in place better. Also I use 2 diapers at night. The problem I have is that beast pads never work. If you have not been able to detect your let down feel yet, you will soon. I think it took me about a month or 2 to realize "yep I am going to let down" so now I know the feeling and can grab a diaper and stick it in my bra so I dont have to wear pads. Also, I have been wearing sport bars, they are way more comfy and very easy to get the boob out to nurse.

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Ang, I agree with you about the leaking... with Sarah I am not leaking nearly as much as I did with Anna. With Anna I had to stuff my bra with a cloth diaper on the side I wasn't nursing on, or I would be soaked to my waist! Now, I just have to change the bra pad.

Mamadaisy... thinking of you today. Hope everything goes well.

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I am the leakiest! I leaked with DD until she was 12 mos old and I am just as leaky this time. Cholderby - I hope you stop leaking soon!

Newmomma2005 - Your potoshow gave me the chills. It was really beautiful!

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Hi all!

First of all, a small correction to add to the list of names: our son's name is Jonah, not Noah. I'll pm, too.

So, lots of new babies; congrats to all! Mary, wow, surprise twins! What a shock! I hope you are coping well.

Mamadaisy, I hope it's time. Labor vibes to anyone else waiting.

Morningtillnoonmama: I have mastitis, too!! I have it in one breast, and I may have yeast in the other. Not fun. I'd be curious to know how you are treating it.

I can't believe our little Jonah is going to be 21 days on Monday! We love him so much. He is so adorable. His little face, his eyes, are so expressive. We are co-sleeping with him (we never thought we would) and we love it. He's a good baby, very easily soothed by loving arms. Our concern right now is that he seems to want to bf 24/7. We don't know if he's just always hungry, or if it's for comfort. I swear, he's on my breast 20 hours a day. I kid you not. It's very hard to get a break. I'm going to a bf clinic on Monday. Maybe he's a lazy feeder and not getting enough milk during feeds-- he does tend to fall asleep at the wheel a ot, despite my best efforts to prod him. He could be hungry, I suppose, as he was 60 grams shy of his birth weight at the two-week weigh in. I'm just going along with it.

So far, he sleeps well at night. I have to wake him up for feedings.

DP went back to work after taking a two-week break. This was very sad. I really wish we were very rich, and we could both stay home! Note to self: buy lottery tickets...
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