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Cord Blood Donation

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I like recycling so I donated DD's cord blood and am doing the same this time. Here's some info if you're interested:

Cord Blood Donation
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Can you do that if you wait to cut the cord until the placenta comes- or is it all in the baby by then? I feel there is a reason that blood is there to begin with and should be left to the baby- but if there is "still more" I'd love to do that.
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Oh . . .I don't know! This probably doesn't answer your question but it's all I could find . . .sounds like it's what's left in the mom?:

If one chooses to donate their baby's cord blood, the following process will take place. After the doctor or nurse determine that the mother and baby are in good condition and the cord has been cut and clamped, the leftover cord blood will be collected from the mother's side. The cord and placenta are drained and the tissue will be discarded according to the hospital routine. The collection is done by your doctor or nurse, after they determine that you and your baby are in good condition.

from http://www.lifesource.org/who_cord.asp
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You can delay cord clamping and still donate the remaining cord blood. There will be enough left. I asked my doc. this question specifically.
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BTW, I don't know how it is elsewhere, but when I ordered my kit, it came within 2 days. So if the "order your kit 4-6 weeks in advance" puts you off, they do come fast!
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Updated Cord Blood Donation Link

Had trouble finding the recommended link. But found out the http://www.lifesource.org/who_cord.asp
link is now http://www.lifesource.org/specialprogCord.asp
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