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What to do with Old Socks/crafts/other uses???

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Hi, anyone have any creative uses for old socks? It just feels so wasteful to throw out a sock just because it has a hole in it (and no, I don't mend socks to wear again). It seems that at least the tops could be used for something besides a dusting rag--I've got enough rags for a lifetime. I'll be getting a serger soon, so sewing projects are a possibility.

Any ideas?
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We made these one Christmas and they turned out so cute. Probably more ideas if you search on that site, too.

We have so many widowed socks, I always save them for crafts. I'll check back here for some ideas!
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Cute ornament pattern!

I just found this website too with other sock ideas.

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I use our old socks to dust - they work just as well as those expensive Swiffer type disposable cloths and are re-usable.
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I guess I am un-original as I also think they make good dust for children to use.
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Waterproofing and polishing boots and shoes.
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I have a whole book of cute sock dolls, like this:Sock Dolls .

OK, so I haven't made any yet and I have had the book for at least 5 years, but you never know! I think my daughter might like to try some of the dolls with her old socks.
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I have a craft book that shows a cool idea for old socks. Dye the socks different colors and sew buttons on for eyes. Stuff them with potting soil and grass seed and the little people will grow hair!!!! It looks really cute!
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If you put a tennis ball in a tube sock, it makes a great back massager. I made one for my labor and dyed it with kool aid. You can also fill it with rice and use it as a heat source. Just microwave it for a few min. and the rice holds the heat well. Great during labor for your lower back and after labor for your cramps as your uterus shrinks back.
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Oh, I forgot to say that for both, I cut the ends of the sock off and knotted it.
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My mum has used them to make little drawstring bags, Cut of the foot part so that you are left with a tube, then cut a circle of fabric and sew into on end of the tube at the cut end. To add a drawsting either fold down a hem at the top part of the sock and thread a string through or add a few eylets and thread a string through those. As children we used to keep marbles and all sorts of little bits and pices in these.

You could do bean bags, again cut of the foot then sew along the top and bottom of the tube and fill with beans (I like to put the beans in a plastic bag first for waterproofing)

Cut off the feet off several socks, join the tubes together and stuff for a draft sausage for the door.

If you've got complete socks whos's mates are worn out you could make one of tjose wall hangings with the pockets by sewing socks onto a pieces of backing fabric.

The white lacy school socks are good for small childrens embroidery, cut off the foot and cut down the tube so you have a flat piece. Then children can use a darning needle and wool to thread through the holes and make pictures.
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My kids use them as sock puppets - put over your hand so that the heel is over the backs of your knuckles, then poke the toe in to make the mouth. Use markers, felt, buttons, or yarn to make the face & hair.

My mom wove a rug with socks - she cut them into loops (like you would use to weave potholders), then knotted them all together to form a long chain (lark's head knot, I think it's called?) to use as the weft for her rug. I think she used sock wool for the warp.
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I have a friend who uses them to stuff pet pillows, she just cuts them up into 2" strips and stuffs the cover she made for the pillow. They also make great dog toys, just stick a tennis ball in one end and knot it, then play fetch - the dogs love the streamer bit at the end!
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They make great fuzzy strips for crocheting rag rugs, too. Make one continuous cut in a spiral around the sock (like when you try to peel an apple in one piece), and you have a nice long strip. I got some very bright colored knee high soccer socks at the thrift store and used some in a cute rug I made my niece. (Look on this album for a round bright rug; the fuzzy yellow parts are from the sock). http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWzKFA

ETA: I updated the album so there's actually a photo of the rug on there, LOL
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i give old socks to my dog: i stuff them with batting and a dog cookie or a squeekie (or both).
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