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Weekly Appointments...4 1/2 Weeks to go..YIKES!

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Wow, where did time go? I had an appointment today - and everything looks great, which I was expecting. Aside from the annoying BH's everything has been easy going for quite a while.

I am just in SHOCK that I only have like 4 weeks to go. With Elijah, it seemed like time moved SOOOoo much slower. Now I'm wondering...what an the world?? Its almost time. I told DH that he had a MINIMUM of 2 weeks (and could be less depending on baby..but we're shooting for 37 weeks of course!) and maximum of 5 weeks to get that crib made into a co-sleeper!

But it really set in today. I am going back to the M/W NEXT WEEK!! And will continue with the weekly appointments until its time. I just can't believe it.
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THis pregnancy has seemed to go faster than my other two. But I've been on weekly appointments since 30 weeks (I'm now 33) because of my gestational diabetes. I think weekly appointments make it seem to go by faster.
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Originally Posted by MomAnita4Jesus
But it really set in today. I am going back to the M/W NEXT WEEK!! And will continue with the weekly appointments until its time. I just can't believe it.
I know! Isn't that the craziest thing! We just started our every other week appointments and I was freaking out about that! I can only imagine how I'm going to react to EVERY week! :LOL

This has been a lot faster it seems.
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I also can not believe how soon our babies will be here. My "list" of things to do before baby is so long...... and many things will just have to wait a few years to get done (painting some rooms, house projects that I *thought* we had plenty of time to accomplish whne I made the list 30 weeks ago : )

I start going twice a week next week. I am still seeing midwives, but the OB has Non stress and bio physical profile's set up for me on different days weekly. ... I think this is a bit overkill, but they are treating me pretty "cautiously" with my insulin dependent GD, and I am trying to be a "compliant patient" right now.
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I had my 35 week apt yesterday & Im bummed

my first 2 where both born during the 36th week & where 7 lbs & 7 lbs 4 oz.. lungs great & all that
so I was really hoping that I would be dialated just 1 cm.. so that *maybe* I could look foward to possibly delivering between 36- 37 1/2 weeks
Im so tired of working.. I was hoping this would be my last week

nope.. im still completely closed :

but I duuno if thats bad or not.. seeing how I also found out yesterday that my doc leaves on vacation the day I turn 36 weeks & wont be back untill the day I turn 38
so.. as much as I am tired of being pg & even more tired of work. I hope I go in labor the day she comes back..lol
im kinda nervous about being delivered by her back up doc.. Ive never met him.. & he's male..

last night I started freaking he might try to cut me.. or use forceps or a vacumn.. or stitch me too tight..
things I never had to worry about cause I trust my ob

ack.. gotta write a birth plan now :
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Just got home from my 35 week appointment. They did the GBS test. No one told me HOW they test it. I didn't like it
Well, the cervix is still closed and it is 50% something. I am sure you all know what that means. I am still trying to figure it out.
I can't believe how the time has passed either. Now that it is warmer outside, I think it will go even faster (I know that doesn't make any sense but for some reason when the weather is nicer time seems to move faster)

I can't believe we already have our first baby from the May Due Date Club!!!!
Wow!!! (an extra congrats to Wende )
Speaking of time going by fast. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were all talking about the first trimester cruds nausea and overwhelming tiredness.
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I think that is the only good thing about having to go every week at the end--it does really make the time go by faster to have that appointment set, at least for me. I'm getting so excited!

Ladies, anyone else planning on NOT getting cervical checks every time? I am going to say "no thank you", at least until/unless I pass my EDD. I was dilated to 3 cm 3 weeks before ds#1 was born...knowing that did not help at all, it just made me anxious thinking it would be "any day", and then it wasn't! Plus, I have GBS this time, and don't want any fingers around my cervix until babe is ready to come out. Plus being on my back is so uncomfortable right now.

Anyway, YAY Anita! You have hit the home stretch. I guess you will be among the first of us to post here about your birth! I have 2 more weeks before I start the weeklies.
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I had my 33 week appointment today. I lost 3 lbs since last week! I'm excited! I am horribly over weight and the weight loss is due to my diabetic diet, so it's not a bad thing. Babe looks great. All is fantastic!!!!
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I am planning on not having any internal checks. If I really want to know I can check myself! :LOL I am supposed to have weekly appts. but I keep having to canel & reschedule for one reason or another so they've been closer to every 2 weeks. I'm not too worried about it b/c all the OB does is listen to the baby's heartbeat, measure the height of my fundus, check my BP & have me check my weight & urine. They whole appt takes less than 10 minutes. I am starting to panic because we don't have a co-sleeper yet, I need more clothes for Myla, I still need more CDs, etc, etc. These next 4 weeks are going to go by too fast!
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I haven't started my weekly visits yet (not due til may 25)
but I wanted to say I won't be getting any internal exams either, I don't see the point it doesn't tell you when you will go in to labor, and besides I normally have three little boys with me at my visits and I am just not comfy with that. Besides I think my mws won't even ask about internal checks because we are trying to leave my cervix alone crossing our fingers the baby will stay in as long as possible.
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It seems to have gone by so fast!!

I can't believe that I will be getting my stitch taken out in less than a week!!
I could have a baby next week!! I am sooooooo not ready yet

I have had internals at every appointment since 28 weeks.
Just to make sure that the stitch is holding up....
I am so glad that it has! But am looking forward to the baby being able to move without feeling that nasty burning pulling sensation
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I am looking at my 36 wk appt on Monday and my GBS test. I have been debating whether to refuse it or not. I am trying the garlic and hoping for a negative. I am hopeful that if I test neg. then I won't have to deal with the argument. If it is pos. well, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I tend to have fast births, so the antibiotics may not even have time to work.

I am planning to have the doc check my cervix after the GBS, I will be undressed anyway and I am curious, as I have been checking occasionally and want to see if I am interpreting correctly. But after that, no checks, don't see a point, as I usually dilate to about three while I am waiting for the birth.
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Ok, i need someone to explain this garlic thing to me. I had GBS with both my other two. I would LOVE to be negative this time. What does the garlic do? I'm 33 weeks 5 days, is it too late to start?
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My midwife starts coming every week starting on monday. I'll do my GBS then too, but Im not worried about it being pos. My midwife doesn't do internals..
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This is where I got some info on the garlic. It is the first article, but the rest of it is interesting too.
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Unfotunatley, because of Saturday's episode of contractions, I will be getting regular cervical checks for the next couple weeks. But it is better than stuck on total bedrest!!

I'm not due until May 24, but with twins, we could have babies any day now (but please, not until May1!!!!!).

It is nice to know that I won't have to worry about going 43 weeks this time, ha ha!!
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