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My first DD was the same way nursing- She nursed all day long and at 5pm I had to make sure I was home because she would want to nurse for 5-7 hours and not take a break. I kid you not! We would sit on the couch get all comfy and latch on- making sure I had the remote cloese Then just sit back and let her go to town. It only lasted a few months- and really gave me time to rest, that I didnt know then, but no now was very needed- I am lacking that down time with Breeze because I have Rainey to chase all over- no down time here. I think it is part of bonding and comfort for newborns, it doesnt last forever- maybe a month or two. I say enjoy it! As much as you hate seeing the laundry pile up and the dishes get crusty- they grow so fast, and soon you will think your kid is trying out for the olympics as he is nursing! My DD also slept all night when she was born- I never tried to wake her, I figured her body knows what it is doing. Breeze sleeps for about 4 hours then wants to eat- but that is okay, co-sleeping makes it so easy!

Your DP is a teacher right? Does she have summers off? I hope she is doing well, it is never easy for a mama or a daddy to leave their new baby. I hope your breast heal soon, I have never had either one of your issues, so I dont know what to do...

Dee, congrats on your little man! I am so excited for you, and he is just the cutiest thing I hope you feel better too.... I am sending you lots of love and hugs!

To all the mamas still in waiting! Sending vibes!!! and

ETA: Jo, I know I have said it before, but I just love your DS's name!
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Mary that is amazing! Congratulations!

Jo we are going through the same thing- Grey is really sweet but the past few days he has been wanting to BF all the time! I think he has gas and thinks that because his tummy hurts he's hungry- I know he gets plenty of milk since I hear him gulping and he goes at it for 20-30 minutes usually. I try so hard to burp him but he just won't burp sometimes- I've been relying on the mylicon drops but hate giving him medicine so often- I wish he would just burp!

My fiance went back to work a few days ago too- it was so hard! We had been talking about buying lottery tickets so that maybe we would win and he wouldn't have to go back but were so busy with Grey that we never got to the store to buy them! I really wish we had been financially able for him to take a month off. My Dad took this week off from work to come down and help me so at least he's here and I'm not all by myself (not ready for that just yet)

wow- this is a new record for Grey in the past 2 days- 15 minutes and NO fussing! :LOL
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Mamas, a lot of newborns want to nurse almost constantly. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, it just means they want to suck! Like Ang said, you need the rest anyway, so let 'em nurse as much as they want. My g-grandma used to say, "if the baby didn't need to nurse, Mom would never sit down." My little one spends most of her waking hours nursing, so did my 1st newborn.
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Mary, congratulations on those twins! Wow!!

Christine, I hate to tell you this, but I wore breast pads with dd until she was 18 months old. I have overachieving breasts!

Jacob is so easy. I suppose he wouldn't be if I/someone else weren't willing to hold him most of the time, and if I wasn't nursing him just whenever he wants to nurse, but really... I can't complain. He's not fussy in the least. We got a new sling a couple of days ago (a pouch from Hotslings) and I just it. He seems to, too and so things are pretty easy.

My mom was here all this week, and she's going home tomorrow, but dh will be off next week and the week after. My mom's hoping she can take another day or two the week following that, so that basically I'll have someone through four weeks. Yay for postpartum support!

We just have mamadaisy and TTaylor left, right? And then I guess we'll be moving to life with a babe?!? Wow...
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Hey everyone, I made an April thread for us in the "Life with a Babe" forum! So go over and post
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here is the link to the "life with a babe" thread!

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Jo, I'm on antiobiotics right now and also taking acidophilus in hopes of preventing thrush! I still have plugged ducts on both sides so I'm thinking of going to see my LC tomorrow so I can use the big hospital grade pump b/c nothing else is working!
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How do you know when you get yeast in the nipple area? Just wondering, I would want to know before it got too late and I gave him thrush and I don't have anyone but you girls to ask. TIA
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Congratulations to all of the new March Mamas!

I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by! Even though it's been a while since I have posted, I have tried to keep up with reading everyone else's posts, but I'm sure that I don't have to tell you all how much time and attention newborns require. Blaze is a very good-natured baby though, and his three big sisters are all in love. Still haven't written my birth story, but I'll get around to it soon...

Wow Mary! Double the blessings! I can't wait to use that line professionally--"This is not a placenta."

Re: Mastitis--I use homeopathic belladonna taken orally and applied topically as a paste (crush tablets and mix w/ water) to the affected area. Also, those plugged ducts have to be unstopped somehow, and even more powerful than a hospital-grade pump is a willing dh or dp. Apply a warm pack on the area and then massage down (only!) toward the nipple as your "helper" sucks. Works every time!
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It's a...

BOY!!! Our little bugger decided to wait to make his appearance on April Fool's Day. It was the wildest experience ever...nothing like ds#1's birth. His stats are:

Name: Elhadj Boubacar
8lbs. 2oz. (exactly 2lbs. bigger than my first)
20 inches long
born 4/1/05 at 11:27am
Totally natural waterbirth!!! Story to follow later.

Latching on and nursing came immediately to this guy and he hasn't stopped since. I was glad to see all the posts about folks who have newborns who want to suck constantly! I was prepared for this with my first, but forgot this time around. My behind hurts from nerve pain in my back for the last 3 weeks, back labor and now sitting so much to nurse. I know it gets easier. I will keep repeating that. He has long, LONG stretches of alertness (at the boob) and sleeps short stretches.

I will have post my story later as ds and dh need attention, too.
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Congratulations, Desirae! Glad to hear you had a good birth experience and that you have a strong nursling! : Elhadj! About time you joined us!:LOL

Now we are just waiting to hear from Tiffany. She was probably induced yesterday, so I expect we can close up shop here! Yay for all the March (and April and February) babies!!!! : : :
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Congrats to you and your new little boy!!! How wonderful. I know just how you feel- with my first I was due March 19th- I had her March 31st... What a wait! Seems he likes to play jokes on mama already
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Congratulations to all the moms with new (ok, like really new, as opposed to slightly less new) babies!
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