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bloody show

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hey there ladies.

so, might be TMI, but since this is a pregnancy due date club and all i can't imagine it actually is.

i awoke this morning to some lovely blood tinged mucos when i went to the bathroom. i've had cramps off and on for the past couple of weeks. but, at my doctor's appt this morning there were some contractions on the NST (though i didn't really notice them) and my doc reminded me that the bloody show could mean things will happen in a day or two...or that it could still be a while. <sigh>

since i've got a looming induction date of next monday i'm encouraged by the fact that something is going on. my next appt is friday for another NST and if she can i'll have the doc strip my membranes. if that doesn't work i'll try castor oil on saturday or sunday. she told me to take 2oz!!!! does that sound like a lot to anyone who has done it before?

the doc checked my cervix this morning and she said it's open at the bottom but still closed at the top. and then she reminded me that just means things are going on and it could be today, tomorrow, or next week! i like how flexible she is. it's reassuring.
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nothing like a looming induction to get things going. i swear that is what prompted me last time, and a few others. great news about the show though! i am so friggin desparate every time i pee i look hoping for something!!

as a word of advice i think that castor oil only works to enhance a labor already occuring - it won't really trigger it - and will only give you big poo. have you tried evening primrose oil? you can take 500 mg a day starting at weeek 36, increasing the dose by 500mg every week thereafter. for example i am at 37 weeks and taking 1000, wednesday when i am 38 weeks i will up the dose to 1500 mg.

check out the "i want my baby out thread" someone there mentioned eating pineapple! good luck and keep us posted!
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Our childbirth educator said evening primrose works well as a suppository too, and you can use it to do perineal massage.
A friend of mine swears by the accupressure point on the ankle. i know some L&D nurses tell moms in danger of preterm labor to never rub that spot.
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yep. i've been doing epo and dr christopher's prenatal tea since my dr mentioned the word "induction" due to my high blood pressure. she's the one who told me to take the herbs and oils to get my cervix ripening.

i figure i'll do the membrane stripping and the castor oil. if nothing happens, at least i'll know i tried the natural stuff before i got the pitocin.

i need to find out more about this accupressure point on the ankle. where is it?

and, i'm the one who mentioned the pineapple! :LOL
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Originally Posted by aprildawn
i need to find out more about this accupressure point on the ankle. where is it?
and, i'm the one who mentioned the pineapple! :LOL
I just looked it up in "Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn," and it is Spleen 6, located four fingers above the inner anklebone. Press the inside of the shinbone, angling forward. It should be tender, more so than other spots, so that can help you find it. The book says press 10 to 15 seconds, release for a few then repeat 3 times.
Apparently there are other points, but this is the only one I know. If you have an accupressure chart or book, Liver 3 is another, wherever that is (foot somewhere).

I'm sure you know this one, but getting your DH involved (especially if you, um, "get there") can encourage an immenent labor.
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go april go! I hope this is it for you and that labour goes beautifully!

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Ohh! I had bloody show (a LOT of blood, like I was bleeding the whole time I was in labor) the day I had DD. It started that morning and she was born in the afternoon . . . and I had the weeks of cramping (but I was dialting and partially effaced), too.

This sounds VERY good.

Be careful with the castor oil . . .my MW said it "works" by dehydrating you!

Keep us updated!
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Very exciting, April! : that this is it for you!
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I took 4oz of castor oil so no 2oz doesn't seem to be a lot to me. I can't swear that it worked but I'll tell you I was not in labor when I took it. I was also not dehydrated when I took it. After about 6 hours I had one big poop. Again I was still not dehydrated. Contractions started shortly after that and were intense enough that I felt pretty sure this was it. Went to sleep for a few hours and woke up in active labor (12 hours after I took the castor oil). Could have been a coincidence but I was also facing a chemical induction and wanted to at least give it a try. I have never heard that it works by dehydrating but rather that it works because the digestive system starts contracting because it is irritated and since it is so close to the uterus that it can stimulate your uterus as well. I have also not heard that it will only intensify labor you are already. Honestly I've only heard of it being used to induce labor not intensify labor--that's more things like nipple stim. Anyway best of luck to you! Hopefully something works.
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CO worked for me with my last one. I was 3 days over due, it was the kids last day of spring break, dh had to go to work the next day, and we were planning an UC. I took 2 tablespoons, another table spoon an hour later, and another an hour after that. It wasn't long that I was running for the restroom, and about 5 hours after taking the first dose I had my son in my arms.

I was very glad I took it though, my son weighed 13 lbs at birth. We had trouble getting his shoulders to come, so IMO it was a good thing for me to do at the time.

Good luck to you. I don't think I have ever had bloody show before labor really started. I just start contracting. My water has only broken once before labor, all the rest was either AROM or when I was pushing.

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EPO seemed to work well for me both times. This last time, I took two capsules the night before dd was born. I must be sensitive to it! Either that, or she was ready to come out and see the new kitchen that was done the night before... :LOL The first time, I had the bloody show as soon as labor started. This time, I didn't get it until about 1/2 - 2/3 the way through labor. Good luck with yours and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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well, the contractions and bloody show were the real deal...

Lydia Joy was born at 2:11am on wed morning 8lbs 9oz, 21" long. i'll post her birth story soon.
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: Lydia!!

Congrats April, that's so exciting!!!!

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Oooh, yay! Congrats, April
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COngrats! I added you to the sticky.
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whooooo hoooooo! Welcome Lydia and congratulations!!
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